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Exact Date of when the Iraq War Began
Encoded within the Hand-Code

It may likewise follow that Saddam will be executed
according to when the mene-tekel code is pointing to?
 (I.e., August 4-18, 2004?)


(Original letter is below.)

(My response to his letter.)

(Jan. 3, 2004)

Happy New Year!

I am very slow to believe anything without a lot of proof. Nevertheless, on a scale of 1 to a 100 my assurance of the code is 100.
What many don't realize is that the numbers are as important as what the codes say. I studied bible numbers 7 years before the codes and the codes on the site are flawless according to the biblical numbers.

Just first and last frames are actually encoded to make this motion.

"Jehovah! Is it the hand of Jehovah?
He Himself will go to war against Babylon.
 He will be put to death!" (etc...)

For instance, I have said in the codes that each letter can represent a year. Thus, the 11230th letter would represent that many years from creation. The maximum creation date of 4305 BC is what I established in my earlier website---before I was aware of the codes, and it simply represents the modern accepted dates for the Exodus calculated back all the way to creation using the bible's straight forward genealogy. In other words, there are no tricks. I had said that the hand-code speaks initially of the war against Iraq and Saddam. I mentioned in the website that there is a grid of dates forwarded from the dates in the book of the prophet Ezekiel, wherein each date symbolizes a year. It happens that the letter that the hand-code is pointing to (the 11230th, as I recall) just happens to be the very day that the war began. In other words, the date of when the war began (and arguably, would end), was also encoded in the code. This is just one more of a mountain of such numeric. The codes come by the Sprit of God to me. Thus, on Jan. 1, (just past), the thought just came to me to check when the date that the letter the hand was pointing to represented---and it turned out to be the very date of the war about which it speaks. As a matter of fact, I could not figure out whether to include the letter Vav as part of the index finger to read "And is it the hand of the Lord?" or to simply leave it as "Is it the hand of the Lord?" So I decided to simply have the finger extend to the middle of both letters. As it turns out, those two letters represent the two days that Bush gave Saddam to get out of Iraq! (The war started a few hours after that). This sort of thing is routine for me, and while it is exciting for the moment, I am no longer surprised. Thus, especially over the past 10 months, (which is after I wrote those things about my doubts), God has slowly convinced me---even me! Remember, the code was out two years before the war began.
But whatever one believes about the codes, it does not matter that much, as compared to whether they believe the central message of the bible (and the codes), which is that Jesus is the Messiah and Savior of all that put their hope in Him with a sincere and true heart. The (true) codes are just one of many signs He is giving in these last days.
About keeping in touch, the only practical way is to join the mailing list, but I only do a mail out about once a month.
Thanks for your letter.
P.s., I went and checked for that document on the letter dates, and I think I removed that one so as to avoid to much complexity. To explain it without going into many time-consuming details is impossible. In a nut shell, all the dates in Ezekiel are dated to the year of his exile in 597 BC. If we let the New Year (Spring) of that year represent, not just year one (as Ezekiel does), but let each day represent symbolically as AD 1 (forward and backward from that point consecutively, with the tenth day of the year as AD 10, etc), then a grid appears whereby, not just the length of days in Ezekiel are highly significant, but they also represent years. God told Ezekiel to lay on his side 430 days---"a day for a year." Anyway, this grid works with real time so that figurative years are intersecting literal years. Also, the grid repeats itself every 430 years, and especially 1290 years (of Daniel 12), which is also 430 x 3 (= 1290). Thus, 597 BC plus 1290 x 2 years (430 x 6) = AD 1984 spring. This makes (basically) spring of 1984 as AD 1, and the next day as AD 2, etc. Thus, spring of 2003 (about when the war began) therefore equals as 19 years x 365.25 days (= 6940 days), which, therefore equals as 6940 years, and thus corresponds to AD 6940. AD 6940 is 11245 day/years from the creation of 4305 BC. (4305 + 6940 = 11245). This is just an approximate, at this point, for the sake of clarity, but when you work it all out, the war hence began on the 11230th day/year from creation, and the hand-code also points to the 11230th letter ("letter/year") from creation---hence, the exact day and year was encoded for the war. I know all this is tuff to take in without a larger explanation---and just to make things more difficult, Ezekiel dates one other of his dates from the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC (beside the normal 597 BC point). However, both dates work together in the code!








(Click here for more information on dates encoded in the mene-tekel code.)


----- Original Message -----
From xxx
Sent: Sunday, January 04, 2004 2:07 PM
Subject: Struggling with doubt - can you help?

Hi Dean,


Happy New Year to you from here in the cold & damp UK.


I have been reading your website for quite a while now. For some reason, I find your code discoveries very interesting.


I check your site daily to see what new revelations you have posted.


I guess I am emailing to say how astonishing I think your findings are. It must take a great deal of time and effort to decipher this information.


However, I must say that I find it very difficult to fully ‘buy in’ to what you are saying – although, for some reason, I really want it to be true.


I don’t need to tell you that what you are claiming with your code discoveries is a very important message to mankind.


It is therefore very important that you have no doubts whatever (unlike me – a real doubting Thomas – sorry!)  regarding everything you publish.


So, to help me with my doubting problem – could you please tell me honestly - on a scale of 1 to 100 just how real are these codes?


I hope in some way that my emailing you like this is in some way encouraging for you – if that makes any sense?


Also, assuming you are totally truthful and convinced about this subject, I would be keen to get early information (ahead of the website if possible) especially if it helps me with my struggle against doubt.


Kind rgds,


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