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Burning Bush Bible Code: Prophecy of Yeshua


Yeshua Bible Code

DNA-Bible Code: The Book of life!

Yeshua Biible Code

Yeshua (Jesus) at the Burning Bush

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DNA of Yeshua -The Book of Life! A Prophecy.Bible Code of "The Scroll"

 at the Burning-Bush Passage!

A complex bible-code word-puzzle that self-interprets  
"I AM that I AM"
the name of God as revealed at the burning bush!

DNA and The Book of Life!

Bible code scroll about Jesus Christ, a prophecy.


1. The four names at the bush code

2. These four names zippered by two more!

3. The Bible Code is self-interpreted!, by going around the bible code!

4. This self-interpretation makes use of complex acrostics as word dividers!

5. Bible-Code picture of "The Scroll-of-the-Lamb" emerges, beside the seven-branched menorah!

6. The handles of the Scroll reads...

7. "I AM that I AM," as self-interpreted by this bible code at the burning bush!



The Burning Menorah:

The following expands upon the above code, (also in 7 parts):

Here is a bible-code picture of a menorah shaped like a snake. Riddle: Who is this bible code about? mountain codeThe menorah at the burning mountain continues and compliments the above code. In the bible, all three images (the scroll, the mountain, and the menorah) are used to symbolize divine revelation. They are the 'what' (scroll), 'where' (mountain), and 'how' (light of the Lamp), of divine revelation. 

The following code emphasizes God's love for his "bride".

"The Burning Menorah" (In seven parts)


The great flame in part reads:

"O' the ascending sacrifice! O' the flame! O' the love
-- the love of God for her! ..."

Menorah at Mount (in seven parts)
 -Part One-  




Also see, Mount Carmel Hanukah Forest Fire


dna bible prophecy code


Also see update: "DNA: "The Book/Scroll of Life!"





Here is another bible code that I believe is genuine, but was discovered by someone other than myself. However, I have added to this code what I consider is the most important part, namely, Yeshua!

The bible code itself address the question of what is the correct spelling of the Hebrew name, "Yeshua" (Jesus)!


"Names Bible Code" is now a movie on YouTube

"Names Acrostic" on YouTube




Archives to the Burning-Bush Bible Code


Bible Code at the Burning Bush 

burning bush Bible Code Prophecy about Yeshua

Bible Prophecy Code 
at the burning bush passage in detail

(Note, these documents were written before 
it was even known that there were picture bible codes hidden there!)


Exodus text where this bible code is found, along with some gematria information

"The Burning Menorah" (In seven parts)

 Bible Codes: "Lesson" (1a):   Yeshua code at the bush:
An introduction into this bible code at Ex. 3, 4

Why this Yeshua bible code is special

1b: Two or Three Witnesses:
A comparison of the encoded words "Yeshua" and "Elijah" with the gospel of John

 Bible codes and numbers: (2a):   A day can equal a year:
A look at the Biblical concept that a day can symbolize one year

Part 2b: Three-and-one-half year:
The meaning of "3 years" in the Bible

 Bible codes: (3a): The Two Witnesses:
The bible prophecy about the "Two Witnesses" (of Rev. 11) concurs with this bible code.

Part 3b: Summary


 Bible codes: (4a): Significant Words
The significance of the words where the bible code lands

Parts, 4a, 4b, 4c

 Bible numbers: (5a): "Scrolling," and "How long is a generation?"

Parts,  5a 5b 5c 5d

Bible prophecy numbers (6a): Updated to this document, "The BC/AD Mirror,"
(also, "The Sign of the Comet of 1997")

The dates in the BC side of time reflect in the AD side. Two examples using the Jewish dates are given.

Bible codes and bible prophecy numbers: (7a):  
Numerical patterns within the bible code:

Part 7b: The bible code viewed on a times-ten ratio

7b#1, 7b#2, 7b#3, 7b#4, 7b#5

Part 7c: Bible code at 1200-letter skips
The difficult question of, "What about variant manuscripts?" is addressed



Bible Prophecy Numbers


Introduction (Writing on the Wall)
Intro. a  A Secret Message
Intro. b  Purpose and Scope

Chapter One ("Yes It is I")
Ch. 1a  Ten Epoch Events  (Detailed
Ch. 1b  Seven-Year Famines
Ch. 1c 
What Prophecy Numbers Reveal


Chapter Two ("How Long?")
Ch. 2a  General Meaning of "How Long?"
Ch. 2b  The Famine of Joseph
Ch. 2c  A-Day-Equals-a-Year
Ch. 2d  What are the Bible Prophecy Numbers?
Ch. 2e  390, 430, (1290), and the 1150
Ch. 2f  1260 days/years, 1290 days/years
Ch. 2g  3-yrs Prophetic, Solar, Lunar  (Detailed
Ch. 2h  Time, Times, and a Half-a-time (Detailed
Ch. 2i 
1335 of Daniel and 430 of Ezekiel
Ch. 2j  (Endnotes 1-11)  and 2k  (Endnotes 12-23)

Chapter Three (The BC/AD Mirror)

Miscellaneous Documents:

Ezekiel's' "Wheels" may symbolize bible prophecy numbers

 Predestination: What does the bible codes and bible prophecy numbers teach us about it?

Part A, and
part B

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