Greece Dept Crisis

Oct. 4/11

Bible Code Predictions from encoded Pictograms, that is, symbolic images.It's very interesting that the ongoing predictions concerning the hurricanes, tornadoes and forest fires this past seven years began with Hurricane Charlie during the August, 2004, Greece Olympics. (Please see the "Axe to the Root" Picture Bible Code, which first documented this "contest" seven years ago. In this article I also speak about "The Coming Depression".) 

2004 is when the "contest" first began between "Baal" and the Lord God as to who controls the weather, (as based upon the Balance-Baal Bible Code discovered June 27, 2004). In other words, God used the symbolism inherent in the Olympics as an opportunity to prove that He is sovereign over all, (Isa. 44-46).

Thus, as the Greece Olympics were honoring the memory of the ancient pagan gods, the One True God began an Olympic contest of His own by commencing a series of mind-blowing predictions, all of which have come to pass! (Once again, please see "Axe to the Root".) Anyway, it happens that the 11-billion dollar price tag to put on the 'greatest Olympics ever" before the worldwide crowd has significantly contributed to the burden of Greece's dept crisis. Ironically, now seven years later, Greece's dept crisis is threatening to drag the whole world down into monetary crisis!

Today's headlines, such as: "Greek debt tragedy hits markets again", "World markets sink on bleak Greek debt report," appear regularly now.

"Ever since the high point for modern Greece, the 2004 Olympics in Athens, it has become increasingly clear that the country was living on borrowed time and borrowed money, a state of collective delusion. Even Greece's two biggest Olympic stars, two medal-winning sprinters, turned out to be drug cheats. They even staged a fake accident to avoid a doping test.

The whole country is heading into a crash now and it is not fake."

Edmonton Journal:

"...The banks and bondholders who gave Greece money in recent years (remember the financial boondoggle that was 2004 Olympic Games) are not getting all their money back but it's important that the process occurs in an "orderly" default. Speculation is lenders might get 50 cents on the dollar in what is known as a "haircut" in the financial world.

No western European country has defaulted on its debt since the Great Depression, so clearly it is a significant challenge to the continent. In the U.S., the situation is more straight forward."


Hurricanes of 2004-2011 predicted



The Seven Clusters of Bible-Code Pictograms

1. Burning-Bush Bible Code (1996) (Found in Ex. 4-5) 
(Images: Scroll, DNA, mountain, lamp, fiery sacrifice, Moses at burning bush) 
(Key phrase: "I AM Yeshua {Jesus}")

2. Creation Code (1999) (Gen. 1-3) 
(Images: Lightning, dividing of land from water, 
serpent-dragon, Eden's sword, the Crucified)  
(Key phrase: "The Triune {God} created!") 

3. Mene-Tekel Bible Code (2000) (Dan. 1-5) 
(Images: Banner of 3 coins, serpent on banner/pole, 
hand, moth, tabernacle)  
(Key phrase: "The One putting him to death!}")

(Key code!)Bible Code Predictions.

4. Cherub/Balance Bible Code (2004) (Isa. 46)
(Images: Balances, lamps, rivers, mountain, tree of life, 
open door/book, comet, cherub, chariot, throne, Baal) 

(Key phrase: "I AM Yeshua {Jesus}")
5. Israel's Acrostic Bible Code (2004) (Gen. 49) 
(Images: Comet, lion of Judah, flying lion/cherub)  
(Key phrase: "Yeshua, You shall fly!")

6. Names Code (2006) (Gen. 1-6; Matt. 1) 
(Images: Noah's flood, dividing of waters; Jacob's-ladder acrostic; 12-animals) 
(Key phrase: "I will forgive my enemies")

7. KJV Bible Code In rough still! (2007) (Matt., Mark, Rev.) 
(Images: Prophet/prophetess, boat, fish, Jesus walking on water, 
mountains, owl, house of whores) 
(Key phrase: "I AM Yeshua {Jesus}")




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