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Do long bible codes prove that they are valid?

Why I do not use the scientific method to find bible codes!

And, a confession about the inherent weakness of bible codes.



First, the letter to me:

There is only one way to test the Bible code. First, every letter of the books of Moses, as well as Deuteronomy, must be randomized. Then the same software that looks for words must be employed. If the same, or other messages are found, then we know that as Niels Bohr said, randomness rules the Universe. Einstein countered that "God does not play dice with the Universe!".
     Bohr told Einstein, "Stop telling God what to do".
     Do the necessary work, get off of your chosen people award, and check the consequences. Science is proof, not blind belief.


My answer:


Did you know that even random text can produce what at first look appear to be some-what garbled real sentences! The fact of the matter is that Hebrew is ideally suited to form codes. This does not mean that there are no genuine bible codes, but it does call for a large degree of skepticism. I have seen whole paragraphs of supposed Hebrew on the internet, but after many years of study in this phenomena I am convinced that the vast majority are just random chance. There may be error mixed in with the codes on this site too. Remember, codes are not on the same level as the plain bible. God will not have it so. You will have to judge whether a line of code on this website has a ring of truth to it and something worthy of God or not. However, one will always have a degree of uncertainty as to validity when it comes to codes. That's just the way it is. Again, God would not have it otherwise, lest men elevate codes above the plain reading of God's word.  

Sometimes there may be a code even though the grammar is terrible. For instance, I would have dumped the Moth Bible Code  long ago for this reason if it were not that it seemed to have come true, as odd as it was. This amazing riddle has other riddles encoded within! Mene-tekel bible prophecy code.Thus, not all codes on this site are equal. There are a few codes on this site that I, myself, have some doubts about whereas others I have no reasonable doubt. The Mene Tekel Bible Code (in its simplified version) and the Hand code are perhaps the soundest codes. (

Also of high reliability is the Yeshua Bible Code and especially the Balance Bible Code (except for some of the details about the hurricanes  --- yes, it is possible that I took it too far!), and then the Lamb Bible Code. The Lion/Acrostic Bible Prophecy is also very powerful, though the massive acrostic is admittedly choppy at points which give grounds for some doubt, though I personally am convinced of it. The Menorah, too, is powerful and whatever it lacks in Hebrew it makes up for in numeric. Also see the acrostic in the genealogy and names code. I am also reasonable convinced of them. The rest I have less confidence, though for certain subjective reasons I think they are genuine and thus I leave them posted for now on the website. But as far as proving anything, I do not believe some of the codes on this site will at all do that.

If one is seeking 100% proof then I think that they will be disappointed with the codes. But this goes for bible prophecy in general too, for the skeptics are right when they point out that many bible prophecies (though not all --- just like the codes) can be interpreted in different ways. But even if you saw Jesus rise from the dead with your own eyes, could you be sure that you were simply not imagining it or that it was not a deception of some kind?

In the end, God requires us to walk by a degree of faith. Why? Because faith is a moral issue. The bible teaches that to fail to believe God (generally speaking), though given the evidence, is a moral decision to rebel and not a problem with a lack of evidence. God will supply the evidence for those that seek it. Remember doubting Thomas? And so, my studies in bible numbers, the 360 calendar, and in the bible codes together give strong reason

The Bible-Code Digest site attempts to look at the codes that way. But my purpose is not really to prove anything scientifically, but rather to state what is there and to leave it for others to decide whether it be random of not. I am personally convinced that it is not random, but I am also convinced that it is possible to have whole paragraphs of ramblings in Hebrew that kind of look like real speech but is not. There are many such examples on the internet and there may be some of that on my site too. It is not always easy to tell the difference. The following is an article that I am currently writing which addresses the issue that you are legitimately raising.

s to believe that the Bible is God's book, for the bible codes interweave with the bible numbers and the 360 calendar and always go together. (This is one of my personal criterion for authenticity.) But there will always be a degree of doubt, however small. You must choose what to do with that small margin of doubt. Will you give God the benefit of the doubt or cast off restraint for want of supposed 100% proof? Even in a court of law there is always a degree of doubt, and yet there is that subjective threshold that one must cross when one decides that "beyond a reasonable doubt" such and such is true. Of course, whether one believes the bible codes to be true is certainly not a salvation issue, but whether one believes and obeys the bible is. 

My ambition on this website was to declare the glory of God in the numbers and codes and not to get hung up on attempting to prove something scientifically as if God must bow to scientific protocol. I have declared what I have found as best I could. You should test it and be blessed by whatever you are reasonable convinced is true. And numerous signs and wonders followed the opening of these picture bible codes to me, some personal, but most international and some even in the heavens, and each along a clear numeric grid, and so forth. Yes, this is subjective reasoning, but God never reveals Himself through a servant to others without being personal and by leaving His Almighty mark that vindicates His word. It would be contrary to the character of God to do otherwise. For God is love. And whenever He reveals His Son Jesus, He always does so in a personal and powerful way. So I am not ashamed of the subjective side of what God has shown me, though admittedly it may mean nothing to the skeptic. But it is what squeezes whatever small degree of remaining doubt away, and grants me the courage, though sporadic at times, to proclaim things considered controversial even to my brethren in Christ. For had not God been on my side to watch over His words even when my own faith waned I would long ago have bowed to men.


Bible Code Predictions

(My rant against false predictions that people make
 that cast doubt on those truly led by God!)


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