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The archetype of all Bible-code riddles: "Painting: Belshazzar by Rembrandt, 1635." The-writing-on-the-wall bible code is the key that unlocks all the bible codes.

About "the 5 Coins"

The full code paraphrased, including the hidden 'minas' 



(Part two of five parts)

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D) The five coins spread out read: 

.Bible-codes picture of 5 coins along top of the banner-pole.Bible codes.The first letter "Lamed" can optionally be left out.

(Note the 5 circles on the right; they represent "a mina, a mina, a shekel, and two half-minas," respectively. [Lit. "Double peres," in Aramaic, as it is likely a 'dual' noun; certainly a plural. Daniel interpreted it as just "peres," and hence there is a missing 'half-mina.'] As always, read around the coins in alternating directions. Note the color coding. Interestingly, this bible code summarizes the rest of the bible code.)


O' Mina, rise up and spit out (that tasteless thing). 

The Lord Almighty is He who puts to death---the Mina of Truth---He is their flawless One.

The hand of a Lamb will trample down Babylon, along with his rebellion.

"He will rot, yet I simply slept!" (says the mina).


Notice how the central phase, "the Minah of Truth," is framed by its four bracketing clauses. The final phrase would be by Jesus, "He will rot, but I did sleep," with the tenses being in the prophetic flip-flop.


1. O' Minah, rise now

2. and spit him out!

3. The Lord Almighty,

4. which is the one who puts to death,

5. the Minah of Truth,

4. which is their flawless One.

3. The hand of a Lamb will trample her (Babylon) down,

2. and his rebellion.

1. "He will rot, I did sleep!"



E) The mene, tekel, peres bible code culminates with the "menorah-tree" bible code found along the same banner/pole


Jesus, the light of the word, impaled upon the cross/pole,
 using the 5 coins as an outline His body.


Picture bible code: Jesus, the light of the word, impaled upon the cross/pole, using the 5 coins as an outline His body.There is much more to this bible code besides what we have already revealed. And it is all numerical encoded too; such as this strange phrase: "The mina of God is the garment of the menorah.

 Mina of God  

Garment of the menorah!

It begins (at an ELS of +15) at the top of the pole (on right), beginning from the very first letter in "mina" (of the writing on the wall), and ends near the completion of Daniel's interpretation of the writing on the wall. Importantly, the bible says that Daniel read the writing by the light of a lamp, likely the same one stolen from the temple, see Daniel 5:5. Note the earlier mention of the "lamp" in the "China" part of the bible code.



But what can this phrase possible mean,

  "The Mina of God is the garment of the menorah"?


Remarkable, the bible code answers this question by itself! 

But before we show what the rest of the bible code says about itself, first we must note the following:

The menorah in the temple was fashioned to look like an almond tree with branches, blossoms, and fruit. The menorah almond tree is where the river of life will flow out from in the new Jerusalem, Genesis 2:9, Ex. 25:31-40, Ezk. 47:1, Revelation 22:1)---Thus, the menorah is symbolic of the "tree of life" that was in the garden of Eden. (I leave you to your own detailed study of these things---rather than taking space here to prove the obvious.) Hence, here we have another type of the cross/tree. First there was the banner-pole/cross (upon which the snake was lifted up on in the wilderness), and now the menorah-tree/cross.

You may use the tall 'pole,' to the right, to verify the letters of the vertical beam of the cross for yourself because the menorah-tree part of the bible code is contained within the very letters of the 'banner-pole' bible code that we just studied! Importantly, the theme of both crosses, (i.e., the banner-pole and the menorah-tree), each have to do with measuring! (I.e., "...On account of its height, they will measure it..." and, "...the garment/measurement of the menorah.") Start reading from the very first letter at the top of the tall pole to the right, and skip down over ever 5 letters to spell . Since each row is three letters wide, therefore, this ELS is at plus 15 letter-skips (ELS); (3 rows of 5 = 15-letter skips). (We look at the amazing numerical totals after we read what it says.) 

The two beams together contains two masterful plays of words (just as mene, tekel, peres does): They read: "The garment of the menorah is the mina of God." And, this is a play on words for: "The measurement of the menorah is being numbered by God." 

The picture, therefore, is of the Light of the world impaled upon the pole/cross, covering the nakedness of the stripped almond-tree-menorah with His own body (i.e., the Mina/Redeemer), giving up His life's blood with a great cry, thereby exhausting His light:

"And it was about the sixth hour, and there was a darkness over all the earth until the ninth hour. And the sun was darkened, and the veil of the temple was rent in the midst. And when Jesus had cried with a loud voice, he said, Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit: and having said thus, he gave up the ghost," (Luke 23:44-46).


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