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Bible Prophecy about Russia
and Putin's Peace Treaty Plans


(The letter sent to me.)

Hi Dean,

Have you given any consideration to the idea that all the prophecies you are seeing are not just foreshadowing's of what will happen but rather are happening to fulfill the scriptures?   Consider that the days were shortened for the elects sake.  So Satan will come down with his time shortened but the stuff that is supposed to happen with him here has already happened in types and shadows with out him and the earth just swallowed up the flood of lies.  Please consider this and the implications of it if it is true.  It would be time to "wake up" if it is happening and we just don't have eyes to see it.


My response..


I see these events as preliminary---in exactly what way they all connect I cannot say with certainty. I noticed that Putin of Russia is currently trying to broker a peace treaty in the Middle East, (see prophecy in Ezek. 38). Interestingly, as a token of peace toward all religions, he visited the wailing wall and the place where Jesus died and rose ---and he did this exactly in the 'middle' of Passover week, (yesterday evening, April 27, 2005, Nisan 18). The bible says that antichrist will make a covenant with many for "one week" and in the middle will break it. (Daniel). Interestingly, the Roman Catholic mass (counterfeit covenant) at the inaugurating of the new Pope occurred 3.5 days earlier on the first day of Passover week. Something is happening, that's for sure! 

See Acrostic Bible Code Prophecy).

Keep praying,
God bless,




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