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Bible-Code Pictograms!





Newly discovered key Biblical events that occurred during

Blood-Moon Prophecy Tetrads

“A Blood-Moon Tetrad” is when four total lunar eclipses occur in a row. But in this rare case, each occur on the Jewish festivals of Passover, and then Tabernacles, and this happens two years in a row! Over the past 20,000 years -- in this correct order -- just one has occurred on average about every 500 years. Curiously, not one occurred for about 12000 years up until the time of Noah's Flood!


Jesus said, "There will be signs in the sun and moon..." (Luke 21:25)


 Do you know that the very first tetrad occurred about the time of Noah's Flood?

Another on the exact day when Israel entered Egypt (LXX).

And again when Jacob died (and prophesied about our future).

And when David was made king!

A special Hanukkah-tetrad at the 168 BC, "Abomination that causes desolation".

And more recently, at the discovery of America (and Jewish exile),
Rebirth of Israel, 1967-Jerusalem war, and



They follow the theme of Joseph's dream of
'the sun and moon bowing down to him', Gen.37:9;43:26, and 'to Judah', Gen.49:8.

Eclipses symbolize this humbling, (Isa. 13:10).

Behold, the bowing and rising of Israel!



Below chart contains all Passover/Tabernacles tetrads, including distant past and future.

Notice that we are currently in the exact middle of a massive 8000-year cycle,
which takes the shape of two menorahs! Click to enlarge.

All Blood-Moon (Prophecy) Tetrads that occur on Passover and Tabernacles. Tetrad on day Israel entered Egypt.

This chart also shows that there happens to be the same number of tetrad-cycles (15) over the vast ages as the number of Jewish festivals within any single Passover/Tabernacle tetrad, (which spans just 18 months). This fact is of great prophetic significance! This is just one of hundreds of layers of complexity examined in detail.



Below chart examines one of many "Golden Spirals" (Phi Spiral) formed. This main one spans ALL Passover-Tabernacle tetrads (2277 BC to 5934 AD), with the birth of Jesus near the source of this spiral. (Remarkably, there is another spiral similar to this, except the source shifts to when Jesus left this world at His ascension!)

Golden spiral formed that spans from the beginning to the end of the Passover-Tabernacles Tetrads, with the conception of Jesus the source of the spiral. 

The image below is the same as above, except it zeros in and greatly enlarges the beginning of the above Phi Spiral as it spreads out at the time of the conception of Jesus.

Golden spiral at around the conception of Jesus.


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Bible Codes that form images
that predict the future!

The following seven clusters of bible-code pictograms have paragraphs of encoded text that form about 40 pictograms in all. They interconnect, both numerically and pictographically.

(For specific encoded images, see "Full Index") 

1. Burning-Bush Bible Code (1996) (Found in Ex. 4-5) 
(Images: Scroll, DNA, mountain, lamp, fiery sacrifice, Moses at burning bush) 
(Key phrase: "I AM Yeshua {Jesus}")

2. Creation Code (1999) (Gen. 1-3) 
(Images: Lightning, dividing of land from water, 
serpent-dragon, Eden's sword, the Crucified)  
(Key phrase: "The Triune {God} created!") 

3. Mene-Tekel Bible Code (2000) (Dan. 1-5) 
(Images: Banner of 3 coins, serpent on banner/pole, 
hand, moth, tabernacle)  
(Key phrase: "The One putting him to death!}")

(Key code!)Bible Code Predictions.

4. Cherub/Balance Bible Code (2004) (Isa. 46)
(Images: Balances, lamps, rivers, mountain, tree of life, 
open door/book, comet, cherub, chariot, throne, Baal) 

(Key phrase: "I AM Yeshua {Jesus}")
5. Israel's Acrostic Bible Code (2004) (Gen. 49) 
(Images: Comet, lion of Judah, flying lion/cherub)  
(Key phrase: "Yeshua, You shall fly!")

6. Names Code ('Meaning of Names Code' in genealogy from Adam to Jesus) (2006) (Gen. 1-6; Matt. 1) 
(Images: Noah's flood, dividing of waters; Jacob's-ladder acrostic; 12-animals) 
(Key phrase: "I will forgive my enemies")

7. KJV Bible Code Still in rough! (2007) (Matt., Mark, Rev.) 
(Images: Prophet/prophetess, boat, fish, Jesus walking on water, 
mountains, owl, house of whores) 
(Key phrase: "I AM Yeshua {Jesus}")



New Bible Codes


Cherub  Bible Code Pictogram 

Cherub Bible Code

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Moth Bible Code 
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Mild Swine Flu predicted



Bible code prophecy of dragon.

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Lion Code "12 comets"

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Jacob's Acrostic Prophecy


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In rough! KJV Bible Code





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