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Here is a bible-code picture of a menorah shaped like a snake. Riddle: Who is this bible code about?

The Burning Menorah
(as found at the burning-bush passage)

(and The Blazing Mountain)

Menorah at Mount
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Continued, Part 4

There is much more to this code then the menorah. As we shall discover later, alongside the menorah are other complimentary picture bible codes, (all at 120-letter skips). Along with the burning menorah, we have a burning mountain, a burning altar, a burning bush---all found at the burning-bush text of Ex. 2-5. 

Below we quickly explain the two lines you see standing at the left side of the menorah, (also enlarged and placed at the right side.) For now we leave out the pictures they form. We mention the following because it reinforces the message of the menorah greatly. What we have encoded into the bible in these two straight lines is a word-puzzle so amazing that it would be remarkable even if it was itself not embedded in the text, but instead simply dreamt-up on paper by some lover of word puzzles! Its very existence embedded in this burning-bush text---and at the very meaningful ELS of 120 skips---proves beyond reasonable doubt the reality of the codes---even if this were the only code in the bible, and even if it did not form any images. The following is a condensed synopsis of the code which explains the riddle of what the name of "I AM that I AM" meant, as revealed to Moses at the burning bush from whence the code is embedded!



Yeshua-Yeshua Bible Code
(Each letter is 120-letters apart vertically)


This picture bible code is that of the menorah twisting llike a snake into the silhouette of a Lamb carrying a cross: A powerfully symbolic picture. Along side the menorah-picture it reads: JESUSUSEJ (initially found by Yacov Rambsel): plus much more, vindicating the use of the shorter Jewish spelling of Jesu, which is used in the song of the Menorah.

(Compare this matrix on the right with the one on the left to locate where these letters are found in the menorah. They are to the left of the menorah and circled.)

Each of the seven branches of the menorah, from the base to the flame, are 360 letters (ELS of 120 x 3 = 360). Since there are 7 branches, therefore it represents 7 years with the 7 years divided in by the middle branch/trunk, which equates to 1260 x 2 days. (See Revelation 11:2-4 & ch. 12, with its "1260" & "the two lampstands.," and "the two witness" patterned after Moses and Elijah, (i.e., Yeshua and John the Baptist). (Note: A prophetic year is 360-days long. There is also a 3-years x 2, plus, 3-years x 1, plus, 3-years x pattern, working up from the base to the branches, to the flame---a total of 3-letter-years x 3. But we cannot go into this now.)

Notice the 14 letters at the top left-hand corner of the Menorah; (enlarged here and placed to the right ==>). The code, here, at the top reads, "Yeshua,"---and is next to what spells "I AM," (of the burning bush), and is zippered together by the name "Jehovah." (Thus expressing the divinity of Yeshua)---three names---the triune God who is yet One. 

At the bottom in exact mirror opposite (and sharing the same middle letters with the top portion), it reads "Elijah" (i.e., who foreshadowed John the Baptist), next to "Yeshua," (who was the prophet to come "likened unto Moses"), joined together by the word: "He-will-be-joined" (i.e., to the human race:) (Thus expressing the full humanity of Yeshua. Leah's third child was named "Levi," which means the same. "Now I know that my husband will be joined to me seeing I have given him three children.") As said, Moses and Elijah, in part, are the two candlesticks of Revelation 11, and signify Yeshua and John the Baptist. Hence, it is very significant that their names appear at the left side of the menorah. 

In summary: The fact that the code is joined (zippered together) right and left at top and at bottom, as said, brings out the truth that Yeshua is fully God and now fully man--- both one with God, and one with humanity.  And the fact that the code is joined in the middle (top to bottom) brings out the fact that Yeshua is perfectly God and perfectly man, and that without confusion. I wrote an entire (unpublished) book on this one, 14-letter code and this is how I interpreted (and published on the Net) this bible code before I even knew that the word "I-AM" was even there, or this zigzag pattern! Or, the following...

Mount Sinai and mount Zion.


To "Part 5": Reading in a circle around all 14 letters, it reads  (It forms the cloud of smoke upon the blazing mountain.)





Menorah at Mount
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