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See also, "Dealing with Doubts"


June, 2002


Your letter touches a cord in my heart.

I can relate to his doubting; however, you are correct when you insist that the God of the bible is either the true God, or He is not. One cannot have it both ways. Jesus claims to be the only Way to God. Either He is what He says He is, or He is a liar, or a madman, or the delusion of His wishful followers. However,  in our hearts, we know that Jesus is the Truth; and as for me---to my shame---I had to put my hands in His nail prints (so to speak), but now I know that I did and do truly known Him. Hopefully your friend wonít have to come to that extreme point as I did---for I came well nigh to putting the Lord to the test. But God was patient with me---and heard my sighs and cries, and saw my years of tears.

In my own earlier struggles as to Godís very existence, it really came down to realizing this, that my struggle was against unseen evil spirits that were constantly saying, "Hath God said?" In other words, it was the same old lie that the devil gave to Eve in the garden. It worked then, and it works now. But, there is no basis of truth in it! The bible is both logical, verifiably accurate, and true in every aspect of life. In short, there is nothing in it that should make us doubt. The real problem is the whisperings of devils.

Moreover, the Scriptures declare that the heart of man is desperately wicked. Sometimes (like Eve) we are listening to his lies because there is something in us that wants to believe the lie. Maybe it is because we donít want God telling us what to do. Perhaps it is because we want to please others, and do not want to be persecuted. But, for whatever reason, usually there is a sinful root in us, such as pride, that is giving room for the devil. However, your friend may be oblivious to what that root-cause is. I mention it only so that you may understand. Your friend should be treated with respect and love, giving him all the benefit of the doubt as to his motives. He has to come to understand what his real battle is against---the devil---and his own sinful nature. We are all made of the same stuff, so there is no reason for us to condemn him.

Ironically, my own Web sites offer, what I consider to be, irrefutable evidence for the Lord Jesus Christ. However, until the heart is ready to receive evidence, the mind is not either. So pray for him. There are many other good sites on apologetics for the Christian faith, and books at your local Christian bookstore---but ultimately it is a spiritual battle of the heart that he is in. Whatever the outcome of this battle, do remember this scripture, "Let God be true, and every man a liar."

As for my own work, I suggest that an honest reading of the first two chapters of, "The Writing on the Wall" book on bible numbers at should be enough to satisfy any logical and honest thinking mind. I suggest this to you above the bible codes simply because there is so much dirt flying on the subject of the bible codes that, yes, even I have been caused to waver at times on what I now hold to be self-evident. So I suggest that the bible numbers are, for this reason, more solid in there effect of convincing the wayward of the exclusivity of Jesus as Messiah. If he is sincere, I think that it will impact and strengthen him, and put a shield in his hand to quench all the flaming arrows of the devil. However, whatever the case---do pray for your friend with all patience, watching yourself, for we are all made of the same dirt of the earth, and we who believe are redeemed from the bondage of sin, and from the bondage of dead religion. And God is very able to make him stand---that is, if he wants to stand. However, sometimes He must bring us very low, and we must pass through terrible trials, before the heart is tender enough to humbly trust the unseen Almighty God, (whose handiwork is seen everywhere), and crawl out of our deep pit, which the devil has enticed us into.


"Lord, please open the eyes of this brother whom the devil is enticing away from the only Way, Truth and Life, and deliver this one from this death. Amen."

God bless you!

Brother Dean


See also, "Dealing with Doubts."


hey man..... this is all very interesting..... however i thought I'd email you to ask you a question about a friend i have. i noticed that you went through the same kind of thing that he is going through. He recommitted his life to the lord about 2 years ago, He longs to do what god wants for his life however, he's come to a point in his walk where he is questioning everything. I was chatting with him last night about his beliefs and he was saying that how can we possibly tell someone that their beliefs are wrong and that the only way you can get to heaven is through Christianity. I asked him if he meant other religions and he said yer. The main point i gave him was that "How could there be more than one truth? because wouldn't that mean that there is more than one god?" but then he came out trying to tell me that the bible has faults and contradicts itself...... dude, i dunno what to think.... it's getting me down and we're all worried about him.... what do you reckon i should do? and what could i do to convince him otherwise?      
Thanks for listening, and i hope to hear from you soon!
                    from you brother in


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