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To: "Dean" <numbers@netrover.com>
Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2001 2:25 PM
Subject: WTC PART 2

> Hello Dean ,
> Do you know how they calculate that 11 Sep 2001 was 2000 years after
> Pentecost 30AD?
> My calculation 2000 years x 360 days ( prophetic years) = 720,000 days
> 2001-30AD =1971 normal years
> 1971 years
> ------ = 492.75 leap days
> 4 Leap years
> 1971 years x 365 days = 719,415 days + 492.75 leap year days =
> 719,907.75 days
> Pentecost 28 MAY 2001 = 4 DAYS
> JUNE 2001 = 30 DAYS
> JULY 2001 = 31 DAYS
> AUG 2001 = 31 DAYS
> SEP 2001 = 11 DAYS =
> 97.00 days
> 720,004.75 DAYS
> Is my calculations correct ,there is 4.75 days to many , please advise
> ,Regards XXXXX



Got to run, but look at this calendar conversion site:

I said that it was 2000 years less a day, (or was that plus a day? I forget).
The figure is based upon Fri. as a crucifixion date, as Passover on Nisan
14th, AD 30, and resurrection Sundry, Nisan 16th---"the first-fruits." There is a slight margin of uncertainty when calculating lunar dates since the new month was observed by eye back then---not according to a rigid formula like today. Therefore, since Pentecost occurs 49 days ("seven weeks") after N. 16, this makes Pentecost likewise a Sunday. Therefore, look up Sunday for Pentecost---not what the converter says, and calculate it from there.



Sorry I had to rush that last letter!

That Pentecost was on a Sunday in AD 30 "about 9 a.m." (Acts 2:15), is the majority opinion among scholars.

This is the simplest way to calculate it:

The 719,999 days is divisible by 7 (by 102857 times), therefore, 719,999 days after Pentecost Sunday must also be a Sunday---it works out to Sunday, September 9th 2001, plus the extra day to make 720,000 equals Sept. 10th, 9 a.m., plus the extra day I said it lacked equals Sept. 11, 9 a.m., 2001---the hour of the World Trade Center disaster.

By the way, the leap years in AD 100 and 200 were not accounted for by Pope Gregory in 1580 (approx.) when he reformed the Julian calendar. This accounts for two of the days (out of the "4.5" days you mentioned), the other one or two days are due to the slight fluctuating margin of the lunar calendar; as for the remaining one-day, I admitted in the article that it was out this one day. 

(Because we know Pentecost was on a Sunday, we can be precise in our calculations, Lev. 23:15.)

But why one day out?

(Update: The 1260 x 2 years is exact according to Afghanistan time---the land where the plans for this crime were perpetrated.)

Simply because the other exact calculation being aligned here is the 1260 x 2 days of years back to Elul 24, 520 BC, when the temple again began to be built under Zerubbabel in the second year of Darius the Persian, (Hag. 1:15). This is the same king that extended the Persian empire further East to include what is now Afghanistan---the place where the world is currently focused. (520 BC, Elul 24th + 1260 x 2 years = AD 2001, Elul 24, [Sept. 11th 6 p.m. to Sept. 12th 6 p.m.]). Be sure not to count the '0' when crossing over from BC to AD---it is non-existent---a commonly known fact.

Therefore, September 11th 2001 is sandwiched between September 10th (i.e., 2000 years from Pentecost Sunday), and 1260 x 2 days from September 12, when the temple began to be built after the Babylonians had destroyed it.)

Other numerical interests might be added, by the way, such as the 1290 plus 1335 years (Daniel 12:11-12) from 626 (the beginning of the Babylonian empire) and 625 BC. (626 and 625 BC plus 1290 years = AD 665 and 666, and 1335 more = AD 2000, (coincidently? Pentecost 2000 is when I discovered the 'hand'), and AD 2001. (AD 666 speaks of the 666 of the beast and commerce, etc., of which the mene-tekel-code is all about, Revelation 13.)

Moreover, in the same passage from which the 1260 x 2 (as before mentioned) is derived (Revelation 11:2-3), there is a verse there that reads:

 "And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven, (Revelation 11:13).

Years ago I noticed that if "7000 died" (about the same number as in this Sept. 11 disaster, by the way), and a "tenth of the city fell"---and there is this emphasis on "that same hour"---then perhaps there is a clue here that the 7000 that died symbolize 7000 hours, and the survivors would therefore be ten-times this amount less "the tenth" that died. (70,000 hours less 7,000 = 63,000 hours, divided by 24 hours in a day equals 2625 days, which is 1290 + 1335 days---the number in Daniel 12. Moreover, 63,000 is divisible by 50 (symbolic of 'Pentecost,' which literally means "50") = 1260 hours---the number mentioned earlier in the same chapter (11:3).

The similarities are interesting, if nothing else.

And while we are at this, let me note that from the day Moses gave the law on that very first "Pentecost Sunday," 1446 BC, (i.e., Sunday June 1, 1446 BC, by our Gregorian calendar, and this agrees with the majority of conservative scholarly opinion), there are 1260,000 days less 1260 days exactly unto when the days of mourning ended for this tragedy---on Sunday, Sept. 23, 2001---the number in Revelation 11 and 12---where the context in both chapters are built upon the narratives of Moses and the exodus/wilderness wanderings! Sunday, Sept. 23, 2001 is the day the second picture of the Twin Tower with the flag raised next to it was discovered.

Look at this chart:

Moreover, the 1260 (times 1000) days (1260,000) works with the 720 (times 1000) days (720,000) to signify the breakdown of the 'time, times, and half time," (Daniel 12:7, Revelation 12:14), except on a 1000-times scale. As I'm sure you know, a 'time' in the bible is one year, or 360 days of the prophetic calendar; "times" is two years, or 720 days, and a half-time is half-a-year, or  180 days. This totals 3-years, (which is the same as "42 months" of 30 days, and a total of 1260 days). It can be shown that the order of how the 720 joins with the other parts is not necessarily fixed---But I cannot go into this in detail here. Hence, from the exodus till Christ (less 1260 days) are 180,000 plus 360,000 days, and then another 720,000 till the present as said. More could be said but sometimes much is not profitable. Here is an article where I used these very same measurements for illustrative purposes. It was written a few years ago. The calculations are strikingly similar to what I have written here in this letter!

I plan on putting this article on the Net, by the way, under "correspondence," but your name will not be mentioned. Your question likely represents the interest of others also.

Yours truly,


(See also, "Trade Center: Ezek. 31)

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