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True or False Prophecy?

A prediction proved true.


Like "Y2K"s 2012 just another non-event? 

Yet, even Y2K was a sign of something to come!


(This is "Part Two" of an ongoing discussion about 2012

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(Important update about this article, updated April, 2010:
God is granting 15-more years according the prophecy of Isaiah 38.)

(Also see, "The Mayan Calendar reveals some surprising secrets")




Please note: "Predictions about 2012" should be read first before this one!


The following was put out on my forum November 11, 2009. I post it here to document my ongoing understanding of what might occur 2012, or not! (2010 to 2017?)  (Also see, "Merry  Baal-mas" on Dec. 21, 2012.)

See "Predictions about 2012" for the first and main document.


On the forum someone posted an article about the following. My posted responses follow...




NASA on a crusade to debunk 2012 apocalypse myths
Nov 9, 2009

"The world is not coming to an end on December 21, 2012, the US space agency insisted Monday in a rare campaign to dispel widespread rumors fuelled by the Internet and a new Hollywood movie.

Sony Picture's latest big screen offering "2012" arrives in theaters on Friday, with a 200-million-dollar production about the end of the world supposedly based on myths backed by the Mayan calendar.

The doomsday scenario revolves claims that the end of time will come as an obscure Planet X -- or Nibiru -- heads toward or collides into Earth.

The mysterious planet was supposedly discovered by the Sumerians, according to claims by pseudo-scientists, paranormal activity enthusiasts and Internet theorists.

Some websites accuse NASA of concealing the truth on the wayward planet's existence, but the US space agency denounced such stories as an "Internet hoax."

"There is no factual basis for these claims," NASA said in a question-and-answer posting on its website.

If such a collision were real "astronomers would have been tracking it for at least the past decade, and it would be visible by now to the naked eye," it added. "Obviously, it does not exist."

"Credible scientists worldwide know of no threat associated with 2012," NASA insisted..."




My response to the above post...


The Mayan Myth

I think that 99% of the Mayan connection to 2012 is myth. But like Y2K (See, "The Sign of Y2K"), even if nothing happens, the fact that this cycle of time that starts from the Mayan Creation date that ends 2012 is significant because God is sovereign over men. I believe that God is using this event to speak to men about the end of the world as we know it. He is getting people's attention. 

However, I also sense many other spirits masquerading as the Spirit of God concerning 2012 as well, especially regarding the Mayan myths and legends. And so we need to be careful. And this is also true of the planet "X" stuff too, although the book of Revelation does record some futuristic cosmic changes coming, and, well, who knows? It just does not strike me as likely, and I have no witness in my  spirit about it.

But the fact that the Mayan cycle ends in 2012, and that the knowledge of this has gripped the attention of much of our society, makes me to ponder the 2012 connection all the more. Not because I believe any of these myths, but because 2012 may well represent something happening in the heavenly realms, between the forces of good and evil. 

And God does exist! (Despite what NASA implies.) 

And the god of Science does not rule over the affairs of men. But God Almighty does. And He shows signs and wonders in all branches of life for all who have "ears to hear". The only problem is that even many of those who think they hear and know God have not eyes to see either! (See, "The Cherub/Baal/Balance Bible Code".)

(Also see, "The Mayan Calendar reveals some surprising secrets.")



Another Y2K non-event Sign?


Here is that article on Y2K that I wrote many years ago. Know that I never once expected anything very significant to happen on Y2K. However, the event itself was still significant, as the Lord showed me back then before Y2K.

The following is quoted from that document put on the internet about 10 years ago.

The Significance of Y2K 

Only one day since Creation perfectly agrees astronomically with what is the (average) prophetic solar year. This one day was Jan. 1st, AD 2000.1

As you might recall, Jan. 1st, AD 2000 was "Y2K-day." This was the day when the computer clocks around the world (unless corrected) went into a loop of time so that the year 2000 read incorrectly as AD 1900. Unless corrected, this will repeat itself every 100 years forever---never getting past the year 1999. "Y2K" cost billions of dollars to fix. Though no catastrophe occurred as predicted by many (not myself), nevertheless, the event served as a important sign.

When we say that there has only ever been one day that has astronomically agreed with the prophetic solar year, what we mean is this: According to scientists, the average speed of the earth on Y2K in its orbit around the sun (if constant at that speed forever) would take 365.2421896698 days to complete. (This is called, an average tropical solar year). Now it happens that this precise measurement of a solar year generates a calendar whose numeric patterns are identical with those repeatedly spoken of in the bible. Furthermore, these patterns emerge not only from this precise measurement of a solar year, but also from the measurement of the synodic month (at Y2K)---pegged at 29.5305888531 days! The odds of all this happening by random chance are nil.

This is the prophetic calendar of which we are examining, and the question before us is: How is it that only the day of Y2K has the exact average orbiting speed of the earth around the sun whereby the resulting solar year (if made constant) would produce all the numerous numeric patterns in the bible?

The Answer:

Y2K is the logical day to reveal the length of a prophetic solar year because:

1. On a personal level, in the fall of 1998 the Holy Spirit revealed to me that the then upcoming Y2K was to be a sign by God of both the delaying and hastening of time simultaneously in a way incomprehensible to man.

2. Furthermore, the looping of computer clock-time on Y2K was a sign to indicate and highlight the importance of this day astronomically. It was an important sign to the effect that the average orbiting speed on this day, if rendered unchanging like the looped clock-time of the computers, is indeed the very prophetic solar year. And to know the prophetic solar year is to solve the elusive mystery of the bible numbers.1 The prophetic solar year is the "Grand Unifying Mechanism" uniting and underling all of the bible numbers.

3. Y2K is simply the best and obvious day for setting the prophetic clock to because it is popularly viewed as the end of the second millennium. It was the obvious choice of astronomers too.

5. It is commonly recognized that there is a gap in the prophetic time clock as understood from the prophecy of the "490" years of Daniel 9:24-27. The last seven years of the 490 is said to be separated from the preceding 483 years by an indefinite gap of time known as "The Church Age." This is similar in type to the symbolic freezing of time on Y2K. Moreover, Y2K is aligned with the 490 in incredible numeric patterns!

6. Y2K (Jan. 1, 2000) was 5760 years from the Jewish traditional date (used in their own calendar) for the creation of the world. It happens that 5760 years is:

144 generations of 40 years,

or, 480 x 12,

or, 360 x 16.

And it is also 6 generations of 40 years short of 6000 years.

Each of the above combination of numbers are important to the 360 calendar. This is no small proof that the year of Y2K is that year (and day) chosen by God to reveal the full details of the 360 calendar, since the 360 calendar (as based on the solar year set to Y2K) is in perfect harmony with the number of years from the creation to Y2K.

7. Numeric patterns like those above are repeated again only on a micro scale. We will talk about this later, Lord willing, after the book "The Writing on the Wall" is completed. Even on the micro level, Y2K remains the logical day of choice to reveal the length of a prophetic solar year.

What I am saying about 2012


I am still waiting on God as to whether He will show me if 2012 will be a non-event like Y2K. But at the very least, like Y2K, 2012 will still be a sign, and it will be very interesting to watch and see what will happen. However, it may not be that noticeable except to those with prophetic gifts, or who are listening to God's prophets.

I am wondering if the whole Y2K thing, and what happened back then, will be repeated with 2012, and perhaps this is indeed what God is saying? 

I know over time these questions will be answered. God will disclose what will happen. After all, the bible says that He does nothing without first revealing it to "His servants the prophets." I know there are a number with prophetic gifts even on this forum. So, we will watch together!

It seem that I am forming a kind of blog or diary as my thoughts develop on this subject. The reason I am doing this is to hopefully stop people from running around and saying that I said that, "The end of the world will come in 2012!" I am not saying that!

What I am saying is that it is a good year for that numerically, (actually 2010 to 2017), according to past numeric patterns and how they might continue into the future. 

However, 2012 might just be another round of even more powerful signs, yet still just signs of the ultimate and culmination judgments to come still some time in the more distant future. If so, then what comes in the distant future will still run along a similar track that will be observed between 2010 to 2017, etc. And this is my present feeling, that 2012 will be a sign of still future things. But I wait on God about that. He will show us all we need to know in His timing. And I also have this strong sense that He is eager to reveal His mind concerning these things. It's not like we have to twist His arm, so to speak. I am confident that He has many things to yet teach us in the coming years that lie between 2010 and 2017 to do with Bible prophecy.


And who knows, maybe it will end up being the end of the world! 


May Jesus soon come and clean up this mess called, "The world"!

And if Babylon must fall before the Kingdom of Heaven is established, then so be it!
(See, the Mene-Tekel-Uparsn Bible-Code.)

And may all the gods of Babylon fall with her! 



This was "Part Two" of an ongoing discussion about 2012

(Click here for "Part One", "Patterns About 2012")

Also read main document about 2012 ==> See, "Predictions about 2012"







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