The Sign of the 2003
 North-American Blackout


Flash Visual Explanation
 of the Mene-Tekel Code


  1. Saddam, and the sudden appearance of "the hand"

  2. MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom...,

  3. TEKEL; thou art weighed in the balances...,

  4. PERES; thy kingdom is divided.

  5. "The Lamp," and the great blackout of 2003

5b: Sign of the 2003 North-American Blackout. (This is the document you are looking at now!)


Important Note:

As said, the previous four parts have their fulfillment in the recent deaths of Saddam's sons. Now God in His own wisdom and providence has seen fit to add this sign that reinforces and helps explain the rest of the code as it pertains to the 'lamp'. According to Daniel 5, the 'hand' appeared next to the lamp (likely the one stolen from the temple in Jerusalem), and wrote those terrifying words on the palace wall in Babylon: "Mene, mene, tekel, peres." Amazingly, the code now explains the symbolic meaning of the lamp in the writing-on-the-wall episode by interpreting and applying these same four words to this lamp!

While the blackout is not the fulfillment of the bible code, yet it is a sign that attests to it, particularly 'the darkened lamp' aspect of the code. Too many coincidences have occurred for this to be otherwise.

Here are the reasons why the blackout is a sign of the lamp of God snuffed out.

 (You may wish to skip over the following part in blue if you already read it in Part 5a.).

Update: 45 days after the North American blackout, 90% of Italy blacked out [55 million people]. It was their worst blackout since WW2. This is significant for 3 main reasons: "Rome" has long been identified as "Mystery Babylon" of Revelation 17:5.  I alluded to this before the Rome blackout already in this document---and in context of a blackout. The second reason that the Rome blackout is significant is that she is the 3rd city that God has signified by blackout: i) Iraq was literal Babylon; ii) New York was economic Babylon, iii) and now Rome is religious Babylon. The third main reason that this event is significant to the code is that there are 45 days between the blackout of North America (New York) and that of Italy (Rome), (Aug. 14 to Sept 28). Daniel the prophet mentions this in Daniel 12, as 1290 + 45 = 1335 days.

(Update: See Saddam's capture and the San Francisco blackout 1290 days after when the hand-code appeared.)


"The banner of light tested them..."

Bible code picture of "the hand writing on the wall." It, too, is a lenghty bible code.


  1. The Spirit had been speaking to me: "Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord!" (Zechariah 4.) This passage of scripture speaks of an endless source of power and light that is found only in God, rather than in Babylon. When the power went out, I was reminded of this passage, and also of Ex. 10:21, where the plague of darkness fell on Egypt three days. As it turned out, the darkness did last 3 days. (God also gave me a personal sign just before the blackout occurred as discussed on forum.)

  2. Toronto, and much of the Midwest and northeast United States was cast into darkness. Importantly, it lasted 29 hours in New York. As said in the Twin Tower documents, New York is a type of economic Babylon, and the mene-tekel-code is all about money and economics. The blackout lasted 3 days in New York. (A day lasts from sundown to sundown according to the bible, and as it is still reckoned in Israel today). The bible often reckons part of a day as one day. The blackout lasted in New York (Babylon) from 4:11 pm Thursday, until 9:02 pm Friday, which is really Saturday according to Jewish reckoning since a new day begins after sundown, (i.e., Av 16th, 17th and 18th---3 days inclusive). 

  3. Three days also can be reckoned fully. "Rolling blackouts" were threatened all weekend (at least here in southern Ontario). This makes 3 full days, (Thursday to Sunday). Now it happens that the mene-tekel bible code began to come by the light of revelation 1290 days before that, which number is found in Daniel 12:11. (There are 1290 days inclusive from Feb. 4, 2000 when the mene-tekel banner code first began to unravel unto Aug. 16, 2003 when the blackout ended. The three days of the blackout is also reckoned inclusively.) 

    "1290" is also 430 x 3; both numbers are important to this code, (Ezek. 4). (See the 1260 + 3-days till the death of Saddam's sons, a type of the two witnesses.) (Update: the 45 days more till the Italy [Rome] blackout makes 1335 days of the next verse of Daniel, [i.e., Daniel 12:12]. But to be exact, this makes 1335 less 3 days, just as it was 1290 less the said 3 days to the North American blackout. Why? The mene-tekel-peres bible code of 3 coins brings out '6-6-6,' [cf., Revelation 13:18, 'No man can buy or sell (with coins) without 666', paraphrased].  Now it happens that 666 x 2 days ["mene," "mene"] makes 1332 days, and this, plus our 3 days, makes the full 1335 days of Daniel 12. The image on the right was made several years ago. Each coin is 6 letters apart. [I.e., an ELS of 3 x 2 skips; 3 letters across and 2 letters down]. Thus, the 3 coins make 6-6-6. Moreover, just as '666' is identified with the kingdom of the beast, so likewise 'Rome' with "Mystery Babylon," Revelation 17:5. [Scholars identify "Mystery Babylon" with  Rome because she is situated on "seven hills," Revelation 17:9].  Hence, God has given us these three blackouts as signs identifying Rome (along with Iraq and America) with "666" and with "Mystery Babylon." This is not pleasant reading, but the evidence is starring us in the face. "Come out from her, my people, lest ye be partakers of her plagues," Revelation 17:4.)

  4. The two witnesses are also called, the "two lamp stands." The book of Revelation is here alluding back to Zechariah 4, where the endless supply of oil for the two lamp stands are spoken of. This is the same passage that says, "Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord." (See first point.) Man's supply of power will fail, but God's power will never fail. This is the meaning of the blackout to all that love the Lord.

  5. While economic Babylon lay in darkness, literal Babylon (Iraq) rejoiced to see us suffer for a change, for they had suffered 151 days since the war---in intense heat, and with no power. This makes two blackouts: one in literal Babylon and the other in figurative Babylon---"two candlesticks" snuffed out, (Revelation 11, Zechariah 4). 

  6. Here is a bible-code picture of a menorah shaped like a snake. Riddle: Who is this bible code about?As there was 126 days from the two-day warning given by Bush to Saddam and sons to flee Babylon (Iraq) until the day his sons died, (and 126 days equals 'a mina, a mina, a shekel and a half-mina' of the code, which is 126 Hebrew shekels), now comes the said 151 days, which is the same as 126 except it equals 'a mina, a mina, a shekel and a half-mina' of Babylonian shekels! God is saying to the nations that they are no better than Iraq, for unless they repent they will all likewise fall into compete moral darkness ---"darkness that can be felt." Judgment always follows moral darkness.

  7. The two menorah picture bible codes (found at the burning bush passage in the book of Exodus) are also 1290 letters apart, and therefore agree with the 1290 days spoken of in point 3.
    Concerning the 1290 days, the prophet Daniel was told:

"Go your way Daniel for the words are closed up (same word as in the code) and sealed till the time of the end. Many will be purified, made white, and refined, but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand. And from the time that the daily sacrifice is taken away, and the abomination of desolation is set up, there shall be 1290 days." (Daniel 12:9-11). (Next verse: "Blessed is the one who waits for and reaches the end of the 1335 days," Daniel 12:12.)

The picture codes are a sign that these final days are come into remembrance before the Lord. The time is near! Repent and believe the good news! Jesus is the light of the world. He was blacked out for you, that you may no longer remain in darkness, but with Him have the "light of eternal life." 


(Update: See Saddam's capture and the San Francisco blackout 1290 days after when the hand-code appeared.)


Update: Several years after this article was written, as expected, Saddam was executed by hanging 1260 + 1260 days after the mene bible code began to be deciphered on Feb. 4, 2000. See "Saddam hangs on exact day predicted by Bible Code seven years in advance, detailing both how and when."


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