Bible-Code Prophecy

The archetype of all Bible-code riddles: "Painting: Belshazzar by Rembrandt, 1635." The-writing-on-the-wall bible code is the key that unlocks all the bible codes.

The Bible Codes are literally self-explanatory!

The full code paraphrased, including the hidden 'minas' 



(Part five of five parts)

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All seven "coins" visable at once. The coins are to be read horizontally and vertically.

E) Continued from previous pages:



Each coin has its label across it. From top to bottom, "mina,"  "mina,"  "tekel," and both halves of the word, "upar-sin," which means: "divided in half!"Each coin has its label across it. From top to bottom, "mina," "tekel," and half of the word, "Upar-sin." Very importantly, of the 8 pictures with 'coins' (circles) in them as presented in this series of documents, each and every one of them have at least one of the 'coins' in them (and sometimes more) with its proper name(s) encoded straight across the coin, (as one would inscribe on a coin today)---and always in its proper order!!!  

The example on the left and right, amazingly, have all 3, and 5, coins in them in their proper location; that is, if we take the final coin to be the play on words that it is indeed meant to be. The final coin is "uparsin,"  which means, "two half-minas." All the other coins are 3 letters each in Aramaic, but this one is 6; however, it is divided in half in the matrix so that half of the word appears on the first 'half-mina,' whereas the second half of the word is completed on the next 'half-mina.' (See diagram on right.) Why is this significant? Because, as Daniel said, 'peres' can mean "divided (in half)," and thus, the word itself is divided in half in keeping with its meaning, with each half of the one word occurring within each of the "two-half-minas," which is what the word also means!

Likewise, "tekel" is central among the coins because it means "weighed (in the balances)," and so, like a balance, it is perfectly centered among the 5 coins! "Mene," however, means "numbered," and so it comes at the beginning two times, because, you can't really count something that only occurs once, can you!


Miscellaneous notes of interest:


1. The 'banner-pole' and the three 'coins' of the main code, by the way, each measured 6-6-6, ( as explained elsewhere), whereas the 5 coins spread out cover a distance of 30 letters (see part "D") represents a half-mina; this was the same amount for Jesus' betrayal by Judas---of 30 shekels. (Click here for more about the bible numbers encoded in this bible prophecy code.)

2. As said, the vertical pole can be read both ways: Read forward then backwards, the total number of letter skips, inclusive, of the vertical pole equals the same value of all 5 coins along the pole: Forward 91 letters inclusive + 90 letters backward, = 181 letters; and a mina (60 shekels), + a mina (60 shekels), + one shekel, + a half-mina (30 shekels), + a half-mina (30 shekels) = 181 shekels. It is numerically flawless!

3. The last coin may also read, "He tested her lamp." (Recall, "they put God to the test," in the main code.) The word for lamp in the bottom coin is entirely different than the one used to spell "menorah" along the main vertical beam.

4. The menorah-tree-cross is very similar in meaning, number, and content with the menorah of the burning-bush bible code! (For example, the menorah at the bush is, significantly, exactly twelve times as high in measurement. I.e., 120 x 6 = 720 letters tall for the bush code, and 15 x 6 = 90 letters for the menorah-tree cross.) And the cross that the menorah bears in the picture below, is figuratively the same as the one with the 5 coins impaled on it! (The cross that the menorah bears below, reads: "A burning menorah," and its cross-beam reads: "The branch (of the menorah)." This picture bible code, found at the burning bush, is at 120-letter skips. We reveal it's "song" elsewhere.

A picture bible code of a menorah in the form of a snake carrying a cross. Every aspect of this picture bible code is built together by words that are explaining the picture!


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