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Lesson 7a

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Numerical Patterns Hidden Within the ELS

Lesson 7a


March 16, 1999

Important note about this document:

Upon updating this document, it occurred to me to check Exodus 2 and 3 for the bible code word "I AM,at 120-letter-skip sequences. (I.e., "I AM" is the name of the Lord as spelt at the burning bush, and this is where the original bible code is located.) To my surprise, I indeed found "I AM" encoded there!––and it fit succinctly and flawlessly in with the rest of the bible code! As a matter of fact, I had left an empty dash-line there to mark the spot where a word, theoretically, could be. That is, though no word was there, (or so I thought), yet the numbers held that place to be significant. I do not know Hebrew, therefore I never saw this word, sitting there, right under my nose! (The tables, that follow this note, will show what I mean.)

I had been writing about the relationship of the "I AM" of the bush with regards to our "Yeshua"–"Elijah" bible code. I had even left this empty dash-mark (e.g. –––––––HAJILE ) to signify its potential significance. This is not to say that I expected those four letters to actually be meaningful––but in order to show the numerical relevance of the "Yeshua–Elijah" bible code, I had to leave this empty dash-space to complete my diagram. And so, unwittingly, there it was--- "I AM"! ---the same "I AM" that I had just finished writing about in this document!

I had spent up to 2 years documenting this one bible code and had never made any serious attempt to discover bible codes myself; I desired only to acquaint myself with a few possible "codes" as discovered by others. My intention was to prove that many of these ELS "codes" were indeed just that––"a bible code," and that they could be proven to be such by demonstrating their perfect numerical symmetry. I desired to show that the numbers, potentially, had importance beyond that of displaying God's sovereignty. I desired to show that the numbers could be the very key that unlocks the bible codes!


I have left this document as it stood written the day before I made the "I AM"–bible code discovery so that the reader may observe how unlikely it was that finding it was a mere coincidence. Also, these seven "Lessons" are continued again in a simplistic second part, where a series of matrix slides demonstrate this bible codes' further amazing depth. Moreover, other bible codes equal or greater have been discovered this past month.

When I insert anything new into this document, the added material will begin after two stars **, but end after one *, (excluding changes that were made for the sake of clarity that had no affect on the "I AM" exposition itself).


The matrix on the left is only a cross-section of this120-letter bible code.
Click here for details if unsure how to read it.
Click here for the fuller Matrix, and Bible Text.


J w F S F w J

J 120 w 120 F 120 S 120 F 120 w 120 J

ELS start's at Ex. 2:18, + 120 x 3, = 360 letters to Ex. 3:1,
+ 120 x 3 more letters = 720 total letters, which ends at Ex. 3:7

**Also, alongside are "I AM" with "Elijah," in exactly the same way:
(I.e., "I AM,". and backwards, "Elijah," ) *

The Bible Code as Transliterated into English

(Each name has only four letters in Hebrew, spelt at 120-letter skips)

====> <====

(120 x 3 letters = "Yeshua" spelt forwards) + (120 x 3 letters = "Yeshua" spelt backwards) = 720 total letters



Found alongside the above

(------) <====

(120 x 3 = the above first "Yeshua," ) + the next letter and (120 x 3 = "Elijah"––spelt backwards) = a total span of 721 letters


**Joining the word "Elijah" is the word "I AM" (i.e., = "The Lord"). Note: In Hebrew, the last letter of the word "Lord" ("I AM"), is shared with the last letter of the word "Elijah," in EXACTLY the same way, (and alongside of), the just-mentioned "Yeshua–Yeshua"-bible code.

====> <====

(120 x 3 letters = "Lord" spelt forwards) + (120 x 3 letters = "Elijah" spelt backwards) = 720 total letters *


{The following dates that are used are common among modern scholarship. They are found in most modern commentaries and study Bibles.}


The ELS "Yeshua" bible code is closely related in meaning to the name of "I AM" as revealed at the burning bush passage. This bush passage is also where these same bible codes are found. (See Lesson 1b.) Yeshua said of Himself, "Before Abraham was, I AM," thus, equating Himself with the "I AM" of the burning-bush. Yeshua' declaration that, "Before Abraham was, I am," contains a key that further unlocks our bible code. **(And little did I know!) *

In Lesson one and two, we compared the encoded words "Yeshua" and "Elijah" with the gospel of John, and then explained that a day can equal a year, and that in ELS, a letter can equal a year too. With this background in mind, we see that the full 720 letters of our ELS symbolizes 720 years. And we have shown that from the birth of Abraham (2166 B.C.) till the burning bush call (and Exodus) in 1446 BC, are just that––720 years. Thus, the 720-letter "Yeshua" code bridges the 720-year gap between the birth of Abraham and the Exodus. Therefore, the code draws the truth that "Before Abraham was, I AM." That is, from the birth of Abraham till when this "I-AM" name was revealed (at the burning bush), are just this, 720 years.


** Each Hebrew letter below corresponds to its own color of date in succession.
Each letter and date is 120 letter-years apart.
Hence, the purple yod  equals 2166 BC, which was Abraham's birth; and 361 letter-years later is (1805 BC) which was Joseph's death; and 359 letter-years later is a red yod , which was the Exodus of 1446 BC. It is no coincidence that these three pivotal events are outlined in this code, and together spells forward and backward,,  which is the short form name of the Lord ("Yah"), as found frequently in the Psalms. That this is no coincidence is proven by yet another more amazing code like this, described in slide 2 of , "A Presentation of the Burning Bush Code by Matrix Slides."

2165 BC

2166 BC


In other words, in saying "Before Abraham was, I AM," Yeshua' mentioned two events––the birth of Abraham and the revelation of "I AM" at the bush. (And the bush is where the bible code is found.) This justifies why the Yeshua-Yeshua bible code is 720 letters long: Yeshua spans the 720 years elapsed from Abraham to the bush, and all eternity too! Moreover, as we shall see, there are 720 x 2 more years from the bush to the birth of Yeshua in 6 or 5 BC! The equating of a year with a letter (or day), is referred to as letter-years or letter-days. As said in earlier documents, each letter of this bible code also represents a specific date in time. *





1805 BC

1806 BC





1445 BC

1446 BC


Moreover, just as the 720 letters of the two "Yeshua's" are divided in half at 360 +360 letters (see above table), even so the 720 years that spans from Abraham to the Exodus are also divided at 360 years––at the death of Joseph (aut. of 1805 BC, or spr. of 1806 BC).

The second part of our bible code, (where Yeshua and Elijah are spelt-out at 360 letters each), especially brings out Joseph's death as center––**(Due to the extra letter-year caused by the two vertical lines of the bible code. See above-left matrix).*Therefore, when one letter is understood as representing one year, the entire code then spans from 1806/5 BC (i.e., the death of Joseph), until the Exodus/tabernacle of 1446/5 BC. Hence, the code types out the birth (prefigured in Abraham), death (prefigured in Joseph's), and resurrection of Yeshua Messiah (prefigured in the removal of the body out of Egypt). (I.e., the Exodus was when Joseph's bones were carried out from Egypt, Genesis 50:25; Ex. 13:19. Hence we have in type the death and resurrection of Joseph––similar to that of "Yeshua").


** {As the reader can see, the discovered "I AM" (Bible code), though not affecting the conclusions reached in this document either numerically or thematically, does in fact greatly enhance it––both numerically and thematically.} *


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