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The Nail-Scared Hand

Bible prophecy code hand normal.


(Nov. 7, 2006)


The email to me...


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Monday, November 06, 2006 10:05 AM
Subject: hand

I was looking for the scar in the hand but l can't tell what those Hebrew letters many look similar? 

Is it vav?



(My response)


I never thought to look for a scar. What an interesting thought!

However, the bible code was encoded before Jesus was born, hence it may be a preincarnate appearance of Christ (scholars call that a 'Theophany'), and hence a scar may not be necessary. However, since it is a prophecy about Him and His sufferings I suppose that it would make sense that there would be a scar. I think that the 'vav' (as you suggested) would be the logical letter to represent the nail marks. (The letter vav means a 'nail' or 'hook' in Hebrew.) The three letters in the image below perhaps represent the nail that pieced Jesus' hand? It is located at the correct location where the nail indeed should be, (that is, around the wrist area). The three letters read, "The vav," or "The nail" (or "His nail".) (Compare first two images.)

However, it reads this same thing again six letters to the right of the nail. Is this second 'nail' another hand holding the first nail in its fist?

Including the letter before and the letter after these three letters (5 letters total), the 5 letters reads, "Here is His nail!" This phrase therefore spans 60 letter of text because the code is at an ELS of 15 letters apart. (A Babylonian mina is worth 60 shekels. See the Mene (mina) bible code and the numeric of the hand bible code for more on this.)

I have drawn the nail in the hand (or fist) in its vertical position since there are two overlapping hands --- which are used to give the hand the appearance of movement --- as discussed in the website. (See third and fourth images.) The nail could be placed in either fist (hand), but the the vertical position seems to be the most natural position to hold a nail, and so I have used that hand. But as said, it could be held by either one.
The bible code addresses God as the One "who puts Him to death" --- thus the hand is "the hand of the Lord". But there is a sense in which the hand of the Father and the Son are One in that God is One. There is a sense in which the Lord is not just putting Belshazzar to death but ultimately His own Son too --- as a ransom for men's sins. The Son of God ("the Lord") put Belshazzar to death, a type of antichrist, but the Father (also called "the Lord") likewise puts His own Son to death --- to atone for men's sins. The lengthy mene-tekel bible code makes this interpretation certain. The hand code and mene-tekel code (which are really part of one code) contrast antichrist with Christ. This is why there is ambiguity as to who it is that is being put to death. And while it is true that the enemy put Christ to death, however, because  it was God's will for this to happen it was as if God did it Himself --- like Abraham when he offered up Isaac.
Thus, I am reasonably confident that "the nail" is indeed part of this code --- being written twice, each in a logical location.

Hand bible code with nail--- Bible Prophecy about Christ.


Hand bible code with nail in fist--- Bible Prophecy about Christ.    Hand bible code with nail in fist--- Bible Prophecy about Christ.


Thanks for suggesting to look for this in the hand-code. It turned out to be a fruitful search!

God bless!

Dean Coombs


What the hand bible code reads:

Is it the hand of Jehovah?

Bible prophecy code hand normal.

Is it the hand of Jehovah? He Himself went to war. He put him to death! 
Jehovah goes to war against her (i.e., 'Babylon'), and the arrogant one!
Jehovah goes to war against Babylon (lit. "her"), and the rebellious one!
Jehovah goes to war against Babylon (lit. "her"), and the one being removed!"

"Jesus is Jehovah!"

"When he goes to war, behold it comes---Behold destruction upon destruction
---a cubit (forearm) and a cubit (forearm) to wipe out the arrogant one!
He fell, but I have risen to life, even to abundant life---for His hand,
O beloved, is the Lord's (hand)!"



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