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Lesson 7b 
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We previously said that our 360 + 360-letter bible code (or 360 + 361 when we include the parallel "Elijah"–bible code, for a total of 721 letters), represents the period from the birth of Abraham till the Exodus. This we saw was in total agreement with the text from which these bible codes are found, (i.e., the burning-bush passage where Moses is commissioned to deliver the Israelites from Egypt, as promised beforehand to Abraham their forefather). The dates for the birth of Abraham and the Exodus are 2166 and 1446 BC respectively. Furthermore, in the previous lesson on how the three bible code names are related to one another, we saw that the birth of Yeshua ("Yeshua") and John the Baptist (i.e., "Elijah"), are ultimately the fulfillment of our bible code. And we are saying that the mirror supplies the effect necessary to reproduce the numbers (letters-counts) of 360, 361, and 721 of the original bible code, except now interacting on the times ten level––therefore, let us see the effect of this (forward) "Yeshua" spelt at 3,600 letters in the mirror using the same dates.

3616 B.C. + 1,450 letter-years = 2166 B.C. (birth of Abraham) + 720 (or 721) letter-years = 1446 and 1445 B.C. (Exodus and tabernacle), + remaining 1,430 letter-years = 16 B.C. Repeated, but cast into THE MIRROR OF A.D. (i.e., all becomes opposite in direction, just like the bible code itself does)

6 or 5 BC. (Birth of John and Yeshua) + 1,450 letter-years = AD 1445 and 1446 (mirror of tabernacle and Exodus), + 721 letter-years = AD 2166 (mirror of the birth of Abraham), + remaining 1,430 letter-years = AD 3596 (or 3595)


  1. When we compare the above two charts again, the two minimum dates of 16 (or 15) B.C. and 6 (or 5) B.C. are 10 letter-years apart, agreeing with the 1-letter apart between "Yeshua" and "Elijah," of the original bible code. Except now, it occurs on the ten-times level.
  2. Again, when we compare the above two charts, the distance between the other maximum date of A.D. 3595 (or 3596), until the birth of Yeshua (and John) (i.e., 6 or 5 B.C.) are an even 3,600 letter-years. This therefore, agrees with the 360-letter spacing of the original bible code.
  3. When we compare the above two charts, the distance from the maximum date of 3616 (or 3615) B.C. till the birth of Yeshua is 3,610 letter-years, agreeing with the total distance between the "Yeshua" and "Elijah," of the original bible code (as explained earlier in document).
  4. When we compare the above two charts we see that, the two maximum dates created by the mirror for the start (and end) of the times-ten bible code equals 3616 (or 3615) B.C., and A.D. 3595 (or 3596). Thus, the total years between these two dates are exactly 7,210 letter-years. This is therefore, ten times the 721 letter-years of our original smaller "Yeshua–Elijah" bible code.

{Upon further examination (i.e., after the above was written , and a few days affect the "I AM" code was found, I found out that this 1200 letter code in fact goes on to say something significant. It's further message agrees in format with the its 120-letter counterpart––both in meaning and in style. The following chart should be self-explanatory. Note that when covering such a huge number of letters (7200, in this case), one is bound to cross small textual uncertainties that alters the ELS string of letters, thus altering or destroying the code. I have two programs that I am using. One program claims that it is using the Hebrew text that the Israeli statistical scientists used in their famous (E. Rips) experiment, the other program is by a company called "Computronic Corporation." The text that the latter program uses differs slightly. Fortunately, both programs have all 8 names of the said 110 and 120-letter codes under discussion, however, the latter part of this huge 1,200 letter code only appears in the Hebrew text as used by "Computronic Corp." The fact that 9 of the 10 words mentioned in this document is attested to by both texts actually strengthens the fact of its authenticity since it could other wise be argued that textual corruption nullifies the results. When we talk about textual corruption, we mean an extra word or letter added to the text that, while it does not effect the meaning of the text, it does greatly affect ELS. Yet even where the bible codes are affected, it has been my observation that the changes made are usually minor, perhaps simply spelling the same thing out but only over a letter or two. But I repeat, all that has been said up until now is attested to by both Hebrew texts as used in either programs, hence easing concerns about textual problems. (The Hebrew text of the OT has few textual discrepancies as compared to the Greek of the NT, yet even the NT contains no serious textual problems.)

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