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Why are some Bible-Code images (and the Hebrew) upside-down?


(August 15, 2006)


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I regret that I haven't read the whole page (just don't have time right this moment), but I was wondering if there was a reason for a couple of pictures of the Hebrew being upside-down.
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My response:


Since all four words in this bible code are four letters long, therefore, they all join at the same place in the middle, and in the very same directions too! DNA of Yeshua -The Book of Life Bible Code! Prophecy about His manhood.I know that "upside-down" biblical writings have a bad connotation. However, the bible codes are upside-down at times for functional reasons and it has nothing to do with good or bad.

The bible codes are not static images but 'move' and overlap each other. Think of the picture bible codes as images outside of normal two-dimensional imagery. It is like outer space. In outer space there are no reference points that tells one up and down. The picture codes have a 'timelessness' and 'multi-dimensional' quality to them. What they say speaks to various times at once (past, present and future), and they also have a boundless quality to them --- as if the images can enlarge forever in all directions. By analogy, they remind me of the living creatures in the book of Revelation that have eyes all over their bodies, even their wings.


Just as bible codes can read forward or backward, so the bible-code images themselves can also be upside down (or sideways). The reason for this is that images overlap one another to tell a composite pictographic story, and they can overlap as in a mirror numerically. The mirror effect means that some images become right-side up only when viewed in this mirror form. In other words, the images are sort of 3-D and 'move'. An example of this effect is found here. (See moving image at bottom of the page. )


For an example of bible numeric as in a mirror see here. (The codes work on the same principle. . You may need to read the articles that lead up to this one to grasp it properly.)


Thus, there is no up or down in the bible codes. Picture it like a page of text in your hand that you can roll into a cylinder, or even as folded in half as if transparent so that two images (on the one page) can overlap each other. Note that for the two to overlap each other on a folded page that one of the two images would have to be upside down before folded. Once folded, the top image (the one upside down) would become right-side up. If the paper were transparent then the two images would overlap. The numeric causes the 'folding' of the images in sort of this way. The images are like transparencies that overlap one another. Sometimes many images overtop each other, one after the other so as to build on the previous image as it tells the pictorial story.


I hope this has helped!





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