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(Posted Nisan 24, 2005)

The information in the box is quoted from "Mene Mene," The Sum of Two Evils

The picture-code of the hand was partially put on the internet midnight July 25/26, 2000. (The full hand-code was put out in its completed form on Oct. 2, 2001, 434 days later. [It was discovered 47/48 [49 inclusive] days before that, on Pentecost, which in turn is 49 days after the feast of Firstfruits.] Oct. 2, 2001 began the seven days of Tabernacles. The numeric breakdown closely follows the great prophecy of Daniel 9:24-27 and links all the great feasts of the bible together.) The mene-tekel code was first put on the net 6 pm on July 21, 2001.

The prophecy of Daniel 9 came in the same year as the fall of Babylon (Daniel 5) when the hand appeared writing on the wall, "mene-mene-tekel-uparsin." Thus we have the connection between the hand bible code and the 70 weeks of Daniel 9 as discussed earlier

Moreover, it appears that there were 490 days (70 weeks) elapsed between the Daniel 9 prophecy and the Daniel 10-12 prophecy. This would put the prophecy of Daniel 10-12 on Tishri 24 (i.e., "The first month, 24th day," after a "3 week" delay as expressly stated in Daniel 10:2-4), 537 BC, and 490 days before that would then be Pentecost 538 BC, the deduced date for the prophecy of Daniel 9. (See also Daniel 11:1.) (The "first month 24th day" may also be reckoned according to the religious New Year, thus making it Nisan 24th, a half-a-year later. I believe both are intended since we cannot know for certain which one is correct. In any case, it makes little difference since we have the 3-year segments [see Symbolic Geneva Peace Treaty] that switch things around by half-a-year anyway.)

Thus, the very dates when the hand-code was discovered and then first put out on the net, (that is, what the fingers read), and then the entire hand-code was published 434 days after that, (that is, what the circles within the hand read, etc), this, plus the seven days of Tabernacles is essentially the same time frame of the initial 70 weeks found in the prophecy of Daniel 9. To be exact, there are 490 days between June 8, (Pentecost) 2000, and Oct. 11, 2001 (Tishri 24th). (Oct. 11, 2001 was one month after the Twin Towers fell, and the day was remembered in the USA as a memorial. Also note 1260 x 2 years earlier and the rebuilding of Solomon's temple in 520 BC---the second decree of Daniel 9:24-27. It took 3.5 years to rebuild the temple after a 21-year delay. Note how the three weeks [21 days] of delay

The Symbolic Geneva Peace Treaty of Dec. 1, 2003 especially relates to the hand-code. There we see that this symbolic peace treaty signed in Israel is a prototype of the treaty referred to in the prophecy of Daniel 9. It was signed exactly 3-years after the hand-code was discovered (on 11 pm Pentecost, 2000). I had worked on this code (from Daniel 5:19) all of June 8th, 2000. Around 11 pm I noticed the hand that the letters formed. (Daniel 5  has to do with the hand writing on the wall of Babylon at the fall of Babylon in autumn of 539 BC.) June 8th, 2000, at 11 pm was Pentecost, which was 1290 + 1335 years after the rise of the Babylonian empire in 626 BC. (See Daniel 12 for these same two figures.) 

I point out in the Symbolic Geneva Peace Treaty document that the 3-years after the hand-code was discovered to the Geneva treaty agrees with the prophecy of Daniel 9. There were four decrees that meet the requirements of the prophecy of Daniel 9 as the countdown of these "70 weeks." Each have their own merit. I believe they all work together as one. (The average of all four decrees [538, 519, 458, 445 BC] is 490 BC---490 years later was the traditional birth-year of Christ, and see Luke 1. And 2000 years later was the hand-code.) The most popular decree is the last of the four as recorded in the book of Nehemiah. This occurred in 445 or 444 BC. 

In the Symbolic Geneva Peace Treaty document I point out that, whereas 490 years after the four decrees come to Messiah's first coming in one way or another, the symbolic Geneva Peace Treaty is 490 x 5 (or 49 x 50) years from 444 BC, less the 3-years and the second 3-years until the hand-code was discovered. (Please see that document for further details.


444 BC + 490 + 490 + 490 + 490 + 483 + 7 + 3 years
(cut short 3 years?)
or 490 x 5, or 49 x 50 (50 jubilees)

444 BC to Spr. 2000 to Aut. 2010

7 years

3 years

3 years 7 years

The first 3 years appear to be fulfilled in the 3 years of Christ's ministry. There is a sense in which there are both 3 and 7 years remaining on God's clock ("the time of Jacob's trouble"), depending on ones perspective. Scholars are divided over whether Daniel 9:24-27 refers to Christ's 3-year ministry or Antichrist's. I believe that the prophecy points to both.


The point now is that the prophecy of the "70 weeks" of Daniel can be taken as literal weeks, or as weeks of years, (i.e., seven years). Both are correct. Thus, as counting down from when the hand bible code was discovered and from when it was published, we have the literal 70 weeks (as days) intersecting 70 weeks of years, also intersecting the "dividing of the week" as 3.5 x 2 years and days. The 490 days/years is thus working within the 1260 days/years---intersecting each other at every joint, and that along the biblical feast days. 

More could be said, but that is enough! 

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