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 Parallels Between the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11,
 and the Twin Towers that Fell

Flash Visual Explanation
  of the Mene-Tekel Code

(Part one of two parts)


God commands that everything should be confirmed by at least two or three witnesses. The two towers are 'two witnesses' of what God is about to do on the earth.



Key thoughts:

  • 10 distinct thematic similarities
  • 5 distinct numeric similarities, the most important of which are...
    • 3500 years exactly from the Age of Law to the Tower disaster
    • 2000 years exactly from the Age of Grace to the Tower disaster
    • 1260 x 2 years exactly from the prophecy of Zechariah, which is the textual basis for the "Two Witnesses" passage.
The "Two Witnesses" passage also signals the ushering in of a New Age in that it marks the last trumpet, Revelation 11:15. However, the Twin Towers are only a token of this coming event and are not the decisive fulfillment. They are merely a sign of what is to come.


The purpose of the article is not to entertain, but to challenge you to think about God---both His goodness and severity. For ultimately, God let this evil happen. Let us not rob God of the good that can come out of it by failing to turn to the Almighty who longs to restore America. 


The first question that should rightfully be asked is: 

'What do these two towers have to do with the with the two witnesses (prophets) of the book of Revelation other than the fact that there are 'two' of them?'

-- Ans. New York is understood by many students of prophecy to be a type (or the actual fulfillment of) economic 'Babylon,' as spoken of in the book of Revelation. (Read Revelation 17 for the parallels.) This document proposes that the tragic collapse of the two towers was a warning sign to the world, and that this tragedy was in accordance with the similitude of the 'two witnesses' of the book of Revelation. In the bible, God says that everything should be confirmed by at least two or three witnesses. The two towers are thus two witnesses as to what God has determined to do on the earth.

Ponder this scripture about Babylon:

"Here is the mind that hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth: and they are seven kings..." (Revelation17:9-10a).


In this verse we have seven heads representing seven mountains and seven kings. Now, what do mountains and kings have to do with one another? 

---Ans. Both are usually held in awe, but that is about it!

And what do the two tallest buildings in Babylon (New York) have to do with the two prophets (witnesses)? 

---Ans. The same as what seven high mountains have to do with seven kings. Both are held in high esteem. Both are looked up to; the one literally, the other figuratively.

In other words, the paralleling of the dramatic events of the two witnesses (Revelation 11) with the dramatic collapse of the two towers are in keeping with the symbolic style of the book of Revelation. It is not foreign to it. The fall of the Twin Towers was a dramatic sign seen before the eyes of the whole world. These two mountains (i.e., "Twin Towers") are "two witnesses" that prophesy by way of sign what God is about to do on the earth." Let him that has ears to hear, hear!" (Revelation 13:9)


Jews celebrate three great feasts a year: Passover, Pentecost (i.e., wheat harvest), and Tabernacles. Pentecost was also when the law was given to Moses (1446 BC), and when the Church age was born (AD 30). These two epoch events will be tied into the twin tower tragedies, which was a sign of a New Age upon us. 



Calculations use the prophetic year of 360 days unadjusted.

Very first Pentecost, when law given to Moses, (Ex. 19-20) 1446 BC Outpouring of Spirit at Pentecost Sunday, AD 30, at 9 a.m. (Acts 1-2)  The 'Two witnesses' of Revelation 11 are still future!
However,  the Two Towers are a foreshadowing,
Sept. 11th (dying) and 23rd (rising)

Similarities of Events
(The more important numbers follow)

"The Age of Law" begins. "Church age" is given birth---

"The Age of Grace" begins.


"New Age" begins (or is in view), (Revelation 11:15).

Twin Towers: A sign of a New Age is in view.

Mount Sinai = "Jerusalem below," (Gal. 4:21-31, cf., Revelation 12). Spirit poured out in Jerusalem. Two witnesses die in "Sodom and Egypt" = Jerusalem, (Revelation 11:8).

New York---symbolically, "economic  Babylon."

Moses' greatest sign---God speaks to him from burning Mount in the ears of all Israel. Disciples receive power to perform signs and wonders. Two witnesses perform fearful signs after the pattern of Moses and Elijah.

Attacks on Sept. 11, esp. the Twin Towers, were a fearful sign to whoever has ears to hear.

Emphasis on height: After 7 days at the Mount, Moses is told to "Come up here" into a cloud up the mountain top, (Ex. 19:20-24). Christ rises up into heaven (evening), and is hid by a cloud; then 7 days later the Spirit falls on them in "the upper room," on Pentecost morning, (Acts 1:3). A voice calls to the Two Witnesses to "Come up here" into a cloud up into heaven.

The two towers symbolized height and greatness. They were like the tower of Babel of old where the tongues of men were confused, an event totally opposite to what happened at Pentecost of 1446 BC and AD 30 when clarity of law, and articulation of speech were given.

All shook with fear at Mount Sinai, (Heb. 12:21). Fear fell upon all in Jerusalem as the message of the 12 Apostles spread in great power, (Acts 2:34). Enemies at first rejoice, but then fear, as two witnesses die, but then rise again.

The enemies of the USA and Israel rejoiced at the destruction of the two towers, but then feared when all flags were raised---a token of American resolve and enemy defeat.

Men give glory to God! Men give glory to God! Inhabitants of city give glory to God, Revelation 11:13.

Men give glory to God! (I.e., American church attendance went way up.)

All Israel gaze at Moses and the Mountain. All Israel gaze (wonder) at the apostles, and their miracles. All the world gaze at the two witnesses as they lie dead, then rise.

All the world gazed at the two towers as they fell, and as the flags were raised 12 days later, signaling the official end of mourning.

"Fire and smoke" on mount Sinai. "Mighty rushing wind," "tongues of fire." "Fire from their mouth," but later are killed.

"A breath (wind) enters the Two Witnesses" (Revelation 11:11), raising them to life after lying dead 3.5 days.

The Two Towers are a foreshadowing;
Sept., 11th (dying) and 23rd (flag-raising). There was wind, fire, and smoke; (hurricane-force winds occur when large buildings fall.)

Mountain shakes. House shakes where they were gathered on Pentecost. City shakes and falls, (Revelation 11:13).

The ground shakes at Twin Towers as recorded on seismographs.

Temple patterns given to Moses on Mount Sinai. Spirit poured out in upper room (of temple?). The two witnesses measure and number the temple.

Thousands of people measured/numbered the Twin Towers looking for numerical meaning into the whole incident, while the government numbered the dead, (Revelation 11:1, 13).

Numerical Similarities and Patterns

3000 perish (Ex. 32:28) 3000 saved (Acts 2:41) 7000 perish in City (Revelation 11:13).

3000 perish in Sept. 11 calamity.

**key calculation**

Similar to the numeric schema of the two witnesses, there are 1260000 days (i.e., 3500 years) less 1/1000th (= 1260 days, or 3.5 years) from this first Pentecost in 1446 BC (literal, not 360 cal.), until the flag-raising exactly.

**key calculation**

There are 720001 days (2000 years and a day) from Pentecost, AD 30, till the Twin Towers disaster. The hour was the same also---9 a.m.

[Note: Modern Jews recognize a "second Pentecost" a day after the first. Thus, from Monday, Sivan 7th, AD 30, are exactly 720000 days.]

For 1260 days (3.5 years) the two witnesses prophecy, and then there is another 3.5 days of "lying slain," (i.e., + 1/360 days more).

Six days passed from Sept. 11 till the Jewish New Year, and another 6 days until the flag raising---12 days, (cf., Revelation 12:1), which is 1/60,000th of 720,000 days. (Six is the number of man, and Tishri 6th---when the flag was raised---was the anniversary of when man was created!

"Age of law" (1446 BC) lasted 1500 years less 1260 days, until "Age of Grace," (AD 30). "Age of Grace" was 2000 years old (plus a day) when the Twin Towers fell.  Tribulation period will last 1260 x 2 days (or, 3.5 + 3.5 = 7 years, etc.).

The Twin Tower sign does not mean that we are now in, nor shall imminently be in this tribulation period. It is simply one of many signs of His coming!

1500 = "a time and half time" = "1" (x 1000) + "half" (x 1000). 2000 years = "times" = "2" (X 1000). Revelation 12

"And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent."

= " a time, and times, and half a time," in another arrangement, and on a 1/1000 ratio, (2Pet.3:8).
Israel enters wilderness 40 years. The event has the same symbolism as 3.5 years (1260 days) of the "women" entering the wilderness in Revelation 12. Spirit poured out after the 3.5 years (1260 days) of Jesus' ministry. Jesus commenced His ministry by going into the wilderness 40 days.

**key calculation**

The "Two Witnesses" = the "two olive trees" (Revelation 11:4), and is clearly based upon the prophecy of Zechariah (Zechariah 4), which prophecy was given 1260 x 2 years ago! (Zechariah 1:1, 2:1), and note the 1260 x 2 of Revelation 11:2-3. (See further note.)

The temple, which begins with measuring, (read Zechariah and Hag.), also took 3.5 years to complete!


See also 490 x 7, 430 x 8, and 1150 x 3 from the events of c. 1446 BC. These are familiar numbers to students of bible numerics. The symbolic birth spoken of in Revelation 12 speaks not just of Pentecost 1446 BC and AD 30, but of Christ's birth some 2000 full years ago!---and of the creation of Adam on Tishri 6th. Besides the ratio of a day to a year in Revelation 11, (i.e., 1/360) there is also the 1/10th ratio wherein the city falls, (Revelation 11:13).


In conclusion, God has given us a fearful sign that the end of the age is upon us. But we should not speculate as to exact years and days. We should, however, make certain that we are ready for this new age by surrendering to the Lord Jesus Christ, calling on His name for the forgiveness of sins. He is the King of this grand New Age!

"And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever," (Revelation 11:15).Twin towers light beams.



As a sign of triumph over death, exactly six months after the Twin Towers fell, ("a time, times, and half-a-time"), two bright shining beams were shone into the heavens for 33 days to symbolically replace the Twin Towers. This is very similar to the sign of the two witnesses who rise from the dead ascending upward into the heavens before the eyes of all, Revelation 11:11-12. Moreover, the two witnesses of Revelation 11:4 are also called "the two lamp stands," (i.e., 'the two beams of light.')

(Long after this article was written, 1260 days after 9/11, God allowed two great earthquakes to occur to further bring out the Two-Witnesses pattern. See those articles as well! See also Yasser Arafat, who died 1150 days after Twin Towers fell.)


(To continue to part 'two' of two parts.)

Summary: 1260 x 2 years to the day from the two dates given by the prophet Haggai, unto when the Towers fell and Afghanistan was bombed.


Twin Towers fall --- sign of fall and rise of "Two Witnesses" of Rev. 11:11.



Three Prophetic Signs 
on anniversary of Trade Center Disaster


Also see Saddam's two sons as the mirrored opposites
 of "the two witnesses" of Revelation 11. (See below.)

"BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Graphic videotape images of two bullet-riddled bodies the U.S. military says are the sons of Saddam Hussein have been beamed around the world in an effort to dispel doubts that the brothers are dead.

The U.S. military took the unusual step of allowing reporters to view and videotape the bodies Friday at close range and in extensive detail after acknowledging that still photos released Thursday may not have been enough proof for many Iraqis."


The above is quoted from CNN. The said "Friday" that they put the images out was therefore 3-days after their deaths, on or about about noon Tuesday. Hence, the world gazed at their bodies for the same length of time that the world will gaze at the bodies of the (righteous) two witnesses of the book of Revelation. (Note: whether the two witnesses of the book of Revelation are to be understood as two literal individuals remains to be seen. Perhaps they are just symbolic representations of any two things that testify about Jesus.)

There are a number of similarities between the two witnesses of Revelation 11, and the two sons of Saddam, (as opposites, that is):

  1. Both brought terror to the world (or at least to Babylon [Iraq]), (Revelation 11:10).

  2. Both die, (Revelation 11:7).

  3. The dead bodies of both sets are gazed at by the whole world for 3-days (Revelation 11:9). As far as I know, this has never happened before since the creation of man!

  4. Both have their enemies gloat over their death by sending one another presents; (that is, in Iraq), (Revelation11:10).

  5. Also, the mene-tekel code first came 1260 and 3-days before their death. The first words deciphered was, "the one putting him to death," (Revelation 11:11).

  6. Also note the connection to the twin towers, (also "two witnesses"). President Bush set out to war with Iraq the day after the anniversary of the twin towers that fell. 


Also see how that all fulfilled events of the mene-tekel code were foretold ahead of time, even the exact days when each would happen!


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