Bible-Code Prophecy

The archetype of all Bible-code prophecy: "Painting: Belshazzar by Rembrandt, 1635." The-writing-on-the-wall bible code is the key that unlocks all the bible codes.

"The Measurements of the Cross!"


The full code paraphrased, including the hidden 'minas' 



(Part four of five parts)

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E) Continued from previous pages:


  • The height of the cross is the same in letters as the value of the coins are that run along it---91 letters/shekels!


All seven "coins" visable at once. The coins are to be read horizontally and vertically.The picture in the bible codes are discovered by what they say.The vertical pole is at an ELS of 15 letter-skips, and as said, the top of both the tall banner-pole and the menorah tree (cross) both reach to the very first letter of the "m" in the first word of "mene, mene, tekel, etc., that was written upon the wall.  

This 15-letter ELS (shown at right), therefore, fits snugly with the 15 letters used to spell, "mene, mene, tekel, and uparsin," (see 3 coins above left, and compare).

As said, this main vertical beam with the phrase: "The garment/measure of the menorah,"  prompts us to pay attention to its measurement

What is its measurement?

What is the height of this cross (menorah-tree)?


The length of this phrase in letters measures the same number as the total value of the three coins---30 + 1 + 60 = 91 letters inclusive! The Hebrew letter 'he' that is centered at the crossbeams is overlapped in the bible code by several different methods, emphasizing that the letters are to be read as 60 letters from the foot of the cross till the cross-beam (i.e., the value of a mina; ELS of 15 x 4 skips), plus the one letter for the crossbeam itself, (therefore numbered inclusively, i.e., the value of one shekel), and the 30 remaining letters from the beam to the top of the vertical pole, (i.e., the value of a peres; ELS of 15 x 2 skips). (For more on the bible numbers in this code, click here.)



To part 5 of 5 parts---All the circles/coins in all of the pictures have at least one of the coins 'labeled' for what type of coin it is. Two pictures have all of them so labeled! This is of no small importance! 




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