Bible Code Predictions

Here is a bible-code picture of a menorah shaped like a snake. Riddle: Who is this bible code about?

A Word of Explanation and Caution 

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What about, "Consistency, scribal mother-vowels, and the importance of the bible numeric."

(Part two of four parts)

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  • Words of Caution and Instruction:

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    • -2- Weaknesses of the Bible Codes

    • -3- Answering objections

    • -4- Struggling with unbelief

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(Side note: Years have passed since I wrote these words, and I am far more confident today than I was then---and am increasingly so! Please keep this in mind as you read.)

The weakness of the bible codes:


The inherent ambiguity of the Hebrew language, compounded by the lack of word dividers and vowel pointing, makes the case for proving the reality of the bible codes most difficult. However, this great inherent flexibility and ambiguity by no means disproves the bible codes. On the contrary, flexibility means that with enough intelligence, thousands of books of information could be hidden within one single Hebrew book. This, I greatly suspect, is the case. 

"The One putting him to death," Or, "His execution." A BIble codes acrostic.Moreover, bible-code word-acrostics serve as word dividers wherever a bible code is in need of extra support. And let those who would delight in mimicking and mocking the bible codes produce this feat too, (along with the pictures and the meaningful numeric). For instance, the first letter of each word in mene, mene, tekel, uparsin, spells: "The One putting him to death." This acrostic sums up succinctly what Daniel said these four words indeed meant! Recall that only a few hours later, Belshazzar was executed by the Persian conquer, as foretold by these four enigmatic words, (Daniel 5:29). However, the acrostic, "The One putting him to death," has a double application: It also applies to the One about whom the embedded bible code speaks, that is, Christ. For His Father put Him to death that He might bear the sins of mankind. For more about how the bible codes work, see, "How the Mystery of the Bible Codes was Solved."


The weakness of my Hebrew:

I do not claim to be a Hebrew expert, but only a novice. I took one year in Hebrew study at a seminary, and another year of personal study. I have painstakingly gone over every word and have looked very carefully at grammar and syntax. Most all of the picture bible codes were found about two years before I actually published them on the Net. I delayed until my level of confidence in the Hebrew allowed me with good conscience to put them out. 

Even though I have painstakingly gone over the Hebrew, there may still be some mistakes. However, I noticed that during this two years that I waited to put them out, that, whenever I spotted a mistake, upon more careful scrutiny the bible code ended up to be better than before! Therefore, as for whatever Hebrew shortcomings there might be, I remain confident that the bible codes will read better in the end. The bible codes are God's masterpiece!---and you can only take away from a masterpiece---you cannot add to it. I am confident, therefore, that the bible codes are clearer and sharper than what I have here presented.

Moreover, for all those fluent in Hebrew, please keep in mind that the bible codes are just that---a code---and as such the (bible) Hebrew may, at points, be more irregular than simple prose. However, the bible codes are meant to transmit a message, and this they do exceedingly well! The bible codes are, in fact, a new triune language: A complex amalgamation of three distinct languages into one: The bible codes, the bible numbers, and the pictographs. Whereas one of these 'languages' alone, by itself, may indeed be weak and fuzzy, but weaved together they forge an incredibly clear picture of Christ crucified and glorified. (See, "How the Mystery of the Bible Codes was Solved."


The weakness of mankind:

I believe in the bible codes. I believe that they contain messages that glorify God, and that this may include messages about individuals. But I am equally convinced that whoever peers into the bible, like an astrologer would a crystal ball, shall surely be handed over to delusion by God as reward for divination. Whoever does this will soon find themselves in a very narrow pit. 

Furthermore, the bible codes will never yield a sure footing for faith. They are mainly intended to be a sign to unbelievers, particularly the Jews from whom came the bible and the Messiah. This is to fulfill (in part) the scripture that says:

"...and it shall be nothing less than a terror to give ear to the message. For the bed is shorter than one can stretch himself on, and the cover is narrower than one can wrap himself in," (Isaiah 28:19b, 20. Click here for full text and context.)


The strength of the Bible numbers with the bible codes:

The bible numbers represent my main research. They represent over seven years of very intense study under the very evident shadow of the Almighty. I invite you to look for yourself. Resist the temptation for an easy quick curiosity fix rather than disciplined reading. The bible numbers require about a grade 9 level of education, that is all. Upon completion of this study in the numbers came the crowning jewel---the understanding of the 360-days prophetic calendar. Not only is it perfectly accurate, but it is easy to use, and unlocks all of the bible numbers in a mind numbing display of patterns!

Also see: Unraveling the Codes:
What about, "Consistency, scribal mother-vowels, and the importance of the bible numeric."

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