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What is the correct vocalization of the name of Yahweh/Jehovah,
and how important is it?


(August 1, 2006)


The email to me...




Your work is awesome!  I am in awe of all that you have deciphered, and of our Creator, Who is so big that He’s small – in every detail of His Word.


Sir, I have a question.  It seems you are a very advanced scholar to spend so much time to get these deep understandings.  But you use the name Jehovah – which is an insult to our God.  The ‘j’ wasn’t invented until the 1500s and the ‘v’ was always a ‘w’ in temple Hebrew until the Ashkenazi’s starting saying it as their German neighbors, as a ‘v’. 


And this would not be a big deal – since surely our Creator God can understand all languages and with Grace.  However, His Name is important to honor Him, and it is our family name, and our power from Him.  The word Jehovah is based on Strong’s word 1962, whereas YHWH is based on Strong’s word 1961.


#1961 calls Him good things.  #1962 is referring to Him as the god of evil, ruin and calamity.  I’ve been a Believer and follower of Jesus/Yahshua for over 50 years, and have spent many years praising jehovah-jirah, etc.  But now that I’ve come into this ‘last days’ knowledge, I am starting to see that those I respect most are coming into it, also. 


It is sad that His Name (that is very important to Him) was removed by the translators 7000 times in the Word.  He is just called Lord and God and Master – which any human could be called.  But no other can be called YHWH, or Yahweh.


Would you please consider looking into this?  I do not stand in judgment of anyone; however, I do find that I respect those who use His Name as He requested, rather than the insult of using #1962.


Thank you for your excellent and profound work.


Respectfully xxx


(My response...)

Thank you for your letter.

DNA of Yeshua -The Book of Life Bible Code! Prophecy about His manhood.I am aware of this issue and agree that it would have been best for the translators to have translated the name 'Lord' as YHWH. But I think that the issue is not of great importance as to whether it be Jehovah or YHWH, though as you said, YHWH is the more accurate rendering. But even here it is not certain, but it is at least closer to whatever the true pronunciation of the Divine name was. Personally, I use all three renderings with good conscience because I believe that God does not want His people to repeat the same error of the Jewish community back thousands of years ago when out of misguided fear refused to even pronounce the name of YHWH so that eventually people forgot the actual pronunciation which then led them into superstitions about the correct pronunciation, teaching that if one speaks it out loud (being a secret name) it had tremendous mystical powers. The name of Jesus sounds different in different languages and so it matters not if YHWH likewise sounds different to different ears. What matters if whether or not He is the YHWH of our Lord Yeshua Ha Messiah that matters. ("Curiou Jesou Christou," --- and if the literal transliteration of His name did not matter in the Greek New Testament, than why should it matter to us?)
I would be content to use the Hebrew spelling for YHWH and Yeshua, but this would only cause greater misunderstanding. Even calling Jesus, Yeshua or Yahshuah, etc., can cause some people to stumble and conclude that we are speaking about another Jesus. The same is true about YHWH (Yahweh). My hope is that over time YHWH will become the acceptable and normal vocalization, but until then clarity is more important to me (and I believe to YHWH) than letter perfect accuracy upon which some might stumble.
I hope this helps you understand where I am coming from.
God bless! (Elohim barukka)


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