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What do the numbers alongside 
some of the bible codes on the right mean?




Moth bible prophecy code.Someone asked:

"There are line numbers on the side but I do not know where you are getting them from. They could be numbers assigned to bible pages. Let me know."


My reply:

Yes, I guess I am not that clear on that. There is so much to say! Those numbers on the side of picture bible codes are simply the letter position in that book of the bible that the computer program spits out. The  Moth/SARS bible code, for example, begins from the 189th letter in the book of Daniel. That letter-number thus represents the letter immediately to the left of it. If the number below is 120 letters more, and so forth, than that means that that bible code would then be at 120-letter sequences. (ELS 120.) The Hebrew bible would therefore be laid our in arrays at 120 letters. Thus it would be like reading the Hebrew bible with each row of text laid out with exactly 120 letters per line as you read down forming a matrix of letters. This is just an example.

The Balance Bible Code (as seen at right) shows that the top part of the river begins at the letter #47098 in the book of Isaiah. (That letter position works out to be Isaiah 46:1 and the whole code here runs from verse one to verse six of Isa. 46.) 

The bible code thus forms a matrix of letters arrayed evenly at 11-letter intervals. The river flows along at 12-letter intervals which means that the next letter 'down the river' would therefore be letter #47110, and so forth. In other words, if you know Hebrew then you can read the actual Hebrew text of Isaiah 46:1-6 in this particular example. (That is, by reading just 11-letters per row. Ignore the residual effect in this particular example.)


Hope this helps,

Dean Coombs (Shekel)

(See note about time-grid in, "Mount Carmel Fire".)



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