The Key to Understanding the Signs of the Times 

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Information put on record here for the future,
so that the word of the Lord may be vindicated!

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Here is a clue (previous documents):

The day Bill Clinton signed the historic peace agreement between the PLO and Israel on Sept. 13, 1993, that day symbolically represented 539 BC, (the fall of Babylon), with each consecutive day forward and backward from that date representing a symbolic year of time. '2300 days' later, (see Daniel 8:14), was the great world-wide Y2K millennium party: it was 'Belshazzar's party', the holy vessels of the Lord were again used for vain glory, [i.e., our Lord's birth] as central to their abominable party, (cf., Daniel 5). Then, 35 days later, the writing on the wall bible code began to be revealed to me. The entire scheme is forwarded from that chronology revealed to the prophet Ezekiel exactly 1290 x 2 literal years earlier. (See the day/year grid and the timing of the exodus.  Click here for more on "The day equals a consecutive year/date of time" principle.)

For instance, this makes the record solar flare on Nov. 4, 2003 as symbolically signifying the year of AD 3166---a very significant date. (See note about how this time-grid works in, "The Mount Carmel Fire".)

In the mirror, 3166 less 1290 day-years (see Daniel 12:11) = AD 1876 (mirror of 1876 BC, when Israel entered Egypt 430 years. Note, 1290 = 3 x 430). And another 1290 from 1876 BC = 586 BC (the fall of Jerusalem), and another 1290 x 2 more = AD 1995. You might notice that the week from "Edgar" (and start of minor flares) till the major impact solar flare on Oct. 30 (and 'river of blood') are therefore, symbolically 1290 day/years to the 7-years that followed the 7-year famine of Joseph. All the dates plug in this way. All events are consistent with its numeric theme, including the recent two blackouts in New York and Rome, and the deaths of Saddam's sons, and the Iraq war, etc. 

What seems strange to the reader right now, will show itself consistent in the future and will be self-vindicating. I will not spend time proving what God will do for Himself! For I know from Whom I received this revelation. Besides that, the system is logically deduced from the patterns produced from the many dates given by the prophets. I am in the long process of explaining all that here, at

In short, the spring New-Year of the year of the captivity of the last true rightful king of Israel, and later of the fall of Jerusalem (Nisan 1, 597 and 586 BC) are both used in the book of Ezekiel to date the temple-revelation in Ezek. 40:1, ("In the 25th year of our exile," and, "In the 14th year after the city was taken." Both time frames are used. They are 11 years apart, or 3990 (or, 4020) days on the 360 calendar. The prophet Ezekiel used both these two spring New Year's of 597 and 586 BC as New-Year datum's, just as the Exodus of 1446 BC was the epoch datum before that, with subsequent events dated from it, (see 1Kgs. 6:1 for an example). All three are dated according to the year of freedom, or captivities, (Ex. 12:2, Ezek. 40:1). Each were New-Year datum's in the same sense that the birth of Christ is for us today, (actually, Jan. 1, AD 1). These datum hold the key to understanding the signs of the times.

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