Blood-Moon Prophecy 4 Israel. (Lunar-Eclipse Tetrads on Feasts of Passover and Tabernacles)

The Key to Understanding the Signs of the Times

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Information put on record here for the future,
so that the word of the Lord may be vindicated!

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Back to the solar flare:

For now, we concern ourselves with the main 586 BC, Nisan 1, New-Year datum reference point as signifying symbolically as AD 1. (Both 597 and 586 BC reference points are complimentary; for instance, AD 3166 + 3990 days (of symbolic years) yields a date for the Nov. 4, 2003 solar flare of AD 7156, which is 4300 x 2 day/years back to 1445 BC, the exodus from Egypt after 430 years (and tabernacle construction). And it is 5160 days, (1290 x 4, or 430 x 12, back to 1995 BC, with another 5160 days to 3166/5 BC, the mirror of AD 3166, which, as said, is the symbolic calendar date of the 586 BC reference point! ["5160" is one of three flip-flop numbers, which I cannot explain now. A kind of time warp, if there is such a thing. These numbers are, 720, 430, and 516, or x10 all.] 

Hence, the vortex of this pattern focuses the week of solar flares (Oct. 28, 6 a.m. to Nov. 4, 2:30 p.m.) on the middle point of the +-5160 days/years as 1988/9-1995/6 AD/BC. [The great flares began the morning of Oct. 28, hence, the dividing of the week occurs on Halloween evening---an abomination! "Solar flare #486," see the middle of the 70th week of Daniel 9:24-27. I.e., equals 486˝ days.] '1988/9-1995/6' were the years of the fall of Russia at the end of 40 years of Israel being a nation, (and of the exile of my wife and I, as symbolic of this event.) Also, the Jews were released from 70 years captivity in Russia. That time-period could have been the start of Armageddon, but God graciously delayed it. This 7 years could have commenced with the Russian battle, and ended with the final Armageddon in 1995/6---which was 430 x 8 years after the Exodus, and 430 x 6 after the fall of Jerusalem, which is also 1290 x 2, etc., etc. Note how the 1988-1995 Russian event was cancelled. Let this be a lesson for those trying to predict the future with the numbers. How do you factor in the love and mercy of God? Remember Nineveh!

The system is complicated at first sight, but rather simple after using it a while. It is given because the time is at hand. The numbers act as an amplifier of what God is saying, since it dovetails numerically in every way with what He whispers in the ear, thereby reinforcing and strengthening our hearing of the still small voice of God. (The 360 calendar also works in unison with the regular lunar and solar calendars.)

I do not expect, nor desire at this time, others to believe me. But it is recorded here for the record; for when there is consistently after hundreds of examples, it will vindicate itself. For this is what I have observed these past 11 years since my 30th birthday on Teb. 1, 1992 (Dec. 25), which was exactly 1290 x 2 literal years from the start of the siege of Jerusalem in 589 BC [using 360 calendar], which was 430 days after He began the revelation in the numbers to me on Oct. 22, 1991, which was 215 days (half-430) from the start of a 40-day fast for understanding into these things, which 40 days were symbolically as 1446 to 1406 BC on our said day/year scale, (i.e., this was the 40 days wandering of Israel in the wilderness after the Exodus, which in turn parallels the 40 days of Ezekiel's 430 in Ezek. 4). (It was a simple fast, mind you, we just skipped one meal a day, or so, as I recall. The revelation came in response to the prayers of thousands of people over the past several millennium; my prayer was only just one of these cries---but the time had come---there was to be no more delay.)

It was on my 30th birthday that this revelation of the symbolic day/year continuum was given. This means that my birth was 1290 + 1260 years from the start of the siege of Jerusalem, [360 calendar], with my wife born 2300 days earlier (less a day) on the evening of Tishri 6, 1956, which was 40 x 49 (40 jubilees) from the evening when many believe that Jesus was actually born, which was 4300 years from when Adam was created, on the evening of Tishri 6, 4305 BC. And so on. (The 2300, less one day, adjusts for the affect of the '0' at Christ, and is perfect. A pregnancy is 280 days; 2300, plus the 280 pregnancy equals 1290 x 2 days, and agrees with the 1290 x 2 years preceding it. At 30 years of age, 5 months of leap-months are accumulated, or 150 days. This 150, plus the 280 pregnancy equals 430, and is part of another pattern. My point is that the complexity is unreachable, for the LXX of Ezekiel (ch. 4) has 150 + 40 days instead of the Hebrew 390 and 40 days, which agrees with the 150 and the 40 of 'cleansing' after birth, according to the law of Moses. For Jesus was 30 at His call to ministry, and we all reflect His glory when He shines on us.)

Why am I telling you this? So that you may know the consistency of these things, and that I have not spoken with authority without warrant, and that the Sovereign Lord has revealed these things to me as He has saw fit, just as He did to His servant Ezekiel of old. He revealed them to me, being poor in math and languages and faith so that the glory would be His. He hides them from the wise and prudent but reveals them unto babes. And now the time has come to declare the revelation shut up since ancient times, as foretold by the prophets. [See Daniel 12]. To the intent that the revelation of Jesus Christ in the numbers of the bible should be proclaimed with signs and wonders following, so that men might have courage to face the great trial that is soon to engulf this earth. 


Here is an exert from the Writing on the Wall website
 written 10 or so years ago.


Enter Egypt in 1876 BC


1446 BC

722 BC

612 BC

586 BC

539 BC

Joseph’s seven-year world-wide{4} famine


Fall of Egypt{5} (i.e., exodus)

Fall of Israel

Fall of Assyria

Fall of Judah

Fall of Babylon

Total years later from famine -->


430 yrs

from famine

1150 yrs

from famine

1260 yrs

from famine

1290 yrs

from famine

1335 yrs

from famine

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