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Stairway to the "Pit of Hell"

Picture Bible Code

(Encoded within Isaiah 46:1-6)

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(Sheol code discovered late Aug. 30, 2004
 and put out late Sept. 6, 2004. 
Click here for the important significance of the timing.)

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Psalm 18

Stairway to Sheol (Hell) Bible Code. Bible Code predictions about Baal.

This is perhaps the most fearful bible code to date. 

The bible code is read in opposite direction to the rest of the picture code. Most of the picture-code is read from bottom to top, but here, the 3 lines of code (dark blue) form a stairway that runs down along side of the mountain-river. It is clearly descending because all the sentences that form it are read downward, that is, from top to bottom. 

(The words, "Pit of hell", "Bor Sheol", run through where the worshipers of Bel kneel at every 12 letters. The rest of the code is at 36 letter skips.)

Each-dark blue 'step' is 36 letters apart in the code. Hence, along the river we have 36 x 7, or 252 letters. (A type of 360 x 7 years, or 2520 days). However, the code is vastly more telling numerically than this. The total number of letters spanned, as we shall see, are 1260 letters, (see Revelation 12), or 1260 x 2 totaled for each line of code when added together. 0-11-tree-river-sheol-death-bible-code-short.gif (13160 bytes)

The number 1260 is very significant since the bible code speaks of the death, then into Sheol, (hell) of God's enemies, and then of the casting of Satan into the pit for a 1000 years. All this, the book of Revelation declares, occurs at the end of 1260 or 1260 x 2 days (depending on how one computes it.) (Revelation 12-20). (The code reads best with one letter absent at bottom left [the Vav in "THEY WEIGHED,"]. Click on small picture to left to see the tiny difference this makes. In that case, the full broad three-letter width 'steps' would span only 6 x 36 letters, which is 216, or 6 x 6 x 6. See Revelation 13.)



What the Bible Code Saysbible code-hell sheol grave

The full image is below, (rather than viewed in part as in above image). (Note the symmetry of how the stairwell begins with single letters, then thickens and then thins out again at bottom. The image depicts a symbolic stairwell from heaven to hell. As we shall see, the pit for Satan descends far deeper still---as if bottomless! Revelation 20.) Total length is 36 x 14 letters. (I.e., double the river at 36 x 7.) (The pit for Satan descends another 36 x 21 letters, or 1260 letters altogether.) Also note, the strange language of the code, and the Baal bible code in general, often allude to ancient myths about false gods so as to mock them. For example, the god "Mot" (death) did indeed rule the underworld. (Hab. 2:5, "They open their throats wide as Sheol, like Death they never have enough...") Thus, the code is mocking all false gods.

Line by line, reading downward from left to right (according to the order by when each line first appears in the text of Isaiah 45-46), it reads: 

"Sheol (grave/hell) shall reign over them, that is, death!" (End of first line.)

"In Sheol (the grave/hell), they are alive to Him." (End of second line.)

(Or likely, with the negative following the verb for emphasis. This would mean each line is 360 letters long, 10 x 36.) 
"In Sheol (the grave/hell), they live -- NOT!"
(End of second line.)

"He shall be cast down. A chain is for him!" (Third line read again.)

"He shall be plundered. His assembly cut him off." (End of third line, but differently.)


(After the initial phrase, the Hebrew for the following line of code is much more cryptic, and the Hebrew spurious at points. Therefore, the following line of code is in doubt. However, it makes sense numerically and pictorially and the reading, therefore, was retained --- just in case!)

There is for you a chain for him... 

"to repeat an 'Aleph' of time (i.e., one or one-thousand years), so as to hasten it (and constrain/narrow him), but according to man (or according to fire {word "man" spelt defectively?}), it will be repeated as if stretched out in length, (being crushed within it)." 

"Being crushed" is optional. If included into the line of code it adds two more letters so that instead of spanning 1260 letters, the entire code would span 1332 letters. It happens that 1332 letters is 666 x 666, a number associated with the antichrist in the bible. "Being crushed within it" adds two more letters, or 1404 letters. The code cannot read any further.



(Important: This Code is greatly expanded.
 See the "Cherub/Baal Bible Code".)

bible code-hell sheol grave


Hell Bible code.



"Sheol (grave/hell) shall reign over them, that is, death!" (End of first line. This line spans 360 letters, or 10 x 36. [May also read, "...which is his death!"])

The bible closely associates the grave with death. (See Revelation 6:8 and 20:13-14.)

"And I saw, and behold, a pale horse: and he that sat upon him, his name was Death; and Hades (hell) followed with him. And there was given unto them authority over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with famine, and with death, and by the wild beasts of the earth."

"And the sea gave up the dead that were in it; and death and Hades (hell) gave up the dead that were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works. And death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death, even the lake of fire. And if any was not found written in the book of life, he was cast into the lake of fire."

The bible also speaks of the grave and death having power over men---alive or dead: 

(Psalm 49:14) "Like sheep are they laid in Sheol: Death feedeth on them; and the upright shall have dominion over them in the morning; and their comeliness shall be for Sheol to consume, that there be no habitation for them."

(Rom 5:14) "Nevertheless death reigned from Adam until Moses, even over them that had not sinned after the likeness of Adam's transgression, who is a figure of him that was to come."


bible code-hell sheol grave"In Sheol (the grave/hell), they are alive unto Him." (End of second line. 9 x 36.)

Jesus said something similar:

"But he is not the God of the dead, but of the living: for all live unto him," (Luke 20:38).

Since this line of code passes through the lights of the Lamp, I believe it refers negatively to the ungodly dead, but positively to the righteous dead. That is, to a place called "Abraham's Bosom" (Luke 16:22,23), which was a compartment of Sheol according to Jewish tradition. All this may, however, simply be figurative language, though the phrase "alive to him" eliminates the notion that the grave is merely a cessation of existence.

However, it is likely that the next letter is intended to be added to span 10 x 36 letters like the other two lines. In this case it reads: 

"In Sheol (the grave/hell), they live -- NOT!" (End of second line.)

"He shall be plundered. His congregation cut him off." (End of third line.)


This third line can be read 3 different ways, each 10 x 36 letters, or 360. This is significant because the code then continues to read down even further as it describes the fate of Satan and descends pictorially into the deepest of pits. There the code emphasizes the repetition of a year, which is 360 days on the prophetic calendar!

To appreciate this line of code one has to read the text of Isaiah 14, Ezekiel and Revelation that speaks about the doom of Satan. Also, the mene-tekel bible code had much to say about the grave as well. There it used Saddam Hussein (and sons) as an object lesson for those who would follow in their wicked footsteps. Thus, these lines of code are inferring a message to Saddam as well as his god, the devil. Please read that code for the connection to Saddam, and hence the connection of this code to him as well. (The leaves of the tree also speak about Saddam by name, as will be explained later.)

Isaiah 14:12-15 (and all chapter 14). (This passage refers to both Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, and to the god of Babylon, that is Satan. Amazingly, Saddam Hussein likened himself to Nebuchadnezzar, and he himself rebuilt the ancient city of Babylon! Note the tree that is cut down in this text, and the tree in the code with the axe to the root. Babylon was also "plundered." Note that this picture is encoded in Isaiah 45-47, which also predicts the fall of Babylon (539 BC), esp. ch. 47.)

"How art thou fallen from heaven, O day-star, son of the morning (i.e, Lucifer)! how art thou cut down to the ground, that didst lay low the nations! And thou saidst in thy heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; and I will sit upon the mount of congregation, in the uttermost parts of the north; I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High. Yet thou shalt be brought down to Sheol, to the uttermost parts of the pit," (Isaiah 14:12-15.)


"He shall be cast down. A chain is for him!" (Third line read again differently.)

(See above verse from Isaiah and see Ezekiel 28.)

"There is for you (i.e., an angel) a chain for him... to repeat an Aleph of time (i.e., one or one-thousand years), so as to hasten it (and constrain him), but according to man (or according to fire), it will be repeated as if stretched out in length." 

This part of the code is the most intriguing, but also the most ambiguous. However, when compared to 2Peter 3, and Revelation 20 the code is startling clear. Also, the numeric of the code clearly points to the same interpretation.



After the initial phrase, the Hebrew for the following line of code is much more cryptic, and the Hebrew spurious at points. Therefore, the following line of code is in doubt. However, it makes sense numerically and pictorially and the reading, therefore, was retained --- just in case!

There is for you a chain for him... 

" repeat an 'Aleph' of time (i.e., one, or, one-thousand years), so as to hasten it (and constrain/narrow him), but according to man (or according to fire {word "man" spelt defectively?}), it will be repeated as if stretched out in length." 

(May also include the words, " will be repeated as if stretched out in length, being crushed in it.") This adds four more letters that spans 144 more (36 x 4), which is 1260 letters from the top of the river where the Ayin is that spells "Like Yeshua". And the river is 126 + 126 letters long. (Spans in Isaiah from letter #47088 to #48348.Note: the images to the right should therefore be extended by four more letters. )



bible code-hell sheol graveThe descent into Sheol (pit) continues. I had to shrink the image considerable to fit in the text.



Rev 20:1 "And I saw an angel coming down out of heaven, having the key of the abyss and a great chain in his hand.

Rev 20:2 And he laid hold on the dragon, the old serpent, which is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years,

Rev 20:3 and cast him into the abyss, and shut it, and sealed it over him, that he should deceive the nations no more, until the thousand years should be finished: after this he must be loosed for a little time."




In 2Peter chapter 3, Peter says that "a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as a day." In the 360 calendar site, I show that the 360-day year is part of a calendar that stretches out into trillions of years, and divides time into increasingly large units of time. This is what we have here. The code is at 36-letter skips, which is one-tenth 360. From top to bottom there are 1260 letters spanned, (or 1258, depending how one views it.) Or straight down the height is 1155 (or 1153, depending on how one views it.) The bible associates both these numbers (1260 and 1150) with the last-day final conflict between the forces of evil with that of God and His angels, (Revelation 12). (See 1260-days Bible Prophecy Web Site for more.) 


(Arrayed at an ELS of 36, the two images to the lower right and left are simply the above code put in a straight line for easy reading and comparison. The right line is longer by 10 letters upward, but is not shown here. There is a total of 32 letters in that line, plus another 10 and 11 in the other two, a total of 53 letters. The blue letters affixed to them is the 'river'. Note: the images to the right and left should all be extended by four more letters.)


Without laboring the point too long, the code is simply saying that Satan will be bound with a chain ("restrained") one year as an angel would regard it, but a 1000 years as man would count it. 


The Letter 'Aleph'

The letter, "Aleph," by itself, as a single letter, refers to a unit of "one," but as a whole word it refers to a 1000 (years). The Aleph (the first letter of the Hebrew bible) is midway along this long stretch of code, and the key phrase, "A repetition of an aleph of time," (or, "A thousand years of time"), is positioned numerically so as to underscore its own meaning, i.e., "a repetition of time". (The word, 'repetition" is related to the Hebrew word for "year." This word is also repeated twice in this same line of code!) 

A 'repetition' is 360 x 2 (or more) years, and this key phrase, "A repetition of an aleph of time," is positioned 360 x 2 letters from the top, and again from the bottom of this descending stairway. (The stairway is 1260 [360 x 3.5] letters long.) Also, the repetition of the below said words located alongside the river (three times), each spanning 360 letters, again underscores the idea of a 'repetition' of years. 

"He shall be plundered. His assembly cut him off." (End of third line---360 letters spanned.)

"He shall be cast down. A chain is for him!" (Third line read again, but differently---360 letters spanned)

"There is for you a chain for him...(Third line read again, but differently---360 letters spanned)

Moreover, the full word for Aleph runs along side the single letter "Aleph," so as to reinforce the point, only here it emphasizes the fact that after the said 1000 years, Satan will (eventually) be shut up forever during the New Creation, (Revelation 20-22). The number for a New Creation is 8, or multiples thereof. (The 'leaves,' with Saddam's name in them, likewise spans 88 letters for this very same reason. That is, like Satan, his doom is also eternal.)


1260 x 2  Letters

Notice that the first line of code was 10 x 36 letters, the second was 9 x 36, the third was 10 x 36 three times with the third continuing another 21 x 36, for a grand total of 70 x 36, which is 7 x 360, which is 7 letter-years, or 1260 x 2 of the Great Tribulation period. [Or as 49 (7 x 7) x 36 (along the river, etc.,) + 21 (7 x 3) x 36 that continues the descent into the bottomless pit. Recall the other multiples of seven in the Sheol stairwell.] The numeric is staggering, and serves to strengthen the code where the Hebrew is awkward. Recall that the 1000 years that Satan is bound is also the seventh thousand-year period (7000) from the Creation! 


The Sheol code was found 2000 years after Pentecost, AD 33. (2000 x 360 days = 720,000 days.) This is the traditional date of when God poured out His Spirit upon the 120 in the upper room (at 9 am), (Acts 2). I realized this fact about 8:30 am (Sept. 7, 2004) the morning after I put out this article on Sheol.  For the amazing details to this numeric, see, The Significance of the Timing.

This 2000 years from Pentecost (720,000 days) denotes the end of the 6000 (4000 + 2000) years from Creation, with the seventh 1000-year millennial reign of Christ about to begin---about which this code speaks. This picture code is a sign and wonder that His reign will soon begin!


The following diagrams explain the significance of the positioning of the key phrase, "The repetition/year of an Aleph of time."


bible code-hell sheol grave


bible code-hell sheol grave

Thus, both Saddam (as was Nebuchadnezzar) and his god Bel (that is Satan) are weighed in the balances and found wanting, and so descend into hell. 


Picture-bible-code of bowed-down menorah-scales as a tree by mountain-river.Both images here overlap each other. The seven flames of the lamp not seen in this image read, "Was He made a sin-offering for the sake of the Father?"The code itself explains that only those with the mark of God upon them will be saved from death and the grave. I hope to explain all that later. To be marked ("taved") one simply takes Jesus (Yeshua the Messiah) to be their Lord and Savior. It's that simple. He has paid the dept on that balance of justice for you. Just believe that for yourself and follow Him, and you will have crossed over from death to live---as across the hands of justice that span the river of death as in the picture-bible-code. He is the tree of life, and the river of life, and the balance of justice, and the light of the world! Let it be so for you, by believing on His name, "Jesus!" If you do, you too will have eternal life!



(Sheol code discovered late Aug. 30, and put out late Sept. 6, 2004. 

Click here for the significance of the timing)




You will be marked for mercy if you receive Him (Jesus), who was marked for death on your behalf. This vast and most wonderful of all bible codes will be explained later. It was shown to me a week before the Sheol code. (The Sheol Bible code came to me at the very end of August, 2004.)





Cherub/Baal/Balance Bible Code

(Parts -1- -2- -3- -4-)



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' Balance' Bible-Code

(Sheol code discovered late Aug. 30,
 and put out late Sept. 6. 
Click here for the amazing significance of the timing

(A closer look at the river)

(Encoded within Isaiah 46:1-6)

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