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Some have requested a Bio-sketch of myself.

Statement of orthodoxy

Dean Thomas Coombs

Born Dec. 28, 1962, Mt Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Canada.

'Born-again' spring of 1974.

Bachelors of Theology from Eastern Pentecostal Bible College, (Peterborough, Ontario), (1980-85).

One more year at Tyndale Seminary of Toronto, (formerly O.T.S.), (1985-86).

Married, (May. 31, 1986).

Another full year spent studying on my own, (1986-87).

Calling by God: His Word begins to leap open as never before, (March 21-28, 1987).

Leave Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada in pursuit of "holiness", (late spring of 1987).

Daughter born, (May, 1988).

Get mixed up in totalitarian 'church' for two years, splits up my family, (1987-89).

Dramatically delivered! God restores all things, and am the wiser for it! (Apr. 1989.)

Help pastor small church, (1989-1991). 

Our church holds 40-day fast, (one meal missed a day). Pray for revelation like Daniel and 215 days from the start of the fast the revelation into the meaning of the bible numbers begins, (Oct. 22, 1991). (This study last a full 7 years, averaging 40-60 hours a week.) 

Son born, (April 1990).

Acting on conscience, I begin to meet simply in house churches -- a return to simplicity. It has been a rough road that has caused me to respect traditional churches more, yet my heart is firmly in simple home churches where everyone can share equally.

The study into the bible codes began in 1996 unto 2012.


Also see, "Exact Dates for the Bible Numbers Study and the Discovery of Each Cluster of Codes".

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