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Three Prophetic Signs 

Concerning the Twin Towers Tragedy

Visual of Twin Tower Code

Complex riddles in pictures formed from bible-code words about the twin towers.

Why signs?



the twin towers

The following in no way should be taken as a slur on any who suffered in this tragedy. God lifted His hand of mercy allowing her foes to prevail against these two highly symbolic targets (i.e., the Twin Towers and the Pentagon): It happened because of the sins of the nation as a whole, not any one particularly individual. Sometimes the righteous perish in her, but not unto the second death, (Revelation 18:4, 20:14).


  1. As they gathered into the pit where once the Towers stood (as prophesied beforehand in Ezek. 31:14-17)---where the wind howled and the dust flew---the huge 60-foot American flag that was draped half-mast across the middle of the tall skyscraper across from the site of mourning tore exactly in half (long ways); even the reporters on CNN wondered at the sign (though they, of course, did not officially acknowledge it as such.) Then I remembered the bible-code picture of the flag against the building about to be torn in two---both the flag and the building. (This code was published on the Net 50 days before the Twin Towers fell). Here is part of the said picture and text (in red).

Flag on pole reads: "My Scroll is shut up to you (O Israel)! But you shall strike it open, O Lord!"

 A 'hand' in the bible code (of and by itself) causes the pole to be severed exactly in half!"'"More than a piece (or 'pole') he cut off, she was severed in two!" Concerning her, wrath is shut-up (pent-up) from God."

Moreover, along the lower part of the severed pole there is an upside-down picture of the flag---only now hanging down at half-mast. The Flag reads: 

"My Scroll is shut up (kept a secret) to you (O Israel). And you struck the Lord, (O' nations)!"'"


(Note: It was noticed shortly after the Twin Towers fell that the flags/banners were actually placed against two tall buildings. At the time I published the code, I thought that the flags on poles were being placed against the wall of Babylon, beckoning her to be attacked---not the wall of a tall building in symbolic Babylon.)

One thing I failed to mention on the web at that time, (but I did think of it), was that the flag (to the right) might be divided in half---symbolic of two things: a divided nation, and of the bible codes revealed. 


Because of what the letters that form the flag actually say in the bible, and also what they say in code. The actual text that forms the flag uses two full words. The two full words that are used are, ("Peres") "Your kingdom is divided," (Aramaic from Daniel 5:28). 

Hence, the divided flag on the the first anniversary of 911 means," Your nation is divided." The nation is indeed divided---over abortion, gambling, and other such iniquities.

Moreover, the encoded message that forms the flag overlapping these same letters read in Hebrew: "My Scroll is kept a secret to you (O Israel). But you struck (it open, O' nations)!" 

The word "scroll," here, is similar in meaning to the word "banner/flag." This is understood from the thrust of the overall larger code---as previously so interpreted. This is especially evident from the opening sentence of the code:

Click to enlarge."Truly, truly, this is the banner/flag that heals them! 

Our oracle is a banner/flag that brings healing!"

Hence, the picture of a flag/banner ("scroll") being broken open. 

Also, the language of the code agrees with what is prophesied in the book of Daniel---namely, that the deeper secrets of the book were to be kept hidden until the last days, (Daniel 8:26, 12:4, 12:9). Hence, the flag torn apart also symbolizes that this sealed book has been "struck" open---(the delayed consequence of the death of Christ). (Several months ago, led by the Lord, I made the first anniversary of 911 the cut-off date by when I would decide whether to keep on or take off my own work on the bible codes. Thus, with much fear and trembling, the torn flag confirmed His will---as did many other things.)



  1. The second sign given on the anniversary of 911 was the New York lottery: On that same night the rolling three numbers startled the nation by coming up as 9-1-1. The lottery people had to reassure their gamblers that this was the result of random chance only. However, what was God saying? He was saying, "Mene---Tekel---Peres."  "9--1--1" "Mene": "You have been numbered, and the day of judgment has come."'" (Daniel 5:26). 

    Bible Code"Mene" means, "to number or, count." It was also the name of the ancient god of 'chance.' Thus 'mene' is the god of all gamblers and is closely associated with the god of unrighteous mammon (money), of which the Twin Towers were symbolic.

    {The Lord showed me the appearance of this creature several days later: It is pure gold, has a head like a fox with large ears, (but is a beast), and has a halo of pretended innocence around its head. "Mene"---The word of judgment hangs over its head!}

    So what does the sign of 9-1-1 on the anniversary of 9-1-1 mean? It means what Isaiah said:

    "But ye who forsake Jehovah, who forget my holy mountain, who prepare a table for Gad, and fill up mixed wine unto Meni: (i.e., who worship the god of chance), I will even assign you to the sword, and ye shall all bow down in the slaughter; because I called, and ye did not answer, I spoke, and ye did not hear; but ye did what was evil in mine eyes, and chose that wherein I delight not, (Isaiah 65:11-12).

  2. The third sign given on this day, and the day after, was found on the lips of the President to the nation and the UN, that Saddam Hussein of Iraq must be stopped (i.e., destroyed). Iraq is literally none other than ancient Babylon; and Saddam (who fancies himself after Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon) has recently rebuilt the ancient city of Babylon, and he holds his council, at times, within the reconstructed palace hall where the writing on the wall first appeared! Hence, "mene, tekel, uparsin" applies to literal Babylon too, and not just economic Babylon (i.e., New York, New York). 

    So what does the third sign mean: 

    "Tekel: "Hussein, you have been weighed in the balances and have been found wanting," (Daniel 5;27). 

    When the nation balanced between two opinions---to vote for Gore or Bush---(nothing like it had ever occurred before), it was also Hussein that was being weighed in the balances, as to whether the son of his former enemy (of the Gulf war) was to be his executioner or not. Certainly, Hussein uneasily sensed that the uncanny events of that election spelt his doom---somehow. Now the son of Bush plans his strategies against Hussein, the son of Nebuchadnezzar!

    (Jerusalem is spiritual Babylon---the enemy of Iraq.)


Thus, God has made known by His three terrible signs that the judgment of Babylon is immanent. 

"Mene: The god of money is judged." 

"Tekel: You are weighed in the balances (O' Iraq)." 

"Peres: Your nation is divided (O' America)."




On May 15, 2004, a year after the war ended, the Multinational Force in Iraq (Babylon) was formed, (also known as the "US-led coalition).

 Note the insignia used for this force! The star of Babylon!



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