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Why this "Yeshua" Bible Code is Special



Ye 120 sh 120 u 120  a 120 u 120 hs 120 eY

ELS start's at Exodus 2:18, + 120 x 3, = 360 letters to Ex. 3:1, 
+ 120 x 3 more letters = 720 total letters, which ends at Ex. 3:7


"Yeshua忘eshua," in turn, runs alongside in-parallel-with the name of God as revealed at the burning bush (i.e., "I AM," ), and also with the name of "Elijah," . (For the significance of "Elijah," here, see Lesson 1b.)

(Therefore, also alongside are "I AM" with "Elijah," in exactly the same way:
I.e., "I AM," ), and backwards, "Elijah," )


  1. The particular text where this bible code occurs is highly significant. In the text, the "angel of the Lord" that called out from the burning bush and said "Moses, Moses" is actually a revelation of "Yeshua" Himself. How fitting it is, therefore, that the "Yeshua"末"Yeshua" code should be revealed here at this very passage!
  2. The two "Yeshua" bible codes are joined together as one bible code so as to form a 120 x 3, plus another 120 x 3 letter-skip sequence.
  3. Even the words where the bible code lands during its 120-letter skips are significant!
  4. Furthermore, in immediate parallel alongside the second "Yeshua" there is the bible-code word "Elijah" spelt-out also, (accordingly), at 120 x 3 letter skips. (To be elaborated on further in this same lesson.)
  5. The association of Yeshua (Yeshua) and Elijah (identified in the New Testament with John the Baptist末the forerunner of Messiah), along with Moses (i.e., the central figure in the text where the bible code occurs)末these three people are affiliated together already in the Bible: Together they model and portray the "two witnesses" of Revelation 11.
  6. The "time, times, and half a time" associated with the 1260 days (Revelation 11:3, cf. 12:6,14) of the "two witnesses" comes into view as seen in the 360 letter bible code of the word "Elijah," as coupled with the 360 x 2 letter bible code of the word "Yeshua."
  7. The sequencing of 120 letters bears remarkable likeness to the 120 years that Moses lived末a number of highlighted importance in Moses due to the fact that the major events of his life are divided into three sets of 40-year periods, (40 + 40 + 40 = 120).
  8. The fact that there are 720 years (agreeing with the total 720僕etter skips of the bible code), from the birth of Abraham (the forefather of the race) till the burning bush call of Moses to deliver the Israelites from Egypt末is most remarkable. (See Ex. 2:24; 3:6, "I am the God of your father, the God of ABRAHAM, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob"末i.e., three generations amounts to 120 years.)
  9. There are epoch cycles of 120-year periods (i.e., agreeing with the individual 120僕etter skips of the bible code), that continue before and after the burning bush incident末a continuum stretching all the way from the birth of Noah to the birth of Messiah. Among the list of events in 120-year continuum are the birth of Noah; the 120幌ear countdown to the Flood; the actual Flood; the birth of Abraham; the death of Joseph; the building of Solomon's temple; the siege and destruction of the Northern Kingdom of Israel; the first exile of the Southern Kingdom of Judah; and as said, the birth of John the Baptist and Yeshua Messiah.
  10. Furthermore, the mirror presents a perfect crisscross at 1,200 year intervals (i.e., a ratio of times-ten ("1,200") intersecting the regular 120-year intervals), forming a 3,600幌ear period back unto itself in the mirror末with the death of Joseph (in 1805 BC) as central. (The 10-year gap that is here created answers to the parallel "Elijah" Bible code末There is a total 360僕etter skip code for the word "Yeshua," and the next letter besides it spells "Elijah" using the same 120 x 3僕etter pattern末hence forming a total span of 361 letters. This, times 10, equals 3,610. There are 3,610 years from the death of Joseph back again to the death of Joseph in the mirror, with 360 years before and after his death till the birth of Abraham and the burning-bush call of Moses, etc, etc, etc! This will be further explained as we proceed in our studies.)
  11. There are other Bible code sequences of similar meaning in and around the same burning bush passage where our "Yeshua" code was found, including a 1,200 x 3 (= 3,600) letters-skip sequence that also spells "Yeshua," (and further joined with the word "salvation," etc.). It is thus ten times that of the bible code under study, and works with it as a "wheel within a wheel").
  12. Amazingly, there are three (and nearly four) distinct Hebrew words with a gematria of 120 that occur within the 720 Hebrew letters that our bible code skips along in its journey to spell "Yeshua." These three words occur a total of seven times (nearly eight) altogether. For instance, one of these words with a gematria of 120 is the very significant word "bush." In Hebrew, it occurs four times within the 720 Hebrew letters that the bible code spans during its 120-letter skips. The word "bush" has a gematria value of 120. That is, the Hebrew letters that spell "bush" add up to 120. (Every letter in Hebrew has a specific numeric value, similar to Roman numerals except in Hebrew all the letters are numerated. The process of adding up the value of Hebrew letters is called "Gematria.")




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"The Burning Bush Code"


  1. Four names at bush

  2. These 4 names zippered by another two!

  3. Bible Code is self-interpreted!

  4. This self-interpretation makes use of complex acrostics!

  5. Bible-Code picture of "The Scroll-of-the-Lamb" emerges!

  6. The handles of  Scroll proclaims... Future prophesies.

  7. "I AM that I AM," as self-interpreted by this code!



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