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April 12, 2008




Examples of Faulting Numeric Reasoning

About Panin (whom I respect for some things), I think that it is wrong to think that one can ascertain the original exact wording of biblical manuscripts by means of the numeric value of each word and trying to work everything out to multiples of seven. If it is true that the bible is ultimately perfect this way (and I expect that it is) then let the (conservative) scholars of bible criticism do their work and if it agrees in the end with the numeric then great! But not the other way around. Objective analysis before subjective analysis always! This was my approach to my own study of bible numbers. I used the dates that modern scholars generally agreed on, and I did not force things even when I had to work with several variables for some of the older dates before the exodus.

The same can be said for those that say that the book of Psalms is supposedly corresponding to the years in the 20th century. (This example is the work of another person other than the Bible Wheel author. Psalm 48 corresponds to 1948, Psalm 49 to 1949, etc.) This scheme is flawed, too, because one can always find something in a given year that seems to fit any particular Psalm because the Psalms have such a broad application to human struggle. The Psalms are appropriate for any and every year! And for ever year that supposedly links to a particular Psalm if one were realistic about it, if the Psalms were chosen to fit each year by pure logic disregarding their number, then a totally different arrangement of the Psalms to the years would be the outcome. Simply put, the Psalms correspond to the years of the 20th century as well as randomness would expect it to.



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