What is the correct way to spell 'Jesus' in Hebrew?

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The following Bible Code was not found by me. It was brought to my attention yesterday by C7. She asked me if I thought that it was a genuine code. I answered that although I am not sure what image is hidden here, it does appear to be genuine.

In this discussion of that bible code, the numeric of the code and all mention of Jesus is my discovery. The rest was found originally by another code researcher, and I am grateful to him. However, my guess is that the original author would not want to be confused with me or my website, since I believe on the name of Yeshua. See www.torahcodes.net/new/pages/God_codes.html for the original code.

I posted it here because I am certain that there is an image here (pictograph), but it remains undefined for now.


PLEASE NOTE: It does not matter how to spell "Jesus'" name. The code is simply a rebuke to those who would intentionally shorten the name to scorn Jesus as Messiah, which is likely the history of the shorter spelling. It is the intent of the heart that is being rebuked, not the spelling. I have no problem with how Jesus' name is pronounced, as long as it is honored, and I believe that this is all that God cares about as well.

I believe that the bible codes contain both spellings, along with the third longer one with the letter "heh" included in it. (yod vav shin vav ayin.)

This bible code is not designed so much to inform us of the correct spelling of "Jesus", for both are used favorably, but it is designed to sift the motives of the heart and challenge men about why they are rejecting Him as Messiah since He clearly is the object of all prophecy, including the codes themselves!



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Three names of God --- bible code.


The bible code is found in Leviticus. 

Seen at right, the three names of God literally read {ELS +182}: "Yahweh (LORD), Shaddai (Almighty), and Elohim (God)". It also forms the acronym, "Yeshu" (Jesus). Most Jews today spell Jesus' name as either "Yeshu" or "Yeshua". This code itself will address the spelling issue.

The long stretch of vertical letters overlap part of the word, "And-Elohim". This long vertical line reads: "Or My Name!". It reads both forward and backward from the middle. Thus, "My Name" is found twice. However, dividing this entire line of letters in half, it also spells the name, "Yeshu", (ELS -1092.) 

The simple Hebrew word for "Or" is important because it ties the vertical code in with the lower horizontal line of code that skips at every 7 letters. The number "seven" is extremely significant. The number symbolizes "perfection" in the bible. The bottom line of code reads, "Yeshua or... Yeshu?", with "Yeshu" reading backward. The word "or", here, and the reverse direction of the name "Yeshu", thus ties this question in with the other phrase, "Or My Name", as just explained. Therefore, the code is asking a question: "Which spelling of Yeshua is correct?".

The numeric ties everything together and leaves no doubt that the vertical lines of code are intended to be connected to the horizontal line about "Yeshua" at bottom. There are 182 letters between each line of code, which represents 182 days, or half-a-year. From top to bottom, the vertical lines of code spans exactly 2550 letters, which is a seven-year period in the bible. It is divided in half as 1260 + 1290 days, (and uses the 360-day calendar of the prophets). However, spanning all the way to the furthest extremity of the code, which is the first letter in 'Y'eshua (at furthest left), are 45 more letters, which makes 1260 + 1335 letters and agrees with Daniel 12, where it says of the "1290 days": "Blessed is the one who waits for and reaches to the 1335th day". Jesus is that blessing! However, to the "Y" in the name of Jesus as spelt "Yeshu" (furthest right), are only 2539 letters, which as days is a seven-year period on the regular Jewish calendar used in Israel today! (See my website: www.1260-1290-days-bible-prophecy.org/ )

Moreover, the bible frequently divides a seven-year period in half, and, so, the seven years of this code also divides in the middle because the three vertical Names of divinity span 1274 letters, which is 3.5 years + 3.5 days on the regular Jewish calendar. Also, the three letters that span from the top to the middle to the bottom of the vertical lines of code again reads: "My Name!" (See green circles.) Thus, the phrase, "My Name" is found three times. 

Hence, one is left to decide whether it is a lie or not as to whether "Yeshua" is worthy of full glory, or the shortened, "Yeshu" instead, as if to say, "Jesus falls short of God". 

Interestingly, if one leaves out the "Yod" in the horizontal line, it reads, "A liar is my Creator!" So, a choice must be made about the witness of God towards His Son? Is Jesus the very Son of God, or not? Does one include the "Ayin" in the name "Yeshua" or not?

1John 5:10, "He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself: he that believeth not God hath made him a liar; because he believeth not the record that God gave of his Son."

(Note: the full code at the bottom reads: "The blood of Yeshua!")

One final note: As the person who original found this code noted, the phrase "I am the Lord" runs through the divine names three times. However, this occurs once more, running through the name of "Jesus" at the bottom line of code! (See orange rectangles.)






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