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In short, if we let Nisan 1 586 BC be symbolically as "AD 1" (Ezekiel makes this day the reference point for time [New-Year datum] in Ezek. 40:1, just as literal Jan. 1, AD 1, is the center of time to us today in our modern calendar. By the way, the same effect works there too, and is actually the ultimate center point),---then the day of the fall of Jerusalem in literal 586 BC symbolically signifies "AD 99", since the city fell on Tammuz 9, the 99th day of that year (July 586 BC, Jer. 39:2). [All dates use the 360 calendar of the prophets.]

Ezekiel's symbolic siege of Jerusalem (a sign of that which followed) makes the 7-day call of Ezekiel on Tammuz 5-12, 593 BC, which, counting days backward from our said reference point makes that 7 days symbolically as the years 2426 to 2419 BC (or, plus 30, if a leap month is added, i.e., 2456 BC). (Ezekiel's 7-day call occurred exactly 7 years and half-a-week apart, i.e., Tam. 5-12, [noon?] [593 BC], to Tam. 9 midnight [586 BC], Jer. 39:4.) Let us look at 2426-2419 BC, with the 430 symbolic siege of Jerusalem that he did therefore signifying as AD 1989. [Symbolic 2419 BC less 430-day siege = symbolic 1989 BC, but actual Elul 22, 592 BC with 360-days in a year.

Before we continue, it can be easily proven that there is a 7 year/day period being forwarded in time in all this, so that while the 430 days of Ezekiel's siege ended symbolically as 1989 BC (in literal 592 BC), the 7-days of Ezekiel's call is also forwarded so that we have symbolic 1996 to 1989 BC. 

What about these numbers? 

Well, 1989 BC symbolic year is 1290 x  2 (430 x 6) from its literal date of 592 BC---in the mirror. (1989 BC to AD 592 = 1290 x 2, or 430 x 6 day/years. Never add the zero when crossing the BC/AD border. This is a common fact.) 

This means that from the literal 592 BC to the end of Ezekiel's call, symbolically understood as 2419 BC, is, in the mirror, 7 x 430 day/years. And so forth! 

The main pattern is this:

Symbolic 2426-2419 BC, plus its 430-days of Ezekiel laying on his side (ch. 4), plus 1290 x 3 days = as 1445-1452 to 1875-1882. (And see 4300 days.) These are the dates of the Exodus and tabernacle-construction, and it intersects the middle of the 7-year famine of Joseph of literal 1878-1871 BC). Note that the 390 + 40 = 430 days of Ezekiel's' siege is patterned after the 430 years in the wilderness, and the 40 years that followed---"a day for each year."

Moreover, 2426 BC, less 490 x 2 (of Daniel 9) is 1446 BC (the Exodus), and 2426 BC less 490 x 5  (or 50 Jubilees) = 25 to 32 AD, (Jesus' ministry and death, etc.). Therefore, the alternative date of 30 days earlier for the symbolic siege of Ezekiel equals 6 BC to AD 2.

Nor does the optional extra 30 days of the possible leap month, (thus making 2456 BC as Ezekiel's symbolic day/year call instead of 2426 BC), in any way destroy these patterns, but rather it greatly reinforces them as a second witness! For 4300 days later equals the rounded "400 years in Egypt" before the Exodus, and is also 3900 to the Exodus, a perfect x 10 pattern! (That is, this the 3900/4300 pattern of Ezekiel's 390/430 days coincides either way with the 390/430 of Moses and the Israelites in Egypt., which makes the 40 of the 390 as a round number of 39 and 43, etc.! Wheels within wheels within wheels! This is why God gave Ezekiel the vision of the great wheels at his call (Ezek. 1). 

Also, since the fall of the temple occurred one month after the fall of the city, (literal, Av. 7-10, 586 BC), therefore, from the leap-month-included symbolic date of 2456 BC unto the fall of the city is symbolic AD 127-130, = 1290 x 2 days/years from symbolic 2456 BC, or,  430 x 5 from the end of Ezekiel's literal 430-day symbolic siege...Etc., etc. The 390 of Ezekiel is simply the 360 year with the 30-day leap month attached anyway! And so, all the dates in Ezekiel reveal such complex patterns. 

For instance, Ezekiel's second '0' reference point on literal Nisan 597 BC, (from which most events in Ezekiel are dated) was 11 year from the literal Nisan 586 BC '0' reference point, or 3990 days. (Plus and minus one month is possible because of leap-months, but we won't complicate that now! '3990' is standard.) Thus, if the date of symbolic 2426 BC is by the literal 586 BC reference point, then '3990' days later would be as AD 1565-1572 (using the literal 597 BC reference point). This, plus the 430 of Ezekiel's siege = AD 1995-2002. 

Symbolic 2426 BC [of literal 586 BC reference point as New Year datum] less 3990 days/years = symbolic AD 1565 [of literal 597 BC reference point as New Year Datum], etc.

These patterns link up the biblical events of:

All of the above are 430 years (or, 215 years as half 430, or 1290 years), apart from each other in on-going cycles. All of the above events are related in meaning. The dates recorded in the bible for each of these events interconnect with one another. 

(For example, the would-be entry into the promised land was to be 430 days after the Israelites arrived at Mt. Sinai. Since they arrived at Mt Sinai at the end of 60 full days, therefore, the remaining 390 days, plus the 40 days they spied out the land, comes to the 490th day from the New Year of the Exodus in 1446 BC, (literal Av. 10, 1445 BC, of the 360 calendar as always).  Hence, the arrival at Mt. Sinai on the 61st day, and the would-be entry into the promised land on the 490th day would symbolically be as (late) AD 60 and AD 490. (See chart here for full details.) 

The start of the siege of Jerusalem began on Teb. 10, 589 BC (Dec.), which symbolically would be as 801 BC, since it began 800 days before the literal 586 BC, Nisan 1st, New-Year datum. This is based upon the literal 586 BC datum, and the other upon the Exodus 1446 datum, which are exactly 430 x 2 years apart. (They hence are a part of the said 430-year cycles.) And it happens that from the symbolic 801 BC start of the siege of Jerusalem to the symbolic AD 60 of the arrival at Mt. Sinai are 430 x 2 days. And therefore, 801 BC to AD 490 = 1290 days, so that the 430 here represents the 430 in Egypt since from when they entered into Egypt 430 years (1876-1446 BC), unto the fall of Jerusalem and exile are also 1290 years. Years and days of equal value intersect one another. Not just that, but the symbolic dates of 801 BC, AD 60 and AD 490 all interconnect with the literal years of 1876, 1446 and 586 BC, all being multiples of 215 days apart. 

(I.e., 2091 BC [literal Abraham leaves Babylon], plus 1290 day/years = 801 BC [symbolic start of siege], and plus another 1290 (430 x 3) = symbolic AD 490 (would-be entry into promised land.)

The arrival of the first refugee, as recorded in the book of Ezekiel, arrived on the symbolic day of AD 275, (literal Teb. 5, 586 BC), which is 430 x 2 day/years after literal 586 BC. Etc., etc.!

These patterns continue upon every cycle of 215 literal years, including the dates in the book of Acts, and in those events to do with the revelation of Jesus Christ in the numbers in recent times. Another pattern exists also at 490 year intervals, and at 360 year intervals. All numbers culminate at Christ.

(See the day/year grid and the timing of the exodus.  Click here for more on "The day equals a consecutive year/date of time" principle.)

More information here on this important subject.


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