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Key text: Gen. 3:21

"Unto Adam also and to his wife did the LORD God
make coats of skins, and clothed them."

Also alluded to in the Atbash bible code is this prophecy from Rev. 19:7-8.

"Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.

The "daughter" in the code apparently represents the godly descendents of Eve,
"the mother of all living." (Gen. 3:20; Ps. 45:10-14, etc.)


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Acrostic bible code of Adam to Abraham

The original acrostic read:


I will forgive my enemies, having compassion, forgiving what is dust a second time.

(Sub acrostic: "I will choose them with joy!")


I will arise! I will be raised up! 


To whom will he show compassion?


Upon the Risen One will I look with favor, upon the dust of a poor man a second time!





The following is the Atbash of the above. It is read all the way to "Judah" in the genealogy:

"The ark of my freedom is like the great kindness shown to the couple. 

This is an utterance by their flawless one!"

(Or may read, The perfect utterance of a "Mem"!)



The line of Moses continues on through Levi, the son of Jacob rather than Judah his brother. (The line of Jesus runs through Judah.) Moses is a type of Jesus as deliverer and thus it is very significant that when the genealogy of Moses is followed to its conclusion, it forms both an additional acrostic and a hiatus in the Names Code to Jesus. It is a prophecy that the Savior would be both King and Priest as Moses was. Moses descends from what would be the priestly line of Levi. Interestingly, John the Baptist, who was related to Jesus, and who was born just half-a-year before Jesus, was, like Moses, from the tribe of Levi, while Jesus was from the tribe of Judah. Again, the two lines are joined in the family tree of Jesus. This agrees with the prophecy of Zechariah that Messiah would be both King and Priest: 

Zec 6:12-13 "And speak unto him, saying, Thus speaketh Jehovah of hosts, saying, Behold, the man whose name is the Branch: and he shall grow up out of his place; and he shall build the temple of Jehovah; even he shall build the temple of Jehovah; and he shall bear the glory, and shall sit and rule upon his throne; and he shall be a priest upon his throne; and the counsel of peace shall be between them both."


The Names Code Continues
 into Moses Line of Descendents!

Remarkably, the meaning of each name from Adam to Noah to Abraham to Moses, reads like a story when the meaning of each name is strung together in the order the bible gives us.

"The God-Man is appointed to save, a man of sorrow is born! The Glory of God shall come down from heaven and teach men that by means of His death He shall comfort those who mourn.

The fame of the stronghold of Babylon, and sorrow, extend their borders like a plant beyond the place of division (at the Tower of Babel). -- But I will make Babylon fade away!

A friend also branches out, snorting with fury!

The glorious father, the father of a great multitude laughs as he outwits (his enemy). A mighty One struggles (in prayer)! A mighty prince joins an assembly, a glorious people (whom) he rescued, strangers in a strange land, captives delivered by God!"




The following is the genealogy of Moses
 as given in the bible, which begins from Abraham

Abraham and Jacob each had two names. The genealogy of Jesus splits at Israel to Judah rather than through Levi. For the full massive Meaning of Names Code of the genealogy of Jesus see "The Names Code". It also contains notes on each name.

# Name Meaning of name
1 Abram/


The glorious father, the father of a great multitude,
2 Isaac laughs
3 Jacob/


as He outwits (his enemy)!

A mighty prince 

4 Levi joins 
5 Kohath an assemble,
6 Amram a glorious people
7 Moses (whom) he rescued,

(Lit., "drew out", Ex. 2:10)

8 Gershom strangers in a strange land,

(or, "from a strange land", see Ex. 2:22)

9 Shebual captives delivered by God!
10 ? Genealogy of Moses abruptly ends  
Acrostic reads, "Where will he lead the people of Gosh(en)?"


Original document now continues...


O' daughter, my pardon is like the kind deeds done for the couple. 

Sub-acrostic: "You will be afflicted because of the daughter!" (Isa. 53:10)

Sub-acrostic: "Your white linen is upon the/their daughter!"



The following is also the Atbash of the original acrostic, except here it is read in a zigzag motion all the way back to "Terah" in the genealogy. (Terah was the father of Abraham.)


The Father of Adam makes (men) tremble! 

(But) you (fem., sg.) will be stilled! He will smear (you) with dye! 

Justly, one comes with a skin --- a Son!

(In the next reading, the name "Adam" is removed.)

Blood came forth from one writhing in pain! 

(Sub-acrostic: "In/with blood!")

Be still! (fem., sg.) 

The one prophesying with a skin shall uphold (you) - a Son!

The one prophesying with a skin shall "Sa'mek" - a Son! 
("Sa'mek" is the 15th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, whose Atbash is a "Chet", the letter used to spell Eve.)

The one prophesying with a skin shall have (hands) laid (upon him) - a Son! (See Lev. 1:4; 7:8.)


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Only the First 9 Letters

The first nine letters from the list of names beginning from Adam expands to form an image of Noah's Flood and a pillar of fire. It has 77 lines of code and about 600 letters --- all expanded from just the original nine letters!


Atbash Bible Code from Names Code. Image of the Creation and Floood and parting of the Red Sea with the  pillar of fire. Also the cross of Christ.


(Note: "The Lord set a mark ('letter') upon Cain...")

(Or, "The Atbash of a letter (Aleph-Tav) was crushed!

O' waters {Mem's} of compassion, He will be made king!"

(The acrostic forms the image of the letter "Mem" twice, which in ancient times was a pictogram of water. "Waters of compassion" agrees with the other phrase, "Ark of pardon". Waters can read, "Mem's", whose Atbash are two "Yod's", which depict 'hands' in Hebrew, thus, "Hands of Compassion!" are implied, as well as the prophetic flow of utterance like the flow of many waters/mem's! Both codes end at Lamech, the father of Noah, thus connecting the code to both the flood "waters" and the "Ark".)








The acrostic of the names acrostic: 

I will choose them, rejoicing!

Your white linen is upon the daughter!


You will be crushed because of a "bat" ("daughter"),

(the letter) Sheen because of a "" ("Bet") --- in blood.


You will be crushed with/against/because of a daughter/Bet,

(the letter) Sheen with/against/because of a "" --- in blood.


(Note: the second and fourth sentences are the same acrostic, but the Hebrew can read both ways. The Atbash of the Hebrew letter "Bet" is "Sheen". 

Let us do some conjecturing...

This may imply that of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, all the odd numbered letters, [the first, third, fifth, etc.,] perhaps represent the male gender whereas the even numbers depict the female gender? Thus, each Atbash has its opposite like Adam has Eve. This is also suggested by the fact that the first letter "Aleph", thus being male, agrees with the fact that here in the names code acrostic this first letter from whence the letter "Aleph" was taken comes from the name Adam, meaning "man", the first name in the genealogical list. Thus, the "man" begins the string of Atbash letters beginning, and out of "man" comes his opposite and companion, a "woman" "Tav", but from his daughter ("Bat" equals letter "Bet") also comes a man, that is Christ in the flesh. This suggests that Alpha depicts Christ before made flesh whereas Sheen depicts Christ after he was made man. If true, this is interesting also because the very word "Atbash" would thus be a description of Jesus Christ as fully God and fully Adam/man! (The word "Atbash" simply comes from the first two letters of the Alphabet and their Atbash, the last two letters of the Hebrew Alphabet.) Thus, when male and female are both called "Man" {i.e., mankind}, and together are said to have been made in the image of God (as well as just Adam), we have before us a wonderful mystery about Jesus as the Son of God, Son of Man, and Husband of the Church, His bride. It is also interesting that it happens that the first letter in the name "Adam" is an odd number and thus would appropriately depict the male letter "Aleph", whereas the letter used to spell "Eve" is the 8th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, a "Chet", which would thus be female letter being an even number. 


Moreover, both the numbers one and eight (used to spell Adam and Eve) can represent in bible numeric, "A new creation", of which Adam and Eve most assuredly were!

The male and female letters are both opposite and yet one. The fact that in modern days "Sen" and "Sheen" are  sometimes counted as two distinct letters may also suggest that Tav [Omega] is really neither male nor female when describing God, for God is a spirit.)





Other readings...


He finished them! He will sweep the seas away! When I bow my head (then) I will rest! Alpha!

Omega! I will rest! I will bow the head! He swept the seas away! It is finished!

He finished them! He will sweep the seas away! When I bow my head (then) I will rest! Alpha!



He finished them! He will tear the days apart!  When I bow my head (then) I will rest! Alpha!



Come O day/sea of mercy! A "Mem" will be crushed until small, a letter with majesty!


(Or, "The Atbash of a letter was crushed until small! O' waters/Mem's of mercy, He shall reign!)

Come O day/sea of mercy! A "Mem" will be crushed until small, which is the Atbash of a letter!




"(The heart of) my enemy is hot!"

"The heart of my enemy!" (Jer.)

At Babel ("The gateway to Heaven") the languages were Atbashed/confused!


Acrostic bible code of Adam to Abraham

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