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Tabernacle Aspect of the-Moth-Code


Tabernacle bible prophecy code.Tabernacle bible prophecy code.The codes web-pages were put back on at 1:30 pm, and the index and SARS at 11:30 pm, April 7th. It was 10 days and 10 hours that the codes were removed; 5 days and 5 hours before the New Year (of Moses, Ex. 12:2-3), and 5 days and 5 hours after. (The ten commandments had 5 on one side and 5 on the other, Deut. 4:13.) As God is my witness, I planned none of this, but only noticed it the next day.

Also, note the 5 + 5 "toes" of the feet of Babylon's image. Also, the moth has 5 + 5 parts to its wings. 

Also note that the moth bible code when put out at every 30-letter skips (instead of the 120) creates the exact dimensions of the tabernacle coverings! The curtain was made up of 5 sections of 30 x 4 cubits of material, and this was attached to another 5 sections of 30 x 4 cubits of material (goats skin); plus, there was one section (30 x 4) folded back at the entrance to make 2 x 30 cubits. The total material equaled 600 + 600 + 60 = 1260 cubits squared, (Ex. 26:7-15). (Or, 4 x 30 [120] x 10.5 sections.) Hence, each line of code is 30-letters across, which symbolizes one month of 30 days. Thus, there are a total of 42 months, or 1260 days, (cf., Revelation 11:1-3). The tabernacle aspect of this code will be fully explained at a later time. For now, the point is that the moth on the branch is actual a beam of the tabernacle covered with the goat-skin covering. The moth is spinning a cocoon on it. Positively, Jesus/moth--is shedding His blood on it---to cleanse it. Negatively, the moth is eating ("wasting") away at the material. The goat skin represents Jesus flesh. His flesh is being destroyed. Judgment is "flying forth" from His temple.

As the above code at 120-skips is mirroring each other (that is, the tekel-code with the moth), even so is the tabernacle-picture-bible-code, (except at 30-letter skips), which, therefore, produces a second tabernacle in the mirror! 
(The outside letters squared in white are the original letters of the "branch" above. They occur every 4th letter across on the sides of the tabernacle because 30 x 4 = the original 120-letter skips. The moth bible code and the tabernacle are one!)

Tabernacle bible prophecy code.

Also, the above represents the true verses the false pagan temple/tabernacle, as inferred from Daniel 1:2. (This verse is found just letters before this bible code.) "...the articles of the temple of God. These he carried off to the temple of his god in Babylonia..." Perhaps this code is also a prophecy that the temple will soon be rebuilt in Jerusalem even with the Muslim Dome of the Rock standing next to it?


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