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The Balance Bible-Code

(Pub. July 31, 2004, 1 am.)

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"How the Gods of Babylon are Weighed in the Balances"

Bible Code: The secret of One ‘head-over-heels’ in love



This bible code has been greatly expanded to form a Cherub etc., 

please also go to "The Cherub/Baal Bible Code" for the full code.

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River Balance Bible Code ProphecyThis bible-code-picture (pictograph) is a composite of several overlapping images. It is encoded within Isaiah 46:1-6.



The base of the lamp/balance reads:

"My likeness (is like...)" 

Appropriately, the base of the lamp/balance/tree contains the base (main) thought, namely, that these composite images are all similes or imageries about Jesus. The pictures are symbolic about Him. (See Isaiah 46:6.)



The mountain-river reads backward then forward:

Read backward:

"Be calm! Be still before me! I AM Jesus! Be calm and you will flow/shine (like a river/lamp").

("From everlasting, my name is the Lord" interweaves with "I am Jesus" and, "The blood concerning my salvation".)

Forward, the river also reads:

"He was poured out in torrents! They gazed upon that which is (like) wine. You are beyond measurement!" 

(Click here for "A Closer Look at River.") (Also see, "The River in Atbash!" for more of what the river says.)



River Balance Bible Code Prophecy

The key phrases that form the cross-beams and main trunk are: 

"The salvation that is in my blood." "From everlasting My name is the Lord. I am Jesus." (The name 'Jesus' means, "The Lord saves.") "The lamp of His blessing." "Yes, I am the Lamp." "My fire will surely come. My Father, my Father --- forgive!" ) (Or, "My fire offering will surely come..." Compare with what the seven flames read.)

("More than a balance, a lamp I AM," forms the cross within the lamp. See image below of Jesus on cross. This may also read, "More than a Lamp, a Redeemer I AM!")



The leaves of the tree/balance read:

"Blood pleads/arbitrates upon a heap of ruins---it proclaims (innocence)." (Note that the menorah-lamp of the temple was fashioned to look like an almond tree. Thus we see an almond tree.) 

(There is much more to the leaves. See Tropical Storm Delta/Dalet.)




The 7 sacrificial flames above the lamp read:

"Was He made a sin-offering for the sake of the Father?" Or, "Was it in order to purify (the altar) from sin for the Father?" (The image suggests what the object of cleansing is, namely, the altar and Israel.)

Balance Bible Code can also take shape of an Altar, which is also true of the balance in the sky (Libra). Or, "Did he fall short/sin against the Father?" (A rhetorical question calling attention to why Jesus is here 'weighed in the balances and found wanting'. The answer is that Jesus is our substitute. Jesus is indeed equal with the Father! The bible code uses both possible meanings.) (Important update: this code has been expanded. See the "Cherub/Baal Bible Code" for confirmation of this assumption about what the flames asked.)

("la'ab") means, "...for the Father", but sounds like ("lahab"), which means, "... a flame". Plays on words or sounds are very common in the bible, but even more so in the codes. Thus, the seven flames read, "Was He made a sin-offering for the sake of the Father?", but it sounds like, "Did a flame cleanse (the altar/people) from sin?" (Or perhaps piel inf., "The one made sin flamed!" See ICor. 5:21.) This strange phrase only makes sense when one recalls what the lamp itself read, "My fire offering will surely come and I am the lamp!" "I am Jesus, His blessed lamp!" Thus, Jesus is not only the Lamp but he is also the flame of the lamp!


The handles of the scales... 

The top (brown) handle:  

(Reading up) "He will rise". (Thus, the balance rises!) (Or, "He will be avenged/punished".)

Or with base too, "The house (of Israel) will arise." (The anniversary of when Jesus ascended up into heaven is encoded here). 



The bottom (brown) handle:  

Both images here overlap each other. The seven flames are not seen in this image, but read: "Was He made a sin offering for the sake of the Father?"(Reading down) "He will pay" (i.e., 'the silver into the scales'). (Thus, the balance goes down!) (See Ex. 21:19-32 in Hebrew; also BDBH, "Natan", 7n. Also note actual surface text where river ends. It reads, "They weigh silver into the balance..." Isa. 46:6). 

Or with base too, "He will appoint me (i.e., Jesus)!" 

{The two bases together read, "I am Bet (Beta)", (meaning "house"). This proved to be a prophecy 490 days later when Hurricane Beta formed. See hurricane codes.}

(The anniversary of Pentecost is encoded here. This is when Jesus baptized the 120 with the Holy Spirit. The lower hand(le) is forming an bridge across the Jordan river, as is made clear by the numeric. See above right image.)




(Concerning image at right...)

The balance/tree/lamp also broadens into a cross. The head reads, "My light is coming!" 

The arms, "My Lamp will rise!" 

The cross-beam, "More than a lamp, a branch/balance I am!" But word for "lamp" may also mean, "cross beam". Thus, remarkably, the cross-beam may also read, "More than a cross-beam, a branch am I!" An awesome play on words!

The vertical beams read, "My fire will surely come!" "And I am the Lamp!" 

The platform, "They likened me to..."


(Encoded within Isaiah 46:1-6.)




Balance Bible Code has been enlarged with the following...

Cherub/Baal/Balance Bible Code

(Parts -1- -2- -3- -4-)



Cherub showing all four balances in his hands underneath its four wings. Part of the Balance Bible Code.




Also see Balance/Hurricane Bible Code imagery explained image by image [on forum])

English (KJV) Picture Bible Code (Relates to the Balance Bible Code along theme of storms.)




"How the Gods of Babylon
 are Weighed in the Balances."



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'Balance' Bible-Code



Menorah-balances-scales-bible-code picture.


(Important! Also see the River Atbash!)


Balance/Hurricane Bible Code imagery explained
(on forum)



The following is a reply (on July 30, 2004) to a private letter to me on the forum. 

Both images here overlap each other. The seven flames of the lamp not seen in this image read, "Was He made a sin-offering for the sake of the Father?"


For the past month (July of 2004), God has been giving me a word to share on the Net---actually another picture-code, but I have been waiting on the Lord and testing it for these past weeks because I thought my time in that study was complete. He has repeatedly been affirming to me that it is indeed His word (or sign), and that in many ways---more than at any time in my life, as I can recall. I have been more or less speechless for the past month as God has been going out of His way to affirm that this is indeed His sign---no matter what men say.

He wants me to be absolutely sure of that which He has given me before I put it out. It is a picture encoded of a scale with the nations being weighed in the balances and found wanting---but it is far far more complex than just that. (It is firstly about Jesus being weighed in the balances in place of the house of Israel, and for all men too). You may be interested to know that whereas the hand-code was first "seen" by me on Pentecost 2000, this new (and unexpected) picture-bible-code was discovered (first "seen") on Tammuz 17, and both picture-bible-codes are related to one another. (I.e., "You have been weighed in the balances and have been found wanting." See Mene-Tekel Bible-Code Prophecy.)


Pentecost is the traditional date of when the law was given to Moses and Tam 17 is when it was broken by Moses 40 days later (at the golden calf episode). Thus, the two picture-codes are separated by 4 years and 40 days. "Four" speaks of a time of testing on the scales of God's justice.




Bowing-menorah-bible-code picture.


The cross-tree bible code. "More than a lamp---the branch of a scale am I."Vertical twin beams read,

 "My fire (or, "fire offering") will surely come, and I am the Lamp!"

The cross-beam (left image) of the cross reads,

 "More than a cross-beam, a branch I am!" But this is a play on words, for it also reads, "More than a lamp, a balance/redeemer I am!" (Only God could do that!)

The crossbeams with the diagonal flames at right read,

 "I am Yeshua (Jesus), His blessed Lamp!"

The seven flames read,

 "Was he made a sin-offering for the Father!" (Note: an offering was always offered up over flames.)


This new bible code is found in Isaiah 46:1-6. (This ELS is at 11-letter intervals. As usual, the numeric of the code is very awesome, and it ties in numerically with all the other picture-codes, except this one is on a one-tenth ratio. For example, the stem is 77 letters long, and reads: "My father, my Father, forgive!" (Lit. "Bear them up!" See Isaiah 46:1-6.) (Read the other way, this line reads, "My fire will surely come!") In the New Testament, Jesus said: "How often shall I forgive my brother, until 7 times. Jesus replied, no---but until 77 times." 

The doubly-thick branches span 72 letters, divided in the middle as 36 + 36. This is the same as the menorah picture code and Jesus-Jesus code at 360 + 360 (etc.) The numbers speak of the 72 sent out by Jesus, and is doubled as 72 + 72 in order to speak of the 12 tribes of Israel. (12 x 12 = 144). The main branch is 12 x 6 skips, and is "bowing down" in agreement with the actual message of the surface text of Isaiah 46:1-6 in which the picture is embedded. As a matter of fact, the river ends on the very words of the actual surface text that read, "They weigh in the balances..." 




Menorah-balances-scales-bible-prophecy-code picture.The river is divided evenly in half, and also into three parts. The river spans a total of 120 x 2 letters. In short, the entirety is perfectly symmetrical. The river covers the letter-year dates of AD 406 to 430 on a one-tenth ratio. (See Ezek. 4. 'Bear the sin of the house of Israel...390... and 40 days/years.' The code is based much upon these numbers. Note 2300 again to Joseph's 7-year famine in 1878-1871 BC---consistent with the mene-tekel code.)




(Image at right is another bible code "Deep Impact Bible Code" located a chapter earlier in Isaiah (ch. 45). The image shows how it exactly overlaps the Balance/Lamp code when forwarded by 1260, 1290, and 1335. The two codes go together. This second one was completed a year later.)



(Encoded within Isaiah 46:1-6.)



For just one example of how this Picture Bible Prophecy Code 
harmonizes with a multitude of Bible passages, please see Psalm 18 and 2Sam. 22
Also see, "How the Gods of Babylon are Weighed in the Balances"




(Note that the word for scepter in Hebrew can also mean, "a comet". Therefore, it is not a coincidence that the most powerful comet in decades occurred around the time of Saddam's death. The following was written years before Saddam was hung. There are many other articles written to this effect as well --- written years before he died.)

River Balance Bible Code Prophecy


Reads: "I am Jesus, A blessed lamp and their king by appointment. Was He was made a sin-offering to the Father?"Scepter picture bible code. "His glittering Scepter!"A branch at the top of the above tree shoots out into a scepter that in part reads (from bottom to top): 

"A Lamp of blessing and a King by appointment." (See Ezek. 17 and 19). The purple letters at left clarify that this is a flaming scepter, for they read, "The glitter of my scepter/rod." (This word can also mean, "comet"). These 7 letters end perfectly centered on the first letter that spells "Jesus" in the 7-letter phrase, "I AM Jesus." The scepter is 12 x 12 letter skips (144) emphasizing that Jesus will rule over the house of Israel. The full tree is also 144 letters tall (inclusive.)

Note the context of Isaiah 46:1-6, too, for the constant repetition of, "I AM God," "I AM the Lord," "I will carry, I will lift up, I will carry," etc. See also Isaiah 40:12-20 where the Lord speaks in detail about the nations being weighed in the balances. In that passage, the mountains, the nations/islands, (and the Lord Himself, ponder Isaiah 40:18-19 and Isaiah 46:5-6) are being weighed in the balances. This passage (Isaiah 40) continues on into Isaiah 46 wherein our picture code of the scales are found. In our scales-picture-bible-code those very same four things are being weighed!

There is also a prophecy about Saddam Hussein here, as He, too, is being weighed in the balances, and found wanting. We will explain that at another time. See the mene-tekel bible code.


(Click here for "A Closer Look at River.")

For more see, "How the Gods of Babylon are Weighed in the Balances." 

Olympics: Baal misses the mark!

Hurricane: Axe to root

An example of how
this Picture Bible Prophecy Code 
harmonizes with a multitude
of Bible passages, Psalm 18





Here is an excerpt from the mene-tekel bible code from Daniel 5, (i.e., the-writing-on-the-wall passage.") Note that the lamp is weighing them in the balances. The below code was found 4 years before the lamp-balance picture-code!

(Note: The writing on the wall was interpreted by the light of a lamp, Daniel 5:5,
 likely the very menorah stolen by the Babylonians, Daniel 5:3.
This part of the bible code explains the symbolism of this lamp.)

Mene Tekel Peres Bible Prophecy Code

"Who is my mother?

(The banner of light tested them.)

He was angry! She mourned His Lamp,

---a terrifying symbol.

The Lamp melted!* Terrifying wrath whirled around.

"I will give a sign!

Who is my mother? (And the light weighed them [in the balances].)"

(*Or, "And His lamp is a terrifying staircase!" {See Gen. 28:12}.
 See 'Lamp-Stairway-to-Hell Balance bible code'.)




Menorah at burning mountain 
-1- -2- -3- -4- -5- -6-


(Below is the first menorah-tree-bible-code, here placed for comparison.)

Here is a bible-code picture of a menorah shaped like a snake. Riddle: Who is this bible code about?


(Click here for "A Closer Look at River.")


Why world trade collapsed seven years
 after World Trade Center (9/11)


Cherub/Baal/Balance Bible Code

(Parts -1- -2- -3- -4-)


Balance Bible Code

Audio-visual         Axe to Root   

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KJV Bible Code


The KJV Bible Code continues the Balance Bible Code (Hurricane Bible Code) series,
except now found in the English Bible!



(And note once again the precise timing of cat. 4 hurricane Flossie, the first hurricane
 of either the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean of this season,
--- completely unheard of to myself when I put out this code Aug. 10, 2007 ---
the same day she 'blossomed'.
 And so, the signs for the coming storm repeat themselves again!)

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and Britain's Six-Billion Dollar Flood, and Hurricane DEAN



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