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Lesson 7b 
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Furthermore, the very figures of 360 and 720 (or times-ten), agree with the above patterns. It is well understood by scholars that a year of the prophets is composed of 360 days. Furthermore, it is also known that a day can equal a year–– such as God said to the Israelites after they came out of Egypt. God condemned them to wonder in the desert for 40 years "a year for each day" that they spied out the land (Numbers 14:33,34a). It is most significant that Moses died at 120 years of age at the end of this same 40-year wondering. (I.e., the individual letter-skips of our Bible code are at 120 letter intervals––for a total 360 etc..)

Therefore, 360 years can represent one year when years are converted to days. Thus, the previous 360-letter years can be perceived as but one year, and the 3,600 letter-years as but ten years. The one symbolic year (of the 360 letter-years) therefore resemble the single letter-year that separates the second part of our "Yeshua" bible code with the parallel "Elijah." Likewise, the ten symbolic years (of the 3,600 letter-years), symbolizes the 10-year gap that lies between the two minimum dates of 16 and 6 BC (see above point number '1').

Furthermore, the full 720 letters-years therefore, when converted to days, symbolizes merely two years (360 x 2 = 720 day-years), and speaks of the two letters beside each other whereby the bible code-"Yeshua" and "Elijah" code remain in parallel. And the 7,210 letter-years that were spanned from the total of the maximum of the two charts (form the large "Yeshua"-bible code) signifies but 20 years (i.e., 20 x 360 = 7,200 day-years). This agrees with the distance between the two minimum dates which read as 16 (or 15) B.C. until the other minimum date (which is the birth of John ("Elijah") and Yeshua ("Yeshua"), in the mirror: (i.e., 16 or 15 B.C. till A.D. 5 or 6––mirror of the births of Yeshua and John––are 20 years).

Furthermore, if we were to overlap the ten years between the minimum 16 and 6 (etc.) B.C. dates on the A.D. side, we re-create the pattern of the overlap existing in the original ELS where by there are 360 + 360 letters, with "Elijah" overlapping this second 360 letters (but up one letter). Or, if when we convert years to days, we see two-day years (i.e., 720) overlapping a third day-year (360). Compare this phenomena with the following chart.

16 and 15 B.C. till A.D. 5 and 6 (mirror of births of Yeshua and John), plus another 10 years till the mirror of the original date (i.e., A.D. 16 and 15), are exactly 30 years. Thus, in the mirror, the last 10 years that completes the full 30 years is actually an overlap of itself, similar to our bible code

It is significant that Herod in his attempt to kill the child Yeshua, slew all the male children in Bethlehem "2-years old and under" according to what he thought the age of Yeshua was. The Greek text allows for a plus and minus one-year of ambiguity. It can be understood as over one full year till the child's second birthday, or it can be understood as meaning the child is 2 years old, and not more than 3 years. Thus the numbers 1, 2, and 3 reflect the above table (on this times ten level) and also the original "Yeshua" ELS code. The traditional (but incorrect) birth of Yeshua was set in Dec. 25, 1 B.C. This, therefore, is about 5 years after the true birth date of Messiah, which in turn represents the half a year (i.e., ".5 years") that exists between the birth of Yeshua ("Yeshua") and John the Baptist ("Elijah"). (Tradition is correct to suppose this 6 month difference between the two, as Luke 1:26 makes sufficiently clear.) From this you can see that these patterns are self-perpetuating. But this is what we would expect to see if indeed this "code" was written by the finger of God!

{As an aside, from the Flood till the Exodus are 1,200 years (and 1,800 till Noah's birth, etc.); and note the 120-year countdown to the Flood in Genesis 6:3.}

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