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Lesson 7b 
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The Letter-Years In Continuum

The maximum and minimum points of time as using only our 360 x 2 ELS (i.e., the 2166 and 2155 births of Abraham and Sarah, and the 1446 Exodus) reveal an interesting relationship to our basic 120 letter-skips that composes our full 360 x 2 letter-bible code. From 1446 BC till the birth of Messiah (or John the Baptist, etc), are 120 x 12 years (= 1,440 years); and from the birth of Abraham till the mirror of the birth of Sarah are 360 x 12 years. ("360" is symbolic of one year, and hence we have here "12 day-years.") Or 361 x 12 from the birth of Abraham back again to the mirror of Abraham's birth. (I.e., Abraham was born 361 years before the death of Joseph. Thus, Abraham was born in the fall of 2167 or spring of 2166 BC. The same is effected at 121 x 12 intervals from the Exodus (spring of 1446) till the mirror of the burning bush (autumn of AD 1447). There are 121 letters from the last letter of "Yeshua" till the second-last letter of "Elijah.")

Moreover, as there are 720 (or 721) letter-years between the birth of Abraham and the exodus/tabernacle (etc.), accordingly there is a further 720 years (or 721) from the Exodus till the siege and exile of Israel (725-722 BC), and another 720 (or 721) years after that till the births of John and Yeshua, as said, in 7 to 5 BC! (Yeshua could not have been born later than the start of spring, 4 BC, for that was when King Herod died, who had tried to kill Yeshua.)

Finally, from the Exodus till Solomon's temple are 480 years (120 x 4), as it says explicitly in 1Kings 6:1. Another 360 years later (120 x 3), some of the temple articles were carried off by Babylon at the first exile of Judah (606 or 605 BC, see 2Chron. 36:5-7). This first exile of Judah was thus 120 years after the start of the siege and fall of Samaria, the end of Northern Kingdom of Israel (725-722 BC).


There Are 360 + 360 Letter-DAYS Too!

The fact that Moses himself lived 120 years, and that he spent 120 days on Mount Sinai is highly significant to our code. (That is, there are "120 days on Sinai" according to Jewish tradition. Nevertheless, of certainty, there were at least three 40-day periods mentioned around this time of the exodus, hence equaling 120 days: The Bible says that there were at least 40 + 40 days up Mount Sinai (Deut. 9:18), and a year later in the narrative we are informed that it took "40 days" to spy out the Promised Land. This total of 40 x 3 days stands in obvious parallel to the 40 x 3 year-segments that make up Moses' life (cf. Acts 7:23).

In addition, our ELS code is broken down into 360 + 360 letter-years which, as we said, signifies the same as one-plus-one years (of 360 days). From the burning-bush call at Mount Sinai, (about 6 or 7 months before the Exodus), till when Moses (having returned to this Mount) ascended 40 + 40-days up the Mount to receive the Law, there happens to be about one year difference in time; then it was yet another year till the promised land was spied out "40 days." (At the end of that 40 days of spying out the land, the Israelites were sentenced to 40 years wondering in the desert––a day for every year the 12 spies spied out the land in unbelief (Num. 14:33–34). At the end of this 40 years Moses himself died at 120 years, Deut. 34:7) Thus, from the burning-bush call of Moses (from whence comes our bible code) till he came down the Mountain having received the Law is one year, and then there is one more year after that until when the Israelites should have entered into their rest in the Promised Land, but instead were sentenced to 40 years wondering. This, one-year-plus-one-year margin––border-defined by the mention of 40 x 3 days (= 120)––is yet further evidence of the harmony of our bible code with not just years (of same value as bible code letters), but of days too. 

Hence, the numbers bear witness to our bible code as being indeed a legitimate bible code in three main ways: There is the testimony of the 360 (and 720 etc.) letter-days (as just shown); and similarly, there is the testimony of the 360 (and 720 etc.) letter-years; and thirdly, there is the 360 (and 720) letter-years of ten-times the value, with this latter witness in turn strengthened by the uniquely compatible 3,600-letter "Yeshua"-bible code.

(Also see note about how this time-grid works in, "The Mount Carmel Fire".)

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