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English (KJV) Bible Code


'Jesus walking on the water'


'Mirrored Images'

(Put on net Aug. 16, 2007)


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More details about 'Jesus walking on the water' in the English Bible Code,
and about how the images are mirrored into one another



Jesus Walking on the Water

english-Jesus-walking-water-code.jpg (105572 bytes)Note the words "FEET" and "A NET" (or "A TEN") where Jesus is walking that forms a circular pool around his feet. (Click on images at right to enlarge.)

Jesus is dragging a net full of fish. (His feet covers the "J" in JESUS.) The code is saying that there are 10 more feet (footsteps) to the cross, which is the precise number until the letters "JESUS" overlaps the top part of the cross that reads "SAYIN". ('Ten' is the number of completion in the bible.) 

(The full beam says, "ESSAYING" which means, "one being weighed (in the balance"), and thus the cross is shaped like a Balance. (And See Balance Bible Code and Mene Tekel Bible Code. It vertical beam also reads "ESS -AYIN", which is an English and Hebrew letter respectively. The code spells out the name Jesus using a mix of English and Hebrew letters. (The rope that attaches to the horizontal beam spells the Hebrew letter "Yod", which also means a hand in Hebrew, and is another one of the letters needed to spell Yeshua in Hebrew. The "YOD" also implies a hand is nailed to the cross-beam of the sail that reads, "DIE". There is much more to this aspect of the code. The ropes form a vertical tilted balance that is similar to that in the Balance Bible Code, and reads, "Alpha, Omega! A hand of woe! Die!") 

Notice the word "SEA" at every third letter going along JESUS where it reads, "AT JESUS (knees)". (Note: The code moves forward or backward.) Clearly, the code is meant to be an image of Jesus "walking" on the "sea"

It is important to realize that the image is a composite image of all the stories in the bible to do with boating, storms, and fishing. The image ties them all together. Therefore, one much think multi-directionally when analyzing the code. 

english-4-circles-sail-cross.jpg (144738 bytes)The bible code is also implying that all things will bow down "AT JESUS FEET". (Read actual text running along the watery path to the cross that reads, "Fell down at Jesus knees saying, Depart from me for I am a sinful man..." "Henceforth I will make you a fisher of men...") (Click on image at right to enlarge.)

Moreover, the two circles, (i.e., the wake of water at Jesus feet), also overlap two more circles that are located at the foot of the cross that read, "A SEA WETS...". This overlap occurs when it is moved up "TEN FEET" as directed by the words of the code itself. (Note: "A SEA WETS..." is similar to what the lower level of the boat reads, "Wet-Net" ("NET-EW".) 

bible code prophecy matrix---3 x 5There is much more here that reinforces our interpretation of the code, and the phase, "A SEA WETS..." is just a fragment of a riddle that the code tells. The full riddle, found going down the cross in alternating circles (as in the Mene Tekel Bible Code seen at right and left), reads, "A Nation ("Goi") am I! "You walked by along (Hebrew, "Adita") a sea, (and then "towards" the boat). A sea wets (your) feet (and) a net!" (The words goi is also intersected by "GOY-OG", which forms the image of another parallel net, a net of nations. The 5 vertical "coins". Mene-tekel bible prophecy code. "Goi" and "Goy" mean "a nation" or "gentile" in Hebrew, but is also a word found in our own English dictionary because of its common use. This is all part of yet another offshoot of this code. It forms an image of a river with fishermen fishing along its shores at Engedi near the Dead Sea. And this again ties the code in with the Balance Bible Code, which is an image of a river that reads, "Be Still! Be calm and bow before me! I am Yeshua! Forever my name is the Lord! Be still and you will shine/flow like a river".)

Also, note the "CASE" of luggage at the foot of the sail/cross. This is a play on words. This is the "CASE" that God has against mankind, which case Jesus bore on the cross! For as the Balance Bible Code brings out, it is because Jesus bowed (humbled himself) to the obedience of the cross that all men should bow down to him. Jesus stills the storm by bowing to the cross. The wrath of God is appeased! The flood waters of Noah abate at His command! Jesus is weighed in the balance for us! We were found wanting. But our bowed-down scale became level when He did "DIE" and thereby make all things level --- all things "ONE" in Him. ---- One New Man/Nation! 

This is what the cross is saying, which corners read, "DEEN", but in Hebrew means "Judgment". Jesus bore the storm for us. Jesus bore Hurricane DEAN for us! "Ayin" (see vertical sail/cross) in Hebrew means, a 'fountain', or an 'eye', and in the Balance Bible Code "Ayin" symbolized the hurricanes of 2004 and 2005, as predicted by the code --- predictions that included many of their names and when they would come. (2006 was a year of rest, it being 50 jubilees from the decree of 445 BC of Nehemiah as per the prophecy of Daniel's 490-year cycles, Daniel 9. See Bible Numbers Website for more.) Jesus is the "EYE" of the hurricane and the "FOUNTAIN" of the water of life.

Woe to those who reject his mercy!

The numeric is more amazing than the image, but takes more effort to study. This numeric allows the image to move and overlap like a motion picture. Thus, the motion of Jesus walking toward the cross is itself literally encoded. He actually moves up the "TEN" letters to the cross! The encoding for the movement is actually and literally encoded. 

Is anything too hard for God!



Some Interesting Numeric Details On the Mirroring Effect

The entire code is numerically perfect. 

The (encoded) symmetry of the images speak for themselves. (Random chance would not have the mirror of the one head and owl (and mountain) so perfectly positioned to the another. You may find the numeric difficult to comprehend, but the symmetry of the image speaks for itself. One does not have to understand the complex math behind a beautiful piece of music to appreciate it. In the same way, you do not have to understand the mathematics behind these images to appreciate them.

english-code-two-women.jpg (56737 bytes)Of all the letters used in this English code (about 1000), these are the only two mirroring positions available! (This does not include the Hebrew picture codes, which Hebraic images also overlap the English encoded images precisely!

Bible code.  Owls represent several things. As in combat (good verses evil),  As one tumbling toward earth. As one who is lifting up Jesus, the "seal", to the forehead of His elect, and the owl also represents the eyes and ears of the prophetess.The positioning of the letters are perfect in every way. 

A letter must represent an exact day of a specific year in order to create a mirroring effect. That is, a letter must represent the end of the year (Dec. 31), but is also a specific year in time that is exactly half a number that is either 1150, 1260, 1290, or 1335, or is a logical combination of these same biblical time frames, (Dan. 8, 12; Rev. 12). 

Our images use two specific letters in the matrix that act as this 'fulcrum' producing the mirroring effect. It represents a date and year that in this case is 1335 + 1335 + 1150 + 1335 + 1335 back to its own mirrored date; and, 1290 + 1260 + 1150 + 1260 + 1290 back to its own mirrored date. Each of the two letters, therefore, represent Dec. 31st, and are the years 3246 BC and 3126 BC respectively. (The first date is the day and year of Noah's conception and of the anniversary of when the flood ended. The second is 120 years later. This "120 years" is an important numeric to do with Noah in the Genesis account of the flood --- and the flood of Noah is one of the main themes of the code. Each row in the code is 120 years apart, or to be exact, 119.82 "letter-years", since the English code is at an ELS of 11982 letters, and each letter represents 3.6 days, that is, one one-hundredth of a 360-day year.) 

The two owls are produced by the said 3246 BC date (left image), whereas the 3126 BC produces the  two heads facing away from each other, (see above-right image). The combined image of both (right image) is when the one date mirrors into the other date.

[Midnight of Dec. 31/Jan. 1, 3246/5 BC + 1335 + 1335 + 1150 + 1260 + 1290 letters/years to AD 3125/6, midnight, Dec. 31/Jan. 1. Note: 3246/5 BC is the mirror of AD 3246/5 and 3126/5 BC is the mirror of AD 3126/5.] 

This is the same methodology consistently used for many years on our websites, long before this English code was discovered, and it likewise uses the same creation date.

Such letters (fulcrum letters) are fairly rare, especially when the code is on a ratio of one to a hundred as is the case with this English code. (Each letter represents 100 days of consecutive time being counted down from the year of Creation). As you can see, the image is perfectly positioned to allow this mirroring effect. Just one letter out would change the image by two spaces. Two letters out would move the heads and owls four letters away from each other, etc. The positioning is exact.

Note: The letter immediately to the right of each of the "fulcrum" letters could arguably have also been the fulcrum. However, the pattern favored the first letter in each of the two cases. If the other position was used instead then it would cause the mirrored images to be placed further apart by one or two letters. The heads would not touch each other and the "S" between the owls would be too thick to notice. Therefore, out of approximately 1000 letters in the matrix, only four could be a fulcrum. This is a one in approximately 250 chance. Of course, without the initial images being symmetrical in the first place, their mirrored images could not produce these striking pictures anyway. The combined mirrored images are the result of both the inherent symmetry of the image, plus its location in the English Bible text that locates the reflection of the image back onto itself at the proper spot; for example, the face of the owl looking into the face of its own mirror. These images were discovered before the position of the fulcrum that produces the mirror effect was discovered. One did not influence the discovery of the other.


Chart shows the letter-number in the English New Testament Bible (KJV),
and their assigned dates consistently counted down from the Creation,
and many of the images roughly sketched (often overlapping)


Legend/Key for Above Chart

Chart uses prophetic year of 360-days. Each letter equals 3.6 days (i.e., 1/100th of a year). The colors correspond to the colors on the main chart of English matrix with the images. Each color represents the anniversary of one of the seven events recorded in the bible concerning the Flood. Because there are two possible New Years for the Flood (and Creation), fall or spring, therefore, the first two rows of the chart spans half-a-year (180 days) and parallels the next two rows that completes a 360-day year. The first half of the year mirrors the second half. 


Some events of the Flood span a week, others a day. A careful study of the dates recorded in the bible for the flood reveal a pattern of seven-day periods whether or not one one day or seven days is mentioned. The week is still implied by the pattern of the numbers. Our color coded chart is based upon these full seven-day span. (Much of the bible follows this same principle when recording a series of dates, particularly in the book of Ezekiel. The week is being carried along to each prophecy or event even if only the first or the last day of that week is specifically mentioned. See "1260 days/years Bible Prophecy" for more on bible numbers and how they work.)

You can calculate any specific day exactly by simply multiplying any number in the chart, (that is, the last two digits of the total number of letters into the bible that you are examining). For example, take letter number "213,723" (which is a "W") --- take the last two digits --- "23" times .01, times 360, equals the 82.8th day of the year. Because each letter represents 3.6 days, therefore, this 23rd letter spans from 79.2 to 82.8, which is the 80th to the 83rd day of the year, and,  therefore, is the 3rd month, the 10th to 13th day of that month. Also, letter number "213,723" means that it is the 2137th year from the Creation that occurred in the spring of 4304 BC. This makes the 2137th year to be the year 2167 BC, and the 3rd month, the 10th to 13th of that month (corresponding to about June). This is about the time Abraham was born or conceived. Also, because the 40-day rain of Noah's flood ended on the  87th day of the year (or plus half a year), therefore

This is the same methodology and same Creation date used in the bible codes consistently for many years now. (The Creation date is based upon the modern chronology for the birth of Abraham as excepted by most modern evangelical books on the subject, and then taking that chronology backward using the straightforward genealogies recorded for us in Genesis, but including the extra 130 + 60 years added in the New Testament in Luke and Acts respectively. See Bible Numbers Website for details. The point is that the creation date is deduced based upon modern scholarship as found in most modern books and most chronologies in study bibles. I DID NOT CHOOSE THE DATE TO FIT THESE PATTERNS! MOREOVER, MY STUDY IN BIBLE NUMBERS PRECEDED MY STUDY IN THE CODES.


Same chart viewed toward boat and mountain (red)

Zoom-in on boat and mountain.
 Click on image to enlarge.

English-chart-zoom-in-boat-mountain.jpg (225565 bytes)


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