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Bible Prophecy Code 

Holocaust Dragon/Serpent Bible Code

(Part 3)

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This is Part Three of three parts 

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Seven heads: Bible code prophecy of the dragon in garden of Eden.The brown lines that intersect at the middle are simply an enlargement of the top beams of the cross---the tree that Christ hands on. (Compare this carefully to the first image of the serpent and the cross at top.) The cross, here, also symbolizes the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This is the tree that Adam and Eve were told they could not eat or else they would die. As a matter of fact, the actual surface text along this beam records the first lie in the bible by the serpent, "You will not certainly die!" Unto this day, this is the same flood (of lies) that the "ancient serpent" (that is, the dragon) seeks to spew out to overtake "the women," as depicted in Revelation 12.


The Cross

The cross, like many other picture codes, contains a play on words for I AM, as referring to the name of the Lord as revealed to Moses at the burning bush, where his rod became a serpent. Thus the word, "I AM" is to be understood as both a verb and a proper noun. 

Vertical Beam:

The body from foot to head reads, "I AM the Prophet Alpha Omega." (Jesus, the Son of God, is also called "a prophet" in Acts 3:22-23 and 7:37.) The full vertical beam reads, "Oh sea, I AM the Prophet Alpha Omega." (The "sea," here, symbolizes the nations.) (Jesus is called "The Alpha and Omega" in Revelation 1:8, 21:6, and 22:13, where it reads: "I AM the Alpha and Omega!") The top part of the vertical cross reads, "You will hang (the serpent)." This is indeed what happens to the serpent when the cross is superimposed over the serpent when spanning 1290 x 2 letters in the mirror. (We will explain this process later and see chart below. Each letter represents a consecutively year of time, as discussed throughout this website. So far, all picture bible codes at 120-letter sequences interconnect along a narrow 430-year cycle as discussed at the bible numbers  site.)

Horizontal Beam

The horizontal beam reads in many ways, all agreeable to the image! This is truly astounding.

The horizontal beam reads left to right:

"The Omega of God died as the holocaust." Or, "He died in innocence-- a mighty tree as a holocaust!" Or, "He died in innocence---God as a holocaust!" Or, "A mighty innocent One died. He was made desolate!" Or, "He died in innocence --a curse --a holocaust!" Or, "The Omega died having been made a curse --a devastation." 

Reading forward and backward, "Is not the fire [man] to die completely? He died completely, having been made a curse, a desolation." ("Fire" is a play on sounds for "man.") Or, "Behold, a Lamb for His mother! You are made whole!" [Remarkably, even its acrostic reads the same, "Is this the One dieing? The fire/man died!"] Also, reading just those letters (right to left) where the hands and head of Jesus overlap the beam, it reads, "The God of Truth."

Every two letters along the beam reads: (forward) "Alpha --The Alpha and Omega --He will make perfect peace (for them)!" "Is Alpha --The Alpha and Omega become their clothing?" (Next few verses of actual text tells us that God clothed them with an animal skin, which is a type of Christ, (Genesis 3:10, 21). He hung naked on the cross that we might wear his righteousness! (Amazingly, the four letters that spell, "The Alpha and Omega," also spells the word, "The-letter-of-the-alphabet"! And can read: "Alpha, the letter Tav is Aleph! Behold Alpha, the Alpha and Omega!" Since the letter Alpha was once a (hieroglyphic) image of an bull, and the Tav was the shape of the cross, hence we have here pictured, then, Christ as a sacrificial bull hanging on the cross.) (Backward), "Omega and Alpha --Behold!" And, "He died, A Lamb was circumcised!" Or, "On account the Lamb is flawless." Or, "From the past --A Lamb!" (see Revelation 13:8). Single words of note at every 3, 4 or even 5 letters (ELS) along the beam are (ELS 3) "Was He put to death?"  (ELS 4) "He hung," "A desolation," (the same Hebrew word used in Daniel 9:25), (ELS 5) "The Mother." 

In the case of every example that has been mentioned along the beams, each and every reading completes its course along the beam. It does not start or end part way along the beam. This is why the bible code is so remarkable. All 11 letters along the beam are used, forward or backward, a total of 22 letters, which is the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet --"From Alpha to Omega"; (in Hebrew, "From Aleph to Tav," which was an ancient Jewish expression equivalent to, "The Alpha and Omega." As we shall see, both expressions form the head of Christ on the cross!) It is interesting that the letter "Tav" was used to mark someone with on the forehead for mercy, and the letter was in the shape of the cross! (Ezek. 9:4-6.)

Note: At first I was unsure about the phrase, "he was circumcised" until I noticed the following: The position of the word [two letters] "he was circumcised" is key. The two letters are centered at the ears of the head and correspond to 1224 and 1226 BC and are 1290 letter-years to symbolic AD 65, a symbolic day/year that signifies when the law came to Moses on the day of Pentecost. This is important since circumcision was a seal of this covenant. [Also, the bible refers to hearts and ears as being circumcised.] '1290' is also a number to do with covenant [Daniel 9:24-27, 12:11], and it has to do with the bearing of sin, [430 x 3 = 1290, Ezek. 4], but we discuss that later. The point is that the strange phrase, "A Lamb was circumcised" is theologically accurate if taken as a reference to the death of Christ as payment for the sins committed under the law as well as before the law, [Rom. 5.] Also, the word made-a-curse carries with it the sense of the consequences of breaking a solemn oath, such as the oath put upon Israel at Mount Sinai, [Deut. 29:12. Recall the 1290 to AD 65]. The bible also says, "Cursed (a different Hebrew word) is everyone that hangs on a tree," Gal. 3:13. "Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us; for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree". 

When we take all the possible sentences that can read along the horizontal beam and put them together, this is what the beam says:

"Did not the Man certainly die (and his fiery suffering)? O Thomas, He and it will certainly die, having been made a curse, a desolation, though He was innocent. Behold, from before the fall a flawless Lamb died! (see Revelation 13:8) A Lamb, circumcised for His mother! (That is, Eve, the mother of humanity.) You are made whole! He is the mighty tree. He is God, the God of Truth! Omega and Alpha! Behold the letter Alpha!---The Alpha and Omega! (The Alpha-bull hanging on the Omega-cross!) And He makes for them a complete and perfect peace! Is He their garment (that covers their nakedness)?"

The above is confirmed by what the head reads, for it reads much the same. This is probably the most complex single circular bible code ever found. It reads:

"Did he not certainly die? From Alpha to Omega (and from Omega to Alpha) on account of their curse a Mighty One (or, 'God'), O Thomas, is being hung to die for the sake of the Truth. Did He not die for the nations? Did He not die for a mother upon a mound of ruins?" ("Mother," here, represents the nation Israel from which Messiah was born. See Revelation 12.)

The four corners of Christ, (which is also where he was wounded --i.e., the crown of the head, hands, and feet) reads, "Alpha---Omega --Omega---Alpha." (Hebrew reads "Aleph" and "Tav.") Or, from foot to head reads, "Alpha---Omega," and from hand to hand also reads, "Alpha---Omega." (Note, only on the horizontal beam is the word "Omega" [Tav] written fully, every where else just the letters Aleph and Tav as single letters are used.) Christ on the cross is 120 x 9 letters long, which is 360 x 3. This number symbolizes resurrection. 


The heart of the man reads, "A man." The entire chest (in circular fashion) reads, "Father forgive!" And, "I will certainly return!"

Along the arms it reads, "Yes indeed, the Alpha/Omega said..." (It responds to the dragon's lie, "Did God indeed say...")



The head of Christ on the cross reads: "Truth, (and) for the sake of truth, is hanging (on the cross)."

In a riddle, the dragon reads, "Does the dragon of the sea slumber? The southern sea is agitated (i.e., the Red Sea) --being overwhelmed from wine because of the waters of the dragon! What sea is rotting? The sea of Moses is being removed." (See dream and recall what the tongue of the dragon said.)




The serpent that overlaps the dragon reads, "The serpentine dragon makes her drink water (from the sea)." That is, poisoned water---as mixed with the dust of the earth as a curse. (See Num. 5.)




The second head of the serpent at right also reads, "The man," or, "He (the serpent) will deceive her." The jaw of this serpent head reads, "Lord" (Yah). The jaw of its other head reads, "God" (El). Together this spells the covenantal name of God that is repeated throughout this narrative, that is, "The Lord God." Thus, the dragon is proclaiming himself as the Lord God. This is the very lie that he tells in this narrative, where the serpent says to Eve that "You shall be as God!" The feet reads, "He is." It is the root word for the covenantal name of "The Lord," and "I AM." The feet are trampling down letters that can represent the years of the falls of Jerusalem between 605 and 586 BC, using the minimum 3900 BC calendar. (The normal calendar for the creation used is 4305 BC (or in these images, 4304 BC), which is the maximum creation date. See bible numbers website for more.) The tail reads, "Lest you die."


See The Menorah Burning-Bush Bible Code for more about what the flame reads!

The great flame in the middle, in part, reads:
 "O' the ascending sacrifice! O' the flame! O' the love
-- the love of God for her!..."

Menorah bible code prophecy about the bride of Christ.Below is a sample of how the bible numbers cause various picture bible codes to overlap. Here they overlap by 1290 (i.e., burning-bush code overlap, not shown here; however, it has the same placement as the 1290 x 3), 1290 x 2, and 1290 x 3 letters. (The 1290 letter-years is further divided by 430 x 3.) Then the code has Christ ascending straight up and out from the flames little by little utilizing such numbers as 10 years (see Moth Bible Code) and 14 years (7 x 2). Christ becomes an offering that ascends to God. (Note that 1290 and 1290 x 2 are simply 3 and 7-year periods with their leap months added. That is, 1290 [Daniel 12:11] is simply 1260 [Revelation 12:6] with the leap month added. The vertical length of Christ on the cross is itself 120 x 9 letters, which is 360 x 3, or 3 prophetic years. The menorah is 360 x 2.) (Also see, How Picture Bible Codes Overlap as one composite image! -1- -2- -3- -4-).

In the image below, every part of Christ is aflame except for His hands and feet, (symbolically speaking). Those things that bound Him to the cross were not burned even though all else burned. This is in contrast to the three Hebrew children in the fiery furnace. They were not burned at all except for the ropes that bound them! (Daniel 3). "He saved others, but Himself He cannot save!" Jesus appeared with them in the fiery furnace. He was the One "like the Son of Man/Adam". 

In the code below, Christ ascends up to heaven from the flames similar to the story about the birth of Samson, (whose name means, 'sun-like'), (Judges 13). At the announcement about the birth of Samson, the Angel of the Lord ascended up to heaven in a flaming sacrifice ---the same Angel that appeared to Moses in the burning bush upon Mount Sinai! (Both the burning bush and burning mountain images [not shown here] also overlap this image! The symbolism of this code is similar to that in the moth code, and remarkably, these images also overlap!)

The menorah code is found in the book of Exodus while the image of Christ on the cross is found in Genesis. Remarkably, the two images stand side by side at only 19 letters apart if placed, as it were, in the same book. (See image below.) Christ on the cross is actually upside down allowing it to become upright in the BC/AD mirror, which is what this code does (at the said 1290 x 2 and 1290 x 3 letters, etc). Moreover, the symbolic dates that the position of the letters signify are of great biblical importance, such as 1446 BC of the exodus, as well as the births of Isaac and Jacob, and also Noah's flood. Thus 1290 (or 430 x 3 letters) allows the images to relocate and interact with other encoded images along a specific and well documented numeric grid. Therefore, not only is the bible code using biblical numbers that allow it to interact with the other images, but the picture codes are also moving along an established tract of epoch dates that are themselves in agreement with what the code is saying!!! In other words, the images are utilizing the very same numeric patterns (both dates and numbers) as discussed in the bible numbers website published before the codes were found!

bible-code prophecy of Christ on cross in Genesis with Exodus menorah.

Click to enlarge to show how
images are located close together!
Picture bible codes in overlap.

A note about the three circles of the Moth Bible Code'
 in overlap with dragon code. 

Also see related image...


The great flame in part reads:
 "O' the ascending sacrifice! O' the flame! O' the love
-- the love of God for her!..."


Three Heads:

There are also three heads that make one larger head on the cross. This is symbolic of Jew and Gentile ("the nations") being made one in Christ's body. (I hope to expand on this later.)

(Eph. 2:13-17) "But now in Christ Jesus ye that once were far off are made nigh in the blood of Christ. For he is our peace, who made both one, and brake down the middle wall of partition, having abolished in the flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; that he might create in himself of the two one new man, so making peace; and might reconcile them both in one body unto God through the cross, having slain the enmity thereby: and he came and preached peace to you that were far off, and peace to them that were nigh..."



The Three Heads: (The below direction of readings are viewed as in the upright text.)

The smaller head, clockwise: 
"From Alpha to Omega." 

The enlarged head, counterclockwise. (See the four yellow letters around the three circles):
"The Alpha and Omega."

From right head to left head: (1st head/circle, clockwise) "He is the Lord..." (Middle head/circle, counterclockwise) "...the One being hung to die for the sake of the truth. Did he not die for the nations? Did he not die for a mother [Israel] upon a mound of ruins? I will die..." (3rd head/circle, clockwise) "...(but) I will assuredly rise (again)!" (Note the prophecy made by Jesus who is, "The Prophet" to come "like unto Moses." Note the vertical beam that read, "I AM the Prophet Alpha Omega!" Therefore, this is His prophecy, "I will die, but I will certainly rise again on the third day." (The numbers imply that the third day is be understood.)

Again, right head to left head, but in opposite direction within circles: (1st head/circle, counterclockwise) "But it... (Middle head/circle, clockwise) "... was their curse that fell upon the flawless One of God, O Thomas, ... (3rd head/circle, counterclockwise) ...but (the dragon and/or sheol) will spew them out!" (Note image of dragon with the jaw of Sheol swallowing the women and the man.)

(Or???, "And she is for the Flawless One of God, Thomas, and he (the dragon) will spew out water (Lit. 'them')," (Revelation 12:15).


1290, 490, 65, and the Heads!

The center of the head (and three heads) of Christ (as 1225 BC) are 65 letters to the center of the seven heads (and four heads of the dragon) (= as 1290/1291 BC). The two centers are intersecting each other at 490-letter-year cycles---including in the mirror! (The 490 is the number of perfect forgiveness, generally speaking, Daniel 9:24-27, and see 12:11). The number '65' is the number of shattering in the bible and connects the code to the prophecy of "Immanuel" in Isaiah 7-8 (in the year 735 BC) where the prophecy of the '65 years' is mentioned, (Isaiah 7:8). The 65-years of this prophecy spanned 735 to 670 BC and this same span also interacts with the said dates of 1225 and 1290. We will not elaborate, but you can take out your calculator and keep adding 490 years to these dates from BC through AD to see that they all intersect. The numeric combination implies perfect forgiveness after shattering. (Also see 1715 BC and "Christ, the Living Hook!")

The Two-Headed Serpent:

Just to be complete in our discussion, the two heads on the two-headed snake is 126 + 126 letters apart inclusive, or exactly 126 + 126 letters between "The man" and "The women" that the snake is swallowing, (and recall the 1290 + 1290 in the mirror too!) (I.e., one-tenth of figure in Daniel 9:26, and see Revelation 11-12.) 

Importantly, the center of the head of Christ is 1290 x 2 letters in the mirror to the center point between the two heads of the serpent! (God is awesome!) Thus the middle point of the two serpent's heads (126 + 126) interact with the center point of the other heads at 430, 490, 65, and 1290. The complexity proves the authorship of the code,--- God!

The head of Christ spans from 1224-1226 BC. (See above image of 'three heads'.) Heads of the Man and Women (or of two snakes) are as 1231 BC (and see + 1260 years to Christ's death in AD 30) and as 1483, with 1357 BC therefore as center. 1357 BC less 65 is 1292 BC, therefore, 1357 less 1290 x 2 into the mirror = 1224 AD = 1224 BC (therefore 1223-1225 BC). The difference of the one year is due to the +/- one-year possible at the starting point of 4304 BC. It is intentional and allows the image of Christ on the cross to slide over two letters and thereby crush the serpent's head with his left hand as well His right. Satan is likened unto a two-headed snake that is killed in one head but revived temporarily due to the other head that awaits its execution, (Revelation 9:19, 13:3). 

These numbers also imply the reconciling of the historic nations of Judah and Israel into One head (as well as man and women, Jew and Gentile), since they are 12 and 10 times 126 letter-years to AD 30, with 11 x 126 to Christ in center. [1483 BC less 12 x 126 = AD 30, etc.] (Israel to north received 10 shares and Judah to south received 2 shares of the total 12 tribes of Israel. This entails too many prophecies to begin to discuss here. Indeed, all things were reconciled in Him! Also, Jesus was from the tribe of Judah.)

(Also, there are 1260 leap days every 240 years and it happens that the bible code is at 120-letter intervals, [120 +120 = 240]. Also, 120 x 3 = 360 letters, which is a year in bible prophecy, etc. This allows the 1290 and 1260 to be broken down into "The time, times, and half-a-time" frequently spoken of in bible prophecy.)

The numeric along the horizontal beam (where the flood is being spewed out of the dragons mouth) is astounding! For instance, those letters represent the years (1231 to 1220 BC), which is when the Roman Catholic inquisition began, except in the mirror as AD. As a matter of fact, the letter-dates, perfect in everyway, are in agreement with Revelation 11-12, and that includes the four major views of interpretation as believed throughout the last 2000 years! (That is, the Historicist, Preterists, Futurist, and Spiritual interpretations. (See "Revelation, Four Views: A Parallel Commentary," by Steve Gregg by Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1997.) Also note how the numeric agrees with the AD 66-70 destruction of Jerusalem as well; i.e., 1225 -1221 BC plus 1290 letter-years = AD 66-70.



Christ, the Living Hook!

(Hook discovered the morning of June 7, 2005)

The green beam with a hook on the end
 that is hooking the second head of the serpent-dragon reads:

"He will take one of my beams
 and then will hang them up with my hooks (nails)!"

"My nails!" Picture bible code.

There are two other tiny 'hooks' as well, one at either end of the beam. (The one on the left is actually four-in-one!) They read, "My hook/nail." One is above the snake's head and reads, "My nail." The other is above the top of the four dragon heads that join together as one (at left). (See second image below.) To view the nail's outline, locate the red letters. Interestingly, the word for "My nail" is itself made up of two 'vavs' and a 'yod'. A 'vav' in Hebrew hieroglyphics was originally an image of a hook or nail and the 'yod' was once a hand, thus they symbolize the nails in Jesus' hand! 

Above the four heads that face in four directions are the four nails that also read in the same four directions, implying the obvious. (See second image below of the two two-headed nails. Note that the yod [i.e., a 'hand'] which forms the head of the nail facing to the right lands at the exact place where the right hand of Jesus is placed on the cross in the picture bible code! The fact that the nails are two-headed nails imply that the nails of Jesus will be turned around and used on the enemies own head.) The numeric at 1290 x 2 places a nail/hook (spike) squarely into the center of all four heads---each in their own turn! God is awesome! Here we seen the top head pierced. When put in the mirror at 1290 x 2 (see image at top of page and also third image down) the same nail pierces the bottom head as well. However, the green beam (as we shall see) is meant to overlap the brown one below it by exactly 2 rows of letters so as to pierce the dragon on the left and then on the right at the said 1290 x 2 letter-years. (Note brown outline of the beams of the cross as discussed earlier. Compare the three images below to understand what I mean. Continue to read on for clarification!) 

"My nails!" Picture bible code.


(Ezekiel 38:1-4) "And the word of Jehovah came unto me, saying, Son of man, set thy face toward Gog, of the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal, and prophesy against him, and say, Thus saith the Lord Jehovah: Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal: and I will turn thee about, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses and horsemen..."


(Christ is the hook that drags the dragon and his armies toward their fiery doom, Ezek. 38-39.)



Full image is not available at the moment,
 but looks much the same as the other cross. 
Only the 'hook' is here seen in the main image of our study (at ELS 120).


The beam of the cross becomes a hook. Full image is seen at ELS 3.This image of Christ on the cross has the same apparent size as the other image except that this one is at an ELS of only '3' whereas the other was at '120'. This image of Christ on the cross now becomes that of hook(s) piercing the nose or Jaw of the serpent/dragon so as to turn it around in the opposite direction. The outline of the body of Christ becomes the outline of the hook! Here, Christ now holds (or is nailed to) the beam/hook that in turn hooks the serpent. (See image on right and read note.) One hook is in the shape of a ring on a pole and the other is shaped like a fishing hook. The serpent-dragon is taken captive with the ring hook and is hung up on the fishing hook. (See Job 41:1-2.)

As the code implies, the dragon will eventually be hung to die as an accursed thing. Christ's enemy, the serpent, is captured and hung up with hooks on a beam as the just reward for hanging the Christ on the cross with nails. (Satan was indirectly responsible for Christ's death.)

What is so amazing about this code is that even though it is at a much smaller ELS (Equal Letter Skip), it nevertheless still appears as a hook in the larger 120- ELS image! It is like getting a close-up view of the hook by switching channels (matrix size). As a matter of fact, the vertical beam is exactly 120 x 2 letters overtop the vertical beam of the other image of Christ on the cross at +1290 x 2 letters in the mirror. Or, it is like taking the full three dimensional image of Christ 'the hook' and flattening it into a two dimensional image so that you only see a beam with a hook pulling and turning around a serpent, but not the full image of Christ, (though its matching image at 120-letters skips is nearby anyway.)

Another amazing thing about this code is that it can read: "Yesterday, Justice took the hooks belonging to the dead One into the heat of the battle." (See Ezek. 38-39 to read about this battle.) The phrase, "Yesterday" is significant since the entire code of the two hooks, here, is embedded in one single verse of the bible, Genesis 2:21.

"And Jehovah God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and he slept; and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof." 

It happens that the word for "rib," here, can also mean "a beam of wood" and this very word/phrase from the surface text forms the upper beam of the cross in the image! The passage itself is extremely significant in that this verse is symbolic of Christ dying and rising again as the the second Adam in order to secure for Himself a bride, (i.e., the Church). The bible code brings out the fact that the sleep (death) of Christ would be by crucifixion and that he would be impaled upon a rib/beam. The rib/beam is taken from His side because Christ is also the Tree of Life. He was impaled upon one of His own limbs, as it were! All things speak of Christ in one way or another, and every bible code has as its theme

Since the code refers to a day called, "Yesterday" in the which this said event happened, therefore I believe that, literally speaking, "yesterday" was important and should be noted. Since today is June 7, 2005, therefore yesterday was June 6, 2005, and on the day/year calendar yesterday (June 6) signifies the symbolic years 1715 BC or AD 2306. (See -490 years to the date of the head of Christ in the main image at 1225 BC, and see 430's etc. We explain such things elsewhere in other documents and cannot take time to go over them now in detail.) Yesterday, June 6, was also "Jerusalem Day," a day that commemorates the Six-Day War in 1967 which, in turn, is a shadow of the Ezekiel 38 war that is to come, about which this code speaks!

The phrase "yesterday" is also interesting because the same word appears in the other image of Christ on the cross.


The Number Three: The Number of Resurrection

The beam of the cross becomes a hook. Full image is seen at ELS 3.The vertical beam of the bible code is at 3-letter intervals and implies resurrection. (Jesus rose from the dead on the third day. Compare this to the other image of Christ on the cross where the number three is likewise highlighted.) Amazingly, the length of the body from head to toe is 3 x 3 x 3 letters long and the width of the arms is 9 letters, or 3 + 3 + 3 letters long! (The horizontal beam is at one and two letter intervals.)

The image is exceedingly complex since the image is overlapping itself due to the very low skip sequence being used, (i.e., ELS '3'.) A close look reveals that the hook of the vertical beam is also the same hook as the one on the right of the horizontal beam.


(For the meaning of "Omega" and "dead one" and "living one" please compare it with the other image of Christ on the cross at ELS 120.)

Vertical beam with its two hooks (+3 ELS): 

"Alas O flawless One! As a judgment, take the hooks of the dead One into the heat of battle!" "Omega, draw near!"

Horizontal beam with its one hook (-2 ELS): 

"And the living One will hang them with a hook!"

(Or, as seen in the 120-ELS image alone: [ELS1] "He will take one of his/my beams, [ELS-2] "and will hang them with my hooks!" (Or, "And my hook will hang them", that is, Christ a 'hook' personified.)

In both the above cases the hook can be personified as representing Christ Himself, which is agreeable to the image since the body and head of Christ form the image of a hook! The vertical beam speaks of "the hook of One dead" in contrast to the horizontal beam that speaks of "the hook of One alive" (from the dead). 

The cross beam may also read, "A wooden beam from my side." It borrows from the actual bible text that reads, "he took a rib from his ribs/side." It happens that "rib" or "side" may also mean a board or beam and hence the double meaning in this bible code. (The same word is used to refer to the paneling of the interior of Solomon's temple, [1Kings 6].) 

The reading of the arms also borrow from the actual text and threatens, 

"I will take one (a beam), O oppressor!" 

This implies that the oppressor (i.e., the serpent) that crucified Christ will in the end himself be hung on a beam of a tree, though this may just be figurative language.

The two hooks that form the body of Christ crisscross and intersect at the Jaw of the head of Christ and read: 

"A Jaw!" "Their hook!"

The head of Christ may also read: 

"You will certainly forgive, O Flawless One!"


The beam of the cross becomes a hook. Full image is seen at ELS 3.In conclusion, the Christ who died on the cross at the devils instigation will one day hook the dragon by the jaw and lead him into the battle of Armageddon where he will 'die' the death of the accursed. Since a spirit-being cannot die, this means that the devil will be defeated and ultimately sent to the lake of fire, (Revelation 21) "where the beast and the false prophet are" (20:10). This will happen when Christ returns on the clouds of glory with and for His bride. The birds will eat the flesh of His enemies, but the saints will eat from the wedding banquet set for them, (Revelation 19). Then there will be the thousand-year reign of Christ. After that a repeat war of "Gog and Magog" occurs where after the devil is finally cast into the lake of fire, (Revelation 20:7-10.) 

The clue as to the timing of these events is in the bible-code word "Yesterday." Perhaps forces were literally unleashed yesterday that are putting hooks into the jaw of Russia (and/or some other great power) that will eventually lure them into the battle of Armageddon, just like the Egyptians were led into the watery-trap at the Red Sea?

(Note: the battle of Ezek. 38 may be another battle other than that seen in Revelation 19. However, they are sometimes viewed as if one battle in bible prophecy, which some find confusing. Remember that one single prophecy can speak of several things at once.)


This was Part Three of three parts 

(-1- -2- -3-)


Click to enlarge to show how
images are located close together!
Picture bible codes in overlap.

Note about the three circles of the Moth Bible Code'
 in overlap with dragon code.

Also see related image...


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