12 Animals 


Animals encoded within the acrostic
 in the genealogy from Adam to Moses




New discoveries made in the Acrostic Bible Code apparently about 
the 12 tribes of Israel and the end of the world, 
which uses animals to symbolize people.



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These animals are found by reading the genealogy in either direction. The bible itself records this genealogy in both directions, eg., Genesis and Luke 2:18-19. A few of the names lack the mother-vowel "Vav", which is not unusual in ancient Hebrew. (Also, personal names rarely, if ever, start with a Vav.) In Hebrew, the upper dot stands in place of the Vav. The 30th name, "Joram", is not listed here, but can be added so that the acrostic reads, "My lion".



The full acrostic, using all the names, reads:


"I will forgive my enemies, having compassion, forgiving those (made) of dust a second time. Where will a people whip My lion? 

(Or perhaps, "Where will He be flogged, oh lion-like people!" Significantly, the syncopated hiphil Hebrew word for "he will whip" sounds exactly like the word, "locust", and is spelt the same way. There are several play on words in the code to do with animals.)


What does this mean? 


Jesus is the "Lion of the tribe of Judah", (Rev. 5:5). The code compares "a people" to 12 different types of animals. They will whip and kill God's "Lion"; but, this unwittingly brings about their own forgiveness. God's "enemies" will be "forgiven" by virtue of the substitute sacrificed ram


Walt Disney Studios: "Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe".Mark 15:15 "And Pilate, desiring to do what was pleasing to the people, let Barabbas go free, and gave up Jesus, when he had been whipped, to be put to death on the cross."


The code asks the question, "Where will a people whip my lion?" The answer appears to be encoded within the acrostic itself. "Jerusalem"! (See note.)




The code uses symbolism remarkably similar to the book by C. S. Lewis (and made into a movie by Walt Disney Studios), "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe". The lion, Aslan, is afflicted and killed to pay the price needed to ransom a "son of Adam". Coincidentally, the acrostic was initially discovered in April of 2006, just four months after this movie came out. It was the best selling DVD in North America in 2006, making $333 million that year. (Click here for the same 'coincidence', except with the movie, "King Kong" and another acrostic, which movie came out the same week as Narnia!)



The acrostic can also read,


"I will forgive my enemies, having compassion, forgiving those (made) from dust a second time. O' Ram, tear them apart, O' Lion!"


("Ram" also can mean, "Mighty One", or perhaps best, "Deer", and so the Lion and the Deer are here combined into one Person {or Lion and Ram}, just like the Lion and Lamb of Rev. 5. Thus, the most gentle and the most ferocious among wild animals together symbolize Messiah.)


What does this mean? 


Those who refuse God's compassion, but remain His enemies, will be "torn apart" like a lion tears his prey.


Click here for notes about the many play on words in this acrostic, as well as several variations on how it may read that bring out several other animals.



The Lion:

It is very significant that a "lion" is mentioned here because there are encoded 16 more creatures besides the lion, and one class of animals, namely, "flying creatures" (fowl). We see here a parade of creatures, led as it were, by the lion! (Gen. 49:9-10).

And where is the lion leading these animals? 

As we shall see, the bible code itself tells us that the lion is removing the animals out of a world under judgement. Like Moses, the lion is leading them to the Promised Land! (Later in this article we answer the question, "Why are such creatures as jackals and serpents also among those led?")


Number and Names of Creatures:

Starting from the third descendent from Noah, (i.e., "Shelah"), there are encoded twelve different animals with some of these repeated more than once to make a total of 17 incidents of the twelve animals. "Seven" and "ten" symbolize completion in the bible and in this list of 17 animals the bible classifies seven of them as "clean" and the other ten as "unclean"! (Lev. 11.) (Similarly, seven of every clean type of animal went on Noah's Ark, Gen. 7:2). 


("Fowl", literally, "flying creatures", is not a species, but a general class of animals and so is not included in the count of 17. There are also 17 letters that form the animals, broken down as 7 + 10. See notes.)


12 Distinct Creatures

Some creatures are repeated more than once, but spelt differently. Perhaps "people" should be included as #11, and #10 translated as "deer"? The bible treats donkeys and horses as two separate "kinds", Ex. 9:3.

"Clean" animals for eating are in blue. (See notes about the "locust".)


1. moth (Or, the constellation of the "Great Bear")

2. deer (young)

3. horse

4. ox (3x)

5. serpent (2x)

6. eagle

7. antelope

8. donkey (female)

9. jackal (2x)

10. ram (or, deer)

11. locust (young) 

--- people?---

12. lion



Although "people" are not classified in the bible as "beasts" (animals), yet both man and animals are God's land-dwelling "creatures". Both were made from the ground and both have the "breath of life" in them, (Gen. 2:18-19, 6:17). 


17 Animal Names



Animals were Made from the Ground:


Interesting, no animals are encoded within the first 12 names from Adam, which makes this animal cluster all the more striking. The fact that the animal-names in the code begin from "Shelah" (the great-grandson of Noah) is also remarkable because in the acrostic itself, the phrase, "...those made from dust", begins to be read from the "S" in Shelah. Now it happens that man and all animals were made from dust/ground, so it is appropriate that the animals are made/encoded, beginning from where it reads, "those made from dust" --- because indeed they were literally made from dust! (Gen. 2:18-19.) As a matter of fact, the word for "dust", in Hebrew, also can mean a young deer!


"I will forgive my enemies, having compassion, forgiving  those (animals begin to be encoded) of the dust a second time. Where will a people whip My lion?"



The 1-2-3- Enosh Bible Code:

Starting from Enosh (who was the grandson of Adam), when the acrostic is repeatedly read from Enosh forward, first using every name, then every other name (skipping the names in-between), and then every third name, and so forth, on to every 16th name, we have the following amazing code. (This is the same type of code discovered years ago. It was also located in Genesis. It began from the very first verse of Genesis. The meaning also is similar. See, "Creation Bible Code", for more.)


Reading from Enosh, (whose name means "man" or "men", and whose very name is encoded in line "7".)

1. I will arise! (He will have compassion, again forgiving what is made of dust.)

2. I will forgive!

3. (Although) a mighty leader, (at) the right time for me

4. I will be stripped bear (and) left hanging!

5. I will be removed

6. (as) chief of

7. men

8. (and) women!


(#2 is a modern Hebrew word for "forgive/pardon", and thus the third synonym for this key word.) This may read slightly different so as to bring out a play on words using animal terms:

1. I will arise! (He will have compassion, again forgiving what is made of dust.) Where will my light/lion lead a people?

2. I will wipe out (the earth)!

3. A mighty-one/Ram is angry!

4. I will lay (it) bear (like) a heap of ruins.

5. I will remove

6. my tribes/cattle of..." (Or, "thousands of..." or, "a thousandth part of...", or "Alpha")

7. men

8. (and) women!

(The code continues, but is more terse.)

9.  Oh Alpha, where is (or, "Oh wild alpha-dog),

10. fire!

11. Alpha is

12. angry! (or, "Even a")

13. (Even) a lion of (or, "the light of...")

14. fire!


Numbers 5-8 are the most telling. There the tribes of men and women are called "cattle" or "herds". Thus, the 17 animals symbolize people. 

(For number #9 and #11, although the letter "Alpha" is only present here, because it is spelled out in full a few lines earlier in #6, the meaning is obvious. It refers to Jesus as the "Alpha and Omega", but it also refers to His counterfeit. The wild lead-dog ("alpha dog") is Antichrist, whose destiny is fire. This interpretation agrees with the reading of the acrostic read backward as discussed earlier. The code is open to interpretation, but the main point is that the 17 animals encoded within this genealogy clearly symbolize men and women.)

The encoded animals are not the product of mere random chance, but are here encoded in order to illustrate the rest of the code: God will destroy this earth again like he did in the days of Noah, but will rescue His flock, his" herd", out from this world, just in the days of Noah. He will do this because Jesus died on the cross, a curse for us, that whoever believes in Him is forgiven of sins and becomes one of His flock, (John 3). The "Lion" of the "tribe" of Judah will lead them out of the Egypt of this world into the Promised land!

(See notes for this 1-2-3 pattern again, except from Adam.)


Also recall the Atbash to this very same bible code. It forms images of the Creation, Noah's flood, the parting of the Red Sea, and the cross, which are the very same themes just discussed on this page!


Atbash Bible Code from Names Code. Image of the Creation and Floood and parting of the Red Sea with the  pillar of fire. Also the cross of Christ.


Lion Tribe Judah Bible Prophecy Code



Comparisons to Similar Codes:


Moth Bible Code.Some of the animals carry both a good and bad connotation, including the moth, serpent, and jackal. Compare these animals to "Jacob's Acrostic Bible Code", which is taken from Genesis 49 where many of the 12 tribes are likewise compared to animals, including the serpent. (This is the same passage where the above lion image is encoded.) Moreover, many of the same animals are mentioned in Genesis 49.


(Concerning the "moth", see the Moth Bible Code where the moth symbolized Jesus in the same way that the "serpent" did, that is, Jesus bears the curse on the cross. As for the "jackal", note the "ravenous wolf" in Gen. 49:27. Both are wild dogs of the canine family.)



I believe that the "eagle" is inferred in the opening line of the acrostic of Gen. 49 that reads, "Jesus, you shall fly! With you will be a people!" This is very similar to the Names Bible Acrostic where it reads: "Where will my lion lead a people?" As a matter of fact, compare the first two lines of the Gen. 49 code with the animals here mentioned...

"Jesus, You shall fly! With you will be a people!" (letter-space) 

"O my brother Esau (i.e., Jacob's vengeful brother), surely wrath is coming; a Jackal (or "a wild dog") is coming.  But the light of the oppressor will be extinguished, or dissolved like a moth!"


With all this in mind, it is significant that the Names Acrostic, when read backward from Joram/Jeshaiah to Shem, reads: 


"The twisted serpent is afraid! {Perhaps a letter-space at the name Jacob} It will come to pass that a moth will be burned with fire!" {Note: "Be burned", here, is a play on words for "fiery serpent", which is spelt the same way.) 


These enigmatic words now can be understood: The fate of the devil is being predicted. The serpent will ultimately be cast in the lake of fire, like a moth to the flames. 

Why? ---  

Because Jesus hung on the cross like a serpent or moth, (Jn. 3:14), becoming a cursed/twisted thing (Isa. 17:1) for us and thereby crushed the serpents head, Gen. 3:14. 

Isa. 17:1 In that day Jehovah shall visit the sea monster, the darting serpent, with His great and fierce and strong sword; even on the sea monster, the twisting serpent; and He shall slay the monster that is in the sea. (LITV)

Rev. 20:2 And he laid hold on the dragon, the old serpent, which is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years,

Rev. 20:10 And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where are also the beast and the false prophet; and they shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.







1. The code contains numerous plays on words:


The word for "dust" also means, "a young deer" and can read: "He will carry that which is a young deer the second time!" (The word for "forgive" means to "bear up", "carry".) 


Interestingly, where it spells, "Ram",  the acrostic uses the names Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Levi. It happens that God gave a ram for Abraham to sacrifice in place of his son Isaac. And the tribe of Levi was later put in charge of the sacrifices for Israel, and Israel is another name for "Jacob"! This underscores that the 12 animals represent the 12 tribes of Israel.


The Hebrew word for "tear apart" is interesting because it is used of Jacob when his thigh was "dislocated" by the angel, Gen. 32:25. 




2. Other Readings:


There are other animals here also, for the second sentence of the acrostic may also read: "A jackal, locust, people, a lion!" 


Or even,  A wild dog will lap (water) with a lion! (Compare with Isaiah 11.)


Or, "Where, oh locust of people, is my lion?" In Hebrew, the last sentence sounds like, but is spelt differently to: "Where will my Lion lead a people?" "Locust" and "he will lead", sound nearly the same in Hebrew. I am personally convinced that this is a play on sounds. The acrostic has several other word plays, including "my lion", which can also spell, "my light". Both make good sense.)


When we include the 30th name, "Joram" (the son of "Jeshaiah"), the acrostic then adds the Hebrew letter "Yod" from the "Yod" in the name Joram. In Hebrew, this forms the suffix "my", and the acrostic now reads "my lion". (Note: "Lion" and "light" are spelt the same way in Hebrew.) 




3. Three Columns:


The three columns of names in Moses' genealogy represent three separate genealogies in the bible and happen to agree with the breakdown of the 10 words of the acrostic itself. (The 10 words of the acrostic are composed of 30 letters/names. They are color-coded as orange, blue, and green, with the "lion" in yellow). Note that all the animals are encoded within the last 17 names of the second and third columns. Of these 17 genealogical names, seven are located in the second column and the remaining ten in the third column! Thus, "seven" and "ten" again! In the bible, the numbers three, seven, and ten symbolize "completion".



4. Constellation of Leo?


The code asks the question, "Where will a people whip my lion?" The answer appears to be encoded within the acrostic itself. "In Jerusalem"! 


Judge for yourself whether this be a coincidence? 


Starting from Amram and reading back to Mahalalel, skipping over every fourth name, it reads: "The Lioness of Salem!" In the bible, "Salem" is another name for Jerusalem, and it means "peace", (Gen. 14:18; Ps. 76:3). Hence, "The lioness of peace." 


As far as the lion being a female, the initial prophecy about the "lion of Judah" is taken from the prophecy by Jacob concerning Judah, and there the lion is a lioness as well. 


Gen 49:9 "Judah is a lion's whelp; From the prey, my son, thou art gone up: He stooped down, he couched as a lion, And as a lioness; who shall rouse him up?"


The word for lioness, here, is "Aysh", and is a constellation. It is often translated as the constellation of the Great Bear. But a few scholars believe that it refers to the constellation of Leo. Even the word for "moth" ("Ash"), the first of the animals encoded, can read as "Aysh", the constellation of the Great Bear, or Leo, which would mean that the first and last animals are lions. It is very significant that we have the connection of these animals with constellations because in "Jacob's Acrostic Prophecy", this same association with the starry constellations is also made --- and in a very substantial way.


(YLT) Dost thou bring out Mazzaroth in its season? And Aysh for her sons dost thou comfort?


(MKJV) Can you bring the constellations in their season? Or can you guide the Bear with its sons?

If there is a connection here with the constellations, then the code has several layers of meaning and it connects the 12 tribes of Israel to the 12 constellations in the heavens, which serve as signs on the earth. This is not to imply that God sanctions horoscopes, but that God is sovereign over these imaginary images in the sky and can use them for signs and portents upon the earth when He wills. 


Ultimately, the constellations in the heavens appear to be telling the story of the coming of Messiah through their imaginary images, not that of any other individuals. The 12 tribes of Israel are only connected to the constellations in as much as they are prophetically linked to the coming of Messiah.


Constellations are formed from stars: Perhaps all this symbolizes a verse from the book of Daniel:


Dan 12:3 And they that are wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.

The four Asterisks, "*", mark animals that also spell that constellation in Hebrew. Some of the following are constellations other than the 12.


1. *moth (Can be the Hebrew word for the constellation of the Great Bear, {or Leo?})

2. deer (young) (Camelopardalis?)

3. horse (Pegasus --- note word "to fly" forms out from this word, or, Sagittarius. The encoded word also means, "war horseman". Sagittarius carries a bow and has wings.)

4. *ox (3x) (Taurus)

5. serpent (2x) (Draco and Hydra)

6. *eagle (Aquila)

7. antelope (Monoceros or Capricorn?)

8. donkey (female) (Perhaps the star Asellus "ass" within Cancer)

9. wild-dogs (2x) (Canes Venatici, Canis major and minor)

10. ram (Aries)

11. locust (or can read: "Locust are people")

      --- people?--- (Various constellations with people)

12. *lion (Leo)




Also see, "12 Comets".

Note that the key animals are clustered together in the same part of the sky. 
See "12 Comets" for the context of these images.




5. "Young-Locust"

The "young locust" may be the stage just before their wings come out, perhaps making them technically unclean until then, (Lev. 11:21)? For example, some have translated Nah. 3:16b as, "The locust (larvae) shall strip off and fly away." The code can read: "Locust of people." Perhaps that's the point: God's people are like young locust about to break out their wings and fly away! This type of locust is also compared to people in Nah. 3:15-16 and Jer. 51:14.


6. The 1-2-3 Pattern From Adam

This 1-2-3- pattern of code appears to occur again as from Adam where "man" and "eagle" are also encoded, but I will not elaborate because that line of code is more allusive. This is significant because "Adam" and "Enosh" {third from Adam} both mean "man", and thus additionally each have the word "man" encoded beginning from them!


7. Names Code

Also, in the Meaning of Names Bible Code, which includes most of Moses' decedents, the only reference to an animal in all 80 names spanning from Adam to Jesus happens to have been Nahor and Terah, (Abraham's father and grandfather). Together, their names mean: "Snorting with fury", and infers the imagery of a horse snorting in battle. It happens that Nahor and Terah are right in the middle of where all the animals are encoded, including the "war-horse"! 



Isaiah 11

Isa 11:6 And the wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.

Isa 11:7 And the cow and the bear shall feed; their young ones shall lie down together; and the lion shall eat straw like the ox.

Isa 11:8 And the sucking child shall play on the hole of the asp, and the weaned child shall put his hand on the adder's den.

Isa 11:9 They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain; for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of Jehovah, as the waters cover the sea.

Isa 11:10 And it shall come to pass in that day, that the root of Jesse, that standeth for an ensign of the peoples, unto him shall the nations seek; and his resting-place shall be glorious.

Isa 11:11 And it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord will set his hand again the second time to recover the remnant of his people, that shall remain, from Assyria, and from Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Cush, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the islands of the sea.

Isa 11:12 And he will set up an ensign for the nations, and will assemble the outcasts of Israel, and gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth.

Isa 11:16 And there shall be a highway for the remnant of his people, that shall remain, from Assyria; like as there was for Israel in the day that he came up out of the land of Egypt.




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