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Acrostic bible prophecyThe final letter that spells "Jesus" is overlapped with "to fly." At any rate, the name of Jesus (Yeshua) can be spelt without this letter. The series of acrostics begin the same general way as do the rest of Jacob's blessings upon his 12 sons---the acrostic prophecy begins with an address to "Jesus," likening Him to an animal, probably an eagle, [see Deut. 32:11], or a cherub, as in the picture-bible-code. The acrostic addresses Jesus as the summation of all that is good in the 12 sons. 

Moreover, the acrostic begins with the name "Jesus" on the seventh word after the start of Jacob's prophecies, and ends with a derivative of the name Jesus on the seventh word after Jacob's prophecies. This too is important since Jacob often plays upon the meaning of the names of his sons in his blessings. Also, the same derivative for the name of Jesus is found midway in Jacob's prophecy in Genesis 49:18 when he pauses and says, "I look for your salvation ("your Yeshua"), O Lord." Moreover, each time "Yeshua" (or, "Salvation") are mentioned, His coming is always in view. 

The acrostic in Jacob's prophecy utilizes the same format that is found in the book of Revelation. The number seven (i.e., "the seventh letter") and its beginning, middle, and ending, are a constant theme in the Book of Revelation. The book begins and ends by declaring Jesus to be the Alpha and Omega, Who is (beginning), Who was (middle), and is to come (ending)," (Revelation 1:7-8; 22:12-13, 20). The Book of Revelation also begins and ends by declaring, "Look, he is coming (or, "I am coming") with the clouds...".  Likewise, the first and last words of the acrostic are, "Jesus, you shall fly (i.e., on the clouds), and "When- He- returns on- darkening- clouds!" Notably, Jesus' last words in the bible are, "Yes, I am coming soon!" (Revelation 22:20). 


To be more specific, and- His- salvation (Yeshua);" and the last word of the sub-acrostic is, "When-I-come!" And of the sub-sub-acrostic, "When- He- returns on- darkening- clouds!" The three deepening levels of the acrostic are a threefold testimony that Yeshua is the Christ (Messiah).


The Hebrew in the acrostic is terse and uses infinitives more frequently than normal, and is rugged at points, and in several instances the Syrian influence is felt. Nevertheless, the acrostic is easily understood since it frequently interprets the very words it passes over, and the sub-acrostic in turn interprets the words from which it was taken, and the sub-sub-acrostic in turn interprets the words it, too, are derived from! The goal of the acrostic is to communicate a message for "the latter days," and this it does very well, despite the difficult readings at points. The acrostic prediction is thus four layers deep, with each interpreting the layer before, so that the general meaning is not in doubt. (Note: the acrostics for Reuben, Simeon and Levi do not have sub-acrostics.)

Layer one: The actual prophecy of Jacob
Layer two (acrostic): The acrostic of layer one
Layer three (sub-acrostic): The acrostic of layer two
Layer four (sub-sub-acrostic): The acrostic of layer three


There are several places where a word in Jacob's prophecy is skipped over, and two places where about a dozen words are skipped over. But this, too, appears to be by design. Generally speaking, these gaps occur at fitting places so as to signal the beginning of a new thought. 


It appears that the gaps symbolize the replacing of some letters with others, as if to say, "Do not let anyone steal your crown." This agrees with aspects of Jacobs prophecy wherein Judah replaces Reuben with the rights of the firstborn, and Joseph receives a double blessing but Simeon and Levi are destined to be dispersed as a people. In the same way, some letters are missing, whereas a few others are overlapped so as to be created, and two lines of the acrostic can read in two distinct ways each so that perhaps these double-sentences the two large missing gaps. For example, note that the tribe of Dan is omitted from the tribes mentioned in Revelation 7:5-8. It may be significant that the two large gaps in the acrostic occur at the end of the prophecy about Levi and about Dan, and that both tribes are again spoken about in the acrostic itself. Perhaps the curse of Simeon and Levi fell upon Dan? 

Only about 20 out of about 200 words are omitted, a total of 15 of those 25 words occur after Levi and Daniel Thus, the acrostic generally reads without halting.


 Jacob's acrostic bible prophecy.


(The above letters may also read...)

"They will mourn!" (letter-space)

"A wild-bull killed His flawless One, and then was trampled down like fodder for them---like surplus manna before the Lord! The lament of the One excelling in power and glory." 


Note that Jewish tradition assigns the 12 tribes of Genesis 49 each one of the 12 constellations. This is the key that unlocks the prophecy---as well as the heavenly signs that occurred the same year that this code was discovered. 


Acrostic bible prophecy. Yeshua.

Main acrostic begins:


  • First letter of every consecutive word
    from Reuben to Benjamin: (Genesis 49:3-28)

(Reuben, Simeon, and Levi) (Genesis 49:3-6)

"Jesus, You shall fly! With you will be a people!" (letter-space)

"O my brother Esau (i.e., Jacob's vengeful brother), surely wrath is coming---A Jackal is coming---But the light of the oppressor will be extinguished, or dissolved like a moth!"

(Or may read: "Oh my brother Esau (Edom), surely in heat (anger) you came---you prophesied, "A star! Behold---and the constellation of the Great bear!" (Or perhaps, "Leo," See Num 24.)



"O enemy, a Great Leader is coming; O arrogant ones, when you will be cut off as unclean. But who is for me? Deserted (or, 'devastated'), Jesus will shepherd you!"

Sub-acrostics: "I desire the territory of my Prince!" Sub-sub-acrostic: "I will draw near!" "I will take (it) by force!"

Acrostic bible prophecy.Acrostic continues to read:

"I will drink deeply! For He comes to bind and to trample down." (See notes bottom left image.)


(Zebulun and Issachar)

"To be burdened down is my destiny! He became exhausted, as well as the trees used for the great festival. Alas, O' impoverished one!" 

"And be ready always for Shiloh (to return)." (Compare next verse, vs.17, with vs.10 in Hebrew. Note how the acrostic links Shiloh with Yeshua. See Dan next for alternative reading of sentence about Shiloh.)




"Thus Shiloh smote him! As my witness, (the skin of) the Ethiopians of Dan are blind proof! He caused him to be trampled down."



Special Code:

Going midway through Jacob's prophecies, wherein he suddenly exclaims, "I wait for your salvation O Lord!" (and surrounding text) the acrostic-code suddenly uses two additional methods of encryption. It reads partially forward, then suddenly goes backward, and then continues to read as normal except using both the first and last letter of the next 97 words (starting from Jacob's exclamation) to form a double acrostic! The subject of the code concerns "Gog," an ancient name for the leader of one of the final prophesied battles against Israel.

When the code suddenly goes backward, it creates a word-picture so as to place "Gog" atop two valleys---half to the left, half to the right. The normal-reading text that it goes backward over prophesies: "The rider of the horse tumbles backward..." This is a clue as to why the acrostic suddenly goes backward, and to what it means. It draws our attention to the famous prophecy of Ezekiel (38-39) wherein Israel is 'saved' from what most commentators believe is a Russian attack. The enemy "Gog," (along with 'Ethiopia' [Cush]), like a 'horse', is 'turned backward' and 'destroyed' and 'burned' upon the mountains of Israel and buried in "The valley of the hordes of Gog." There, the wild animals are commanded to 'lick up' his blood

Edom is also in view: The Edomites are the descendents of Esau, Jacob's brother. (See Ezek. 35-36 and Isaiah 63:1-6). There are a great many parallels here with Isaiah 63:1-7, and with what the acrostic reads before and after this special portion of the acrostic. Moreover, in all this Jacob's prophecy is at the same time being interpreted by the acrostic! For example, the immediate prophecies before and after Jacob's exclamation about salvation are both about Dan and Gad overcoming a great enemy by unexpectedly biting the heel of their horse like a snake. Hence, the acrostic interprets this prophecy about Dan and Gad as fulfilled when Israel overcomes Gog by their unexpected cunning (see Zechariah 12), and by the intervention of God! There are about 25 specific prophecies in the acrostic-code that are likewise found in Ezek. 38-39 (with Zechariah 12, Isaiah 63, Revelation 19:11-21; 20:7-10) that make us certain that the battle of Armageddon is in view. As always, the prophecy is written in such a way that the sufferings of Messiah cannot help but be noticed, though here indirectly.

This special portion reads:

(We begin from the tribe of Daniel Note that "Dan" means "to judge." Compare with previous reading of acrostic for Daniel)

"And Shiloh (i.e., The Messiah) smote him! As my prey, the Ethiopians under judgment (i.e., 'of Dan') are prey.

---I will plague---Gog! (or, "I will lick up Gog['s blood like a dog]). "'The valley of Gog'---(reverses) is 'The Valley of the Burning of Russia'. (Special end-of-word acrostic reads:) "Indeed there is a shout (like one treading grapes), for I myself have exterminated him! And like the Lord, behold, he (Israel?) will shout (and sing) with tambourine!" ---(one-letter break)---

"You mourned! (Or, "You rejoiced!") Did they shoot nails at a Son? Were the nails intended for me when they were shot at him (like arrows)? Was he wailed for by you, O clan of mine? He was hammered to death! (Or, 'A clan will be hammered to pieces.') You are circumcised to the point of death! You are completed in death! Strength (of hand) is spent! At the twilight of the age you are finished (or, perfected)!"  (Or, "He breathes...! Dwell! Or, "His generation breathes! [i.e., lives again!" See Ezek. 37:1-14]. Or, "The twilight of a generation".) "For the bull grew into an swift bear (charging) toward her." (Or, "For the bull grew into an swift bear that caused them to wail (howl)." Or, "For the bull prospered into a bear of burnished metal (that) rips in pieces." Or, "For the bull grew into an accursed bear." Or, economically speaking: "For the prosperous bull (market) became a weak bear (market) causing them to wail," [See Genesis 41:17-21].) 

Sub-acrostic: "They became darkened. Indeed, you were changed into a wasteland. You struck him with a nail---the One they killed---when you wandered (from me), falling away quickly!"


Sub-acrostic for Judah to Dan:

"I desire the territory of my Prince---I desire you---even my people! For the Ruler (the One speaking in riddles) is angry with knowledge---A Lamb!" 

(Sub-sub-acrostic: Takes 'aleph' as cohortative ending. If left out, then aleph must be skipped over. Note: the aleph in question is part of an intentional stutter word, and says, "I will make him stutter." See right.) 

"I will draw near (judicially) to darken Cush (Ethiopia)!"


(Gad, Asher, and Naphtali)

"And He bears the burden. Levi is appointing a Lamb for the fire." 

Sub-acrostic: "For it concerns a burden!" (or, "...a prophecy!")


(Joseph) (This part of the acrostic intentionally overlaps two letters ---Aleph and Tav---that is, "The Alpha and the Omega." It can still read without this overlap with slight emendations.)

Esau has a peg (nail, horn?) as he embraces with deceitful scheming! 

A wild bull is instilling fear!

A peg (nail, horn?)! (Or can read, "A menacing wild bull, or a ...?" Recall, "a jackal... or a moth.")

When returning---there you were cut to pieces!

When returning, I will low (like a bull) against her for a time. She will low (too). O cow, "Hang him up raw!" (or, "Saddle him please!" or, "Hang up the [fine linen] please!" Or, "His quiver, please!") (See actual prophecy about arrows.)


(Genesis 49:1-2 last-letter acrostic.) "And a wild-ox killed His flawless One and he will be scattered by (among?) them! The lament of the One excelling (in power and glory)." ((in power and glory)." (Or, "His flawless wild ox was killed and scattered [assimilated] by them...")

This ambiguous snippet of acrostic is located immediately after Joseph's sons were blessed (Genesis 48) and flows into the prophecy about Reuben. It thus fits in with this section of prophecy about Joseph, but the context of its original location helps explain its meaning.

Reuben should have received the extra portion but instead forfeited it to Joseph. Later, however, the tribe of Ephraim [Josephs' son] was 'scattered' and 'assimilated' into the nations. This is Yeshua's 'lament', and may serve as an introduction to the whole acrostic.


Note that this snippet in the acrostic ends on the passage about Reuben as, "excess in glory and excess in power." The meaning is this: God's very nature of perfection insists that He fill every space of the universe with meaning, but this excessive redundancy of truth is hidden from us, being of no profit to us. Bible codes, therefore, are simply a sign to an impudent people that this is indeed God's Word. The codes are not meant to be anything other than a sign. All we ever need to know is already in the plain word of God. Everything else is superfluous.


Sub-acrostic (reads two ways):

"Enquire against them! He returns, coming against a bull-calf, (and against the calf's father!)" Sub-sub acrostic: "Against a son about whom they enquired." (Or, "They are satisfied with the son.")

(Or using overlapped letters, "Bring to a boil for washing! Look! He returns coming on time, O Jackal!" Sub-sub acrostic: "He turned a daughter against a son!")



"My plunder is with me, and His salvation bites like fire!"

Sub-acrostic: "When I come!"


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