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666 and the Mark of the Beast


April 19, 1998

Greetings in Jesus name:

Your letter was a breath of fresh air to me!

Your sincere love for our Lord is most evident. I am sorry that I am late in replying to your letter. I have been very busy writing a book on this subject and have not checked my mail in a month. The web-site is very incomplete and it is a trial to me at the rather slow pace of things. Please pray for me.

Furthermore, I am delighted at your accurate appraisal of Psychology. About 12 years ago I came to the same conclusions while attending a compulsory class in Psychology in Seminary. Two books that I found helpful on the subject at that time were, "The Seduction of Christianity," by Dave Hunt, Pub. by Harvest House 1985, and "Psychology As Religion," ' "The Cult Of Self-worship," by Paul Vitz, pub. by Eerdman's, 1977. Psychology is indeed the spirit of anti-christ, as you said, for "even now there are many anti-christ's" 1John 2:18. Therefore, the number "666" has relationship to current affairs, as well as to the consummation of evil in one sole individual set to arise in the future. The number '666' represents the number of fallen man, ---one less than the perfect number of 777 as you pointed out. Furthermore, it is in direct contrast to the name of Jesus that is found in the very next verse later in the book of Revelation (14:1). For, "His name" (Jesus) adds up to '888' in the Greek language just as the man of sin will have his name to add up to 666. (Jesus was named on the 8th day after his birth, the day He was circumcised, Luke 2:21.) The '8th' day signals 'a new creation' ---that is, it follows the 7th day of the old creation (according to Genesis 1-2.) Man was created on the 6th day, hence, 666 is the ungodly trinity of fallen man. In the book of Revelation, it corresponds to the "Dragon" (Satan), "the beast ("anti-christ"), and the "false prophet," (empowered by unclean devils, or "frogs;" Revelation16:13). This, therefore, is the anti-thesis of "Father, Son , and Holy Spirit," where the "lamb" (Jesus), is contrasted with the "beast".


The number '666' itself, and all such prophetic imagery, are understood most clearly when viewed in contrast to the 'true.' The number '666' represents counterfeit religion generally, and the spirit of self-worship specifically, hence, psychology (2Thess. 2). Jesus Christ is the perfect "new Creation" (read Gal. 6:15), ---He is the fulfillment of the shadow of that which circumcision (on the 8th day) typified. We, who have put our faith and hope in this same Jesus, have His name written on out foreheads ---marked and sealed by the Holy Spirit ---a promise of the completion of our salvation (Ephesians 1:13,14, see Ezek. 9). In this era (dispensation), we are in tension between 'the old that is passing away and the new which is on the way' (1John 2:8). Putting these two scriptures together (i.e., Ezek. and Eph.), it is plain that the 'mark' we now have is an invisible one, written on the heart and mind, proven by our actions, ---hence, "the hand.") Therefore, every man alive today is already marked one way or another ---that is, he is either in Christ or he is not, ---he is either of the old fallen creation or he is part on the new Creation in Christ. He is either born-again, or he is not. Therefore, let us rid ourselves of that which belongs to this fallen world, perfecting holiness in the fear of Christ. Let us behave according to the principles of the world to come, where Christ is king.

The '777' may refer to the "father's name," also of Revelation 14:1). Of these things I cannot detail now but hope to put it out on the Internet soon (if the Lord wills). Sufficient to say at this time, is that the 777 works along the theme of forgiveness (and perfection) in the Bible and is coupled with the numbers of 70 x 7 (490), and 1260 of the Bible ---they all work as "a wheel within a wheel" (Ezek. 1-4). The theme of "forgiveness" and "reconciliation" can particularly be seen in the stories of Cain and the two 'Lamech's', in contrast with Peter's words to Jesus, "how often should I forgive my brother, until seven times?", Jesus replies, "No, but until 77 times" (or in KJV, --- "70 x 7 times" = 490, ---the Greek allows for both meanings). The details to this, in part, are explained in my forthcoming book "The Writing on the Wall." I hope to have part 'A' completed in a week or two. I will E-mail you and let you know. (If somehow I forget, just write me back).


The '666' has a connection with the 1335 of the last verses in the book of Daniel. 666 x 2 = 1332 ===> plus 3 days for resurrection ---both counterfeit and true. Here, the 666 takes on its root meaning of "failure" and thus "a curse." Jesus, after a 3-year ministry (about 1332 days), rises again "on the third day," ---a total of 1335 days, in fulfillment of the last verses in Daniel "blessed is he that waiteth for and reacheth unto the 1335th day;" (the context of the verse has the resurrection in view).

Here is an exert from the book to come out soon. It is rather introductory but it will give you an idea of what the entire book is all about. Though it is, here, in ruff, you are the first person to read it.

May the God of our Lord Jesus Christ fill you with all joy in believing as you put your full hope in Him who shall return in His own set time, to whom be praise and glory forever. Amen.

Stand firm in the grace of God by which we are saved, not of works, but by Him who raised us up with Christ unto a new Creation, never to die again, as we faithfully endure to the end, being kept by His wonderful power. Hallelujah!

May God be with you as you fix your eyes on Him ---HE is the "simplicity" of the gospel ---and may He open your eyes to the deep things of Christ, where ALL wisdom and knowledge are.

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