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The Death of Saddam
 and the Sign of the Hot Comet

(Jan. 6, 2007)


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 about the timing of Saddam's execution

Saddam hangs on day predicted by Mene-Tekel Bible Code


Someone else wrote: (My response follows)




Sent: Friday, January 05, 2007 12:31 PM

Subject: There is now a new Comet

Since these events are for signs and seasons we can expect that  a new comet is there for a purpose, right?

This one highlights the period between Saddam's death and the second date you had?

HOT COMET: Comet McNaught (C/2006 P1) is plunging toward the Sun. It won't hit, but at closest approach on Jan. 13th it will be only 0.17 AU away--much closer than Mercury (0.38 AU). When the hot comet emerges later this month it could be brighter than a 1st-magnitude star. Or not. No one knows what will happen.

Meanwhile, you can see the comet with your own eyes:


My response to the above email...

From Jan. 6-12 the tail of comet McNaught shone in increasing brightness through the man being carried by The Eagle (Aquila) down toward (as in this case) the sun. (The comet here is shown on Jan. 10, 2007.)



It appears that the comet first became visible to the naked eye toward the end of Jan. 2, 2007 EST, this was Tebeth 12 (or 13th starting) on the normal Jewish calendar and is the other said 3.5 days after Saddam. This is very important because I was wondering if something like this would happen on that date.

(The week of Tammuz/Tebeth 5-12 is extremely important. As said in my website on bible numbers 10 years ago, that week represents the seven years of the Great Tribulation when on the correct year. And this is that year, being 1260 + 1335 years from the seven years of Ezekiel of his sieges and his seven-day calling, unto the actual siege of Jerusalem.) Jan. 13th is Shivat or Adar 12 on the 360 bible prophecy calendar, and is 3.5 years to the fall of the temple in Jerusalem. (The temple fell one month after the city and so both Tebeth and Shivat are 3.5 years to these anniversaries.) I believe that this comet represents the antichrist being cast into the lake of fire, that is the sun in that this is how it will appear to the naked eye, though apparently not in reality. Note the below code about Saddam as being the top of the 12 stars that falls from the tree/balance into the river (of fire). The code was put out a year ago. Here are two images from that document. (Note that the 1260 + 1335 letters/years/days are in agreement with the Ezekiel thing just mentioned.) The point of all this is that the appearance of the comet to the naked eye, and the point at which it nearly plummets into the sun --- both represent the end of the tribulation period (SYMBOLICALLY speaking) according to their numeric pattern, which is when the antichrist is cast into the lake of fire before the final millennium begins. (Rev. 19:20.) (Note that Saddam's sons were killed on July 22, 2003, 1260 days before Jan. 2, 2007. They were a counterfeit type of the two witnesses, and thus types of the false prophet of Rev. 19:20. There is more that can be said here, but we must move on!) I know I am speaking without explaining in detail what I mean, but if you read the article from which the below images are taken you will see better what I mean, although it is still complex. 

The comet was discovered 160 days inclusive before the Jan. 13, 2007 (Perihelion occurs Jan. 12 or 13th depending on ones time zone.) (See the Atbash code below for why the 160 days is perhaps significant, written one year ago.)

The comet for the most part from its discovery unto the death of Saddam was located in the constellation of Ophiuchus. This is significant because the constellation of Ophiuchus is a picture of a strong man wrestling with a snake with both hands while the serpent is stretching its head toward a crown. Underneath the man's foot is a scorpion that appears to be both stinging the man's foot, but the man also in turn is crushing the scorpion with the foot. To the right of the foot that crushes the scorpion in the constellation of Libra, the balance. Recall the mene-tekel code and balance bible codes wherein both are about a balance that weighs men and their deeds, in particular Saddam Hussein. (Saddam is a type of Belshazzar. Belshazzar was the king of Babylon at the time she fell. And Belshazzar is a type of the future antichrist since the book of Revelation presents antichrist also as the last king of Babylon. And so this comet signifies the death of Saddam, and Saddam is a type and figure of the future final antichrist to come.) 

The comet was located at or near the foot that crushes the scorpion in the constellation of Ophiuchus when it was first discovered, and then slowly for the next 5 months it moved for the most part along the serpent until the death of Saddam when it was in the constellation of the head of the serpent. (Note: The constellation of Scutum is not a part of the ancient Zodiac, therefore the comet was still located in "The Tail of the Serpent" during the last few days of Saddam's life.) As said, the constellation of The Balance (Libra) was just to the right of the comet during the first couple of months after it was discovered, that is, beneath the right foot of Ophiuchus where the Scorpion is being trampled upon. Therefore, putting it all together we have a picture much the same as the pictures in the Mene Tekel Code and the Balance Bible Code. We see the antichrist (king of Babylon) being weighed in the balances and found wanting. The devil is represented by both the scorpion and the serpent. The scorpion by means of "its seed" (Gen. 3:16) (that is, those powerful men that follow the devil, culminating in the antichrist), bruise the Messiah's heel, but he crushes his head. But after this victory of the enemy there is still a long a great struggle between the devil and his angels and the Messiah and His angels, (see Rev. 12). But in the end the serpent is conquered and cast into a sea of fire. (The bible says that the antichrist is cast in there a 1000 years ahead of the serpent, who is also called the dragon.) 


The following is my response to the above email


Comet C/2006 P1 McNaught

Closest to Sun: 2007 Jan 12 at 0.17AU
Closest to Earth: 2007 Jan 15 at 0.82AU
Peak brightness: magnitude 0? on January 12, 2007.


Note that Saddam was killed at the end of the five (or seven) day Babylonish festival as talked about at the end of the above article, (as quoted from "The Two Babylon's," by Hislop about Christmas origins as it relates to Babylon. Pages 97-98. His whole chapter is worth reading again in light of recent events, and can be found on sites all over the internet.) --- Note the Atbash code that reads along the river and sea of the Balance Bible Code, keeping in mind that I said that Saddam is a type of statue of Bel here...

Bel-Qoph: "Lord of the Apes!"

216 letters long, which is 6 x 6 x 6

"Bel (Baal) is a stupid ape! He bends down to die! Bel is being stripped of his refined gold because he is plugged up (and can't hear)!" "This will happen when the oppressor is chained and refined in the sea (of fire)!"






Saddam, snake, bible prophecy code


Saddam, snake, bible prophecy code

Quoted from

HOT COMET: Comet McNaught (C/2006 P1) is plunging toward the Sun. It won't hit, but at closest approach on Jan. 13th it will be much closer to the Sun than the planet Mercury. The comet will experience fierce heating and it could brighten considerably, emerging from the encounter brighter than a 1st magnitude star.

For the next few mornings, northerners can see Comet McNaught before it disappears into the Sun's glare. It's an easy target for binoculars hanging low in the eastern sky at sunrise. After Jan. 11th, only SOHO (the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) will be able to track the comet as it angles toward the bright Sun. SOHO images are posted in near-real time on the Internet, so you can watch the comet-sun encounter and see what happens.

"This morning (Jan. 3rd) the comet was faintly visible to the naked eye before sunrise at an altitude of 4 degrees (the sun was 10 degrees below the horizon)," reports photographer Haakon Dahle of Fjellhamar, Norway. "The photo," he says, "resembles the view through binoculars."

Visit for observing tips and more information.


Passover-Tabernacle Blood-Moon Tetrads
and the Menorah of Time


  Did you know that Passover-Tabernacles lunar-eclipse tetrads first began around Noah's Flood? And that they also occurred the exact day when Israel entered Egypt, and again when Jacob died (and prophesied about our future); then again with Saul, David, Solomon, etc. those more well-known recent events.

Click Blood-Moon-Tetrad chart to enlarge.

First 8 cycles of Passover-to-Tabernacles blood-lunar tetrads, which span from the Flood to now.

All Passover/Tabernacles tetrads, including distant future. Click to enlarge.

All Passover-Tabernacle Blood-Moon lunar eclipse tetrads, spanning distant past and future. 


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