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Exact Dates of Iraq War Foretold on Net

(Part one of two parts)

How the timing of various events that fulfill the mene-tekel code
 were recorded to our first website years before they happened!

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Rough copy. Oct. 7, 2003

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Flash Visual Explanation
  of the Mene-Tekel Code


We begin by discussing the 1150 days of Daniel 8 since we have already discussed the other sequence of events and their numerical fulfillment in the links in the above table. You will find the information somewhat scattered throughout the above documents because they were being fulfilled as I wrote them, making it difficult to go back and insert new information properly.

The Iraq war began late on March 19, 2003, and the statue of Saddam toppled 3 weeks later on April 9, 2003, marking the psychological end of the war. It happens that from the time the mene-tekel-code came to me on the morning of Feb. 4, 2000 (not the 'hand' code), until the exact middle of this 21 days of war are also 1150 days! The 3 weeks of war are thus divided in half by the 1150 days. Recall the prophecy: "Peres, your kingdom is divided." Also, note this verse from Daniel 9, "about a great war."

"In the third year of Cyrus king of Persia, a revelation was given to Daniel...Its message was true and it concerned a great war...At that time, I Daniel, mourned for 3 weeks... Then he continued, "Do not be afraid Daniel. Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them. But the prince of the Persian kingdom [that is, a demon power] resisted me 21 days...Now I have come to explain what will happen in the future..." (See Daniel 10:1-14 NIV.)

Saddam statue about to fall.Hence, the "21 days of war" is divided in half as 10.5 days by where the 1150 days terminated in its countdown from when the mene-tekel code began to be revealed to me. (10.5 is 3.5 x 3.) It also happens that the 1150 days, plus 3.5 more days, falls on the religious New Year that Moses inaugurated at the exodus from Egypt, and it was also the Babylonian New Year. (A revelation about the 25800-year cycle of stars was revealed to me on this very New Year's day as well...an insult to the astrologers of ancient Babylon who studied these very things! The Nisan 1st New Year began their great yearly festival, which they also based upon the stars. Thus, this revelation came even as ancient Babylon [Iraq] was being bombed in the natural, and in the spirit, so to speak! For, "the great war" is not merely an earthy one, but as the above passage reveals, it is predominately a spiritual battle.) Hence, the mene-code is following this basic pattern of fulfillment:

From Feb. 4, 2000, plus 1150 days (of Daniel 8) is the Iraq war; from Feb. 4, 2000, plus 1260 days (of Revelation 11, 12) is the death of Saddam's sons; from Feb. 4, 2000, plus 1290 days is the great North American blackout (New York); and from Feb. 4, 2000, plus 1335 days arrives at the blackout of Italy (Rome). Hence, the 1150 is to the blacking out of literal Babylon (Iraq/Baghdad); the 1260 to the blacking out of the antitheses of the "Two Candlesticks" of Revelation 11; 1290 is to the blacking out of financial Babylon (New York), and the 1335 is to the blacking out of Rome, which is spiritually speaking, "Babylon". The exact figures look like this:


[Editorial update: Go here to see how this pattern is now being repeated all over again a second time!) 

Mene-code begins to be revealed Feb. 4, 2000, with the discovery of the acrostic, "the one putting him to death." 

 The code's themes are: 'Babylon's king killed', and then 'The Darkened Lamp,' (and in that order).

 However, both themes are related to the overall subject of the death of the King.

Code's theme:

'Babylon's king killed'

Code's theme:

'Babylon's king killed'

Code's theme:

'The Darkened Lamp,'

Code's theme:

'The Darkened Lamp,'

(Saddam symbolically hung)

Middle of 3-week war

 (-3˝ x 3 days to start of war and + 3˝ x 3 to symbolic slaying of Saddam and end of war with toppled statue)

Saddam's sons slain

 (A type of Belshazzar, son of Nebachadnezzar, king of Babylon, [modern Iraq], of whom Saddam likened himself!)

New York record-breaking  blackout, (and much of North America) Rome record-breaking blackout, (and all Italy)
1150 + 3˝ days

(21 days = March 19 to April 9)

1260 + 3˝ days

(July 22, 2003)

1290 less 3˝ days

(Aug. 14, 2003)

1335 less 3˝ days

(Sept. 28, 2003)

Daniel Revelation 11, 12 Daniel Daniel
"The Ram" "The Two Candlesticks" (antithetically speaking) "Abomination causing desolation" "Blessed is he who waits till..."


Compare the following chart (taken from the Internet) with this one above. It was published on the internet 5 or 6 years ago. The 'book,' (which I never completed), providentially is called, "The Writing on the Wall," with the Rembrandt picture of the code at top of each page. This is significant since I never as much as knew that there even was a code within those four words "mene, mene, tekel, uparsin," at the time I received those numeric revelations!!! The exact dates of the various fulfillments of the bible code were revealed back then without my realizing it! Not just the same pattern of 430, 1150, 1260, 1290, and 1335 days/years (and other numbers), but the actual dates that they were to occur! Moreover, the day (today, Oct. 7, 2003) is the day that my eyes have been opened to realize all this, and this date is central to the entire vast schema of these numbers! 



Enter Egypt in 1876 BC


1446 BC

722 BC

612 BC

586 BC

539 BC

Joseph’s seven-year world-wide{4} famine


Fall of Egypt{5} (i.e., exodus)

Fall of Israel

Fall of Assyria

Fall of Judah

Fall of Babylon

Total years later from famine -->


430 yrs

from famine

1150 yrs

from famine

1260 yrs

from famine

1290 yrs

from famine

1335 yrs

from famine



Note the 7-years of Joseph's famine: This 7 years is divided in half as 3˝-years plus 3˝-years when studied in detail. This helps explain why there are plus and/or minus 3˝ days on the mene-tekel code prophecy of events as tabled. The code is patterned after the Writing on the Wall book, which is patterned after biblical history. In other words, the mene-code is repeating history again in short order.

The basic similarities between the two charts are obvious. Note the repetition of the 1150, 1260, 1290 and 1335. (The 430, too, is repeated, as discussed some time ago here, as is 360, 390, and 1299. See the 5-part series on the mene-code. For example, from the Twin Tower collapse until the end of the said "1335 days" are 360 + 390 days, which is exactly the 2-year anniversary on the 360 calendar (with the leap month added). This is also the deadline that I gave the Lord to prove to me that the bible codes were real beyond doubt and are in His perfect will. However, when I chose that date, I did not know at the time that the day chosen was 1335 days from when the code first began to come to me! "Blessed is he that waits for and reaches until the 1335th day." This "two years" is part of a complex mirroring pattern going backward in time, so that the two years signifies "a time, times (i.e., 'two years'), and a half a time." This is difficult to explain quickly, but I have studied this phenomena for the past 10 years. For just as the codes can go backward, so can the numbers. And each and every day from the dawn of the Creation represents a consecutive symbolic year of time, which is the key to understanding the revelation. And the opposite is true as well: Each year starting from the Creation (and before) can symbolize a consecutive day of time. This is also true with the codes

Every letter (or 10 letters) signifies one year or day of time. (This is discussed further here.) Literal days and years, and letter-days and years intersect with one another so that current events are predicted pictorially in the bible long before they occur. (The date of the revealing of the mene-code in Feb. of 2000 was also encoded within the mene-code using the '10-letters equals one symbolic year' principle. The mene code is the 11734th letter of Daniel, and represents 1173 years and 4 months of time. The creation was in the aut. of 4305 BC, this was revealed to me long before I heard of the codes, and is deduced by simply counting back to the maximum Creation point. See the numbers website. Therefore, the mene-code can be symbolically dated using this method to be as 3132 Dec. to 3131 Jan/Feb BC. (Therefore, subtract 1260 years and we come to 1871 BC, the end of Joseph's famine. Less, 1290 x 3 more equals Dec., AD 1999 to Feb. AD 2000, which was the Y2K worldwide party, and when the mene-code came to me. And so on...) (See here for how the exact date of when the Iraq war would start was also encoded in the hand-code. The hand literally pointed to the exact date!) (See the day/year grid and the timing of the exodus.  (See the day/year grid and the timing of the exodus.  Click here for more on "The day equals a consecutive year/date of time" principle.)

And each picture code joins with other picture codes to create increasingly clear pictorial detailed prophecy.

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[Editorial update: Go here to see how this pattern is now being repeated all over again a second time!) 





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Flash Visual Explanation
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