"Mene, Mene"
The Sum of Two Evils

The deaths of Uday and Qusay,
sons of Saddam

Why Saddam and sons were the logical choice
 for the fulfillment of the mene-tekel bible code



The mene-tekel code primarily speaks of the death of Jesus in contrast to that of Belshazzar, "son of Nebachadnezzar." However, it was again fulfilled symbolically in Saddam when the statue of Saddam was toppled. Saddam fancied himself as another Nebachadnezzar; Iraq is ancient Babylon. As a matter of fact, Saddam recently rebuilt Babylon and even held some council meetings in the very hall where the hand appeared on the wall and wrote those four mysterious words foretelling the death of, Belshazzar, ("son" of Nebachadnezzar). (See the mene-tekel code.)

Even though the mene tekel code is initially about Belshazzar and his execution, nevertheless, I anticipated that Saddam would likewise be slain for the following reasons:

  1. Iraq is ancient Babylon, the scene of the bible code.

  2. Saddam rebuilt this ancient city---the first to have ever done so since it was destroyed thousands of years ago.

  3. He held council meetings in the very palace hall where the hand appeared writing on the wall---"mene, mene, tekel, uparsin," in 539 BC.

  4. Saddam compared himself to Nebachadnezzar, thereby provoking God even further.

  5. Saddam (and sons) was notoriously wicked, and fully deserving of the awful condemnation and mockery that the bible code heaps upon this enemy of God, (i.e., Belshazzar/Saddam).

  6. Saddam hated the Jews, and sought their destruction just as Nebachadnezzar did. (The encoded numbers within the mene-tekel bible-code clearly connect the fall of Babylon as being punishment for destroying Jerusalem.) As a matter of fact, one  justification for the coup that took Iraq in 1968 was that the then government of Iraq did not join in the all out war against Jerusalem in the 1967 war! 

  7. The gulf war of 1991, with the Iraq's scud missile attacks against Israel, the burning of the oil wells, and the gathering of all nations to attack Babylon (Iraq), also had prophetic implications, so why not the bible code as well.

  8. The World Trade Towers fell less than two months after I published the mene-tekel code, (and a year after publishing the hand-code), and this tragedy bore a subtle resemblance to statements within the code. But, how much more would the death of Saddam fit this lengthy bible-code prophecy since it would be much more clearer in its fulfillment, and also because the United States itself made the connection between Saddam and the Twin Towers. (See Three Prophetic Signs on the anniversary of Trade Center Disaster.)

  9. The codes were found and interpreted by God's power, hence God has a purpose for why He reveals them at this time. Hence, they are a warning for now, not just a sign that He was in control of past historical events.

  10. There had already been a build-up numerically to other events to do with the fall of Saddam's Babylon (Iraq), so it made sense to see the code literally fulfilled according to what the code says, and not just the numeric of the code. 


And so, it was logical that I should expect the mene-tekel code to be fulfilled in the death of Saddam and perhaps his sons; (just as Haman and his sons were also slain.) Moreover, the feast of Purim literally means the feast of (casting) "lots," which is full harmony with the mene-tekel code with its emphasis on being "numbered" for disaster. They even used a game of chance (a deck of cards) with Saddam and sons on it to help identify and capture him! Surely, the writing was on the wall for Saddam and sons that day, Purim, 2003!



Despite all this, I had plans to nevertheless remove the bible codes on Sept. 1, 2003 (360 x 2 days after the World Trade Center) if Saddam was still alive, since the code clearly prophesied about Saddam's literal (not just figurative) death, or so I thought. I supposed that the bible codes must meet the rigors of literal fulfillment, and not merely in figurative fulfillment, (as in the image/statue of Saddam falling). The literal fulfillment of the code was necessary for the courage to keep this codes-site on the Net. (As a search through various articles will show, for many years now I have struggled with whether to keep this site up. Though the codes are real, most abuse them, and I did not want to be party to that. Be warned!)

The reason I chose to remove the codes '360 x 2 days' after the Two Towers fell was because I had decided the previous year that I would take them off 360 days from the Twin Towers. I then extended it to 390 days, (which is also a 360-day year, except with a leap month). I was much perplexed, and my wife and I prayed and fasted many days. The codes only narrowly escaped being taken off at that time, though I did burn all my notes, thinking that that would some how help me make up my mind once for all! Nevertheless, at that time I decided to give the codes one more year---and see if they bore any good fruit, then, if not, 'I would cut them down'. (I did end up taking them off anyway for a brief 10 days in March/April, 2003.)

Thus, it seemed logical to test the codes by this request. "If Saddam is not literally dead by Sept. 1, (360 x 2 days after the Twin Towers), then I would remove the codes. Nevertheless, I knew in my mind that I might well delay another month in actually removing them (i.e., Oct. 1, 2003), just as I did the previous year. And as it turns out, (which I only noticed a few days ago), Oct. 1, 2003 is exactly 1335 days from when the mene-tekel code first began to be unraveled to me. (The first words I decoded was the acrostic, "The One putting him to death," which back-word reads, "the one encrypting them," [i.e., 'concealing the words of the code']). (See Daniel 12:9,12, "Go thy way Daniel, for these words are concealed [same Hebrew word] and sealed until the end time...How blessed is he who keeps waiting and attains to the 1335th day," [NIV]. Note, too, the 1290 + 1335 years spoken of earlier.) 



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