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Hurricane "Rita" means, "A Pearl"

"(The hurricane) concerns my justice, O' my people. 
O' Sea, (behold) the eye of Rita!"

(Rough copy, Sept. 20, 2005)

(And "The Alpha Beta Bible Code")

(Also see Hurricane Katrina)

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Wheels of Ezekiel's chariot bible code (Ezekiel 1-4).


Why this is written?

The purpose of these series of articles that detail the rhyme and reason for when these events (including events surrounding Saddam Hussein from the time that the Twin Towers fell) is to demonstrate that God has everything timed. It is to prove that God alone can predict things like a storm years in advance. He alone is God! 

Dan 9:26 "And after the sixty-two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, and shall have nothing; and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with an overflow (flood), and unto the end, war, --the desolations determined."

We are not saying that this is the final fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Instead, what we are saying is that God is now revealing the kind of numeric patterns that He uses when He "determines" world events. These numeric patterns can be studied and learned from in order to prepare the yet future generation to come who will actually see the final and culminated fulfillment of all things in a future period often referred to as "The Great Tribulation Period". This work is to prepare that future generation. The only claim that I am personally making is that the work in the Picture Bible Codes and numbers is a partial fulfillment of the prophecy in Daniel:

Dan 12:4, 9 And thou, Daniel, close the words, and seal the book, till the time of the end. Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. ... And he said, Go thy way, Daniel; for these words are closed and sealed till the time of the end.

Dan 12:10-13 Many shall be purified, and be made white, and be refined; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand. And from the time that the continual sacrifice is taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand, two hundred, and ninety days. Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and thirty-five days!}

God began revealing these things to me since 1991. Each revelation is also timed, using the numeric revealed in the above prophecy of the 1260/1290 and 1335 days/years. These revelations were accompanied by a steady stream of personal signs that goaded me to further study. Beyond this I make no other claim. (Also see "How my Prophetic Calling Works".)



Wheels of Ezekiel's chariot bible code (Ezekiel 1-4).


Today, Sept. 20, 2005, I remembered that the Hurricane Jeannie bible code put on the net one year ago also referred to a "pearl." Unfortunately, because I leaned to my own understanding at the time I did not choose this possible reading for the second large blue circle (representing Hurricane Jeannie). The second large blue circle/wheel (or, hurricane) declares: "It concerns my justice, O' my people. O' Sea, a weak eye (or, fountain)

But it can also read: "It concerns my justice, O' my people. O' Sea, the eye of  a pearl!"

As you can see, such a possible meaning at the time seemed too strange to mention, though I did ponder it. But since "Rita" means "a pearl," hence the blue circle that denotes this hurricane might as well read: 

"(The hurricane) concerns my justice, O' my people.
 O' Sea, (behold), the eye of (hurricane) Rita!"


This makes Rita the 8th hurricane that the Lord has spoken to me about ---four last year and four this year. This is interesting since the hurricanes also represent the wheels of God's chariot. (As in Ezekiel 1-3, as discussed elsewhere). "A wheel intersecting a wheel" (Ezekiel 1-3.) Thus we have four wheels (i.e., major hurricanes)! Four last year and four this year; Rita makes the fourth wheel (major hurricane) this year. "A wheel intersecting a wheel" totals 4 x 2 'wheels'. (Note that Ezekiel describes the wheels of the chariot of the Lord in the language of a great "storm" and "wind" and "lightning flashing", and then a "rainbow after the rain." The bible code makes the very same comparisons, and then some! Moreover, the wheels of Ezekiel's chariot "were covered with eyes," which is true in the picture code also. The hurricane/wheels have seven 'eyes' [being made up of seven letters] inclusive of the one in the middle that forms the 'eye' of the hurricane/wheel! Seven is the number of perfection and is usually divide in the middle, Dan. 9:24-27.)

This bible code was first found 1260 + 1335 years to the day from the time of this actual vision of Ezekiel and subsequent year that he symbolically besieged Jerusalem (390 + 40 days), etc. (Discovered June 27, 2004.)

The numeric is very important since the 6th hurricane that the Lord spoke to me about from the code was Hurricane Emily. The Emily bible code forms an image of a rod (or staff) beside a storm-cloud (or Rock). Remarkably, the actual path of hurricane Emily also formed an image of a rod as it passed across the ocean and the Gulf of Mexico!

(The following three images are elaborated upon at the Hurricane Emily document. For now you may wish to gloss over them. Each hurricane has its own awesome numeric and message. All compliment and interact with each other.)

It is interesting that the last two of the four hurricanes of last year, (in which the Holy Spirit impressed upon me by some revelation), were Ivan and Jeannie. Elsewhere I discuss how both these hurricanes were warnings to the effect that within one year's time judgment would come. (This is obvious to me now, but was not so then.)

I have said that Katrina is the judgment that Ivan and Dennis set out to do, and so likewise perhaps Rita is the judgment that Jeannie was to perform --- I'm not sure. I am speculating here. But for some reason the words of this code say one thing for Jeannie but something slightly different for Rita--- and there must be a reason why.

Also the numeric of the Dennis and Emily bible codes are aligned with these two lower hurricanes ("wheels") as well --- by the numbers of letters, that is, 1260, 1335, and 1290 + 1335 letters --- all bible numbers. (Recall that the bible code was revealed 1260 + 1335 years after Ezekiel 1-4.)


Wheels of Ezekiel's chariot bible code (Ezekiel 1-4).The encoded wheels (hurricanes) link together numerically and thematically:

Amazingly, the Emily bible code has the "rod" of "Emily" striking the very eye of Hurricane Jeannie/Rita (when forwarded 1290 + 1335 letters) so that the "cloud" of the Emily bible code also overlaps the upper balance hand, which in turn represents hurricane Katrina! And at 1290 + 1260 letters it also strikes the eye/center of the top right hurricane/wheel too! This is because the two set of wheels are 75 letters apart. 


Numeric of wheels is awesome!

1290 + 1260 + 75 = 1290 + 1335 letters. See Dan. 12; Rev. 11-12 --- where both the context and the numeric agree. The center of all four wheels is up 1260 + 1335 letters from the rod of Emily, which is the same number of years from this vision by Ezekiel! It lands on the text encoded in the image that reads, "A balance I am!" Astoundingly, 1290 + 1290 letters lands at the exact center of the river and menorah lights, which reads "I AM Jesus!" --- landing on the first letter in the name Jesus!" See other documents for what the entire river says. 1290 + 1290 is also 430 x 6 letters, also agreeing with the 430 days Ezekiel laid on his side to bear the sins of the house of Israel.


Bible Code Prophecy of Menorah/tree/balance and mountain river.More on the numeric of the wheels as seen in the image at above right: The text is arrayed at 11 letters. The upper two intersecting wheels are 75 letters apart from the lower two intersecting wheels. Each wheel (hurricane) is 90 letters long by itself. (ELS 15 x 6 = 90 letters.) This number symbolizes three months of time (3 x 30 = 90 days). Therefore, the sum of all four wheels total 360 days, which is also the number of degrees in a circle/wheel! 

The actual number of letters that the four circles stretch from are 180 letters (15  x 12) from the very top to the very bottom. The 360 degrees/days numeric of the wheels point to the all encompassing movement of the wheels, in that they can travel in any direction whatsoever --- to the four corners of the earth --- perhaps even time itself! (Click on right image for further explanation of that chart.)


How do I know that the upper wheels are meant to be there?

Only the lower wheels have a reading. The upper wheels are meant to be there too, as deduced mathematically, but I have not found anything there that reads intelligibly. 

However, a year ago the name "Kati" (or "Kathy") was found. It reads in a circle in the upper balance hand in a location in exact juxtaposition to the lower hand where the eye of Ivan is located. I noticed this last year and spoke of it to others, though I did not know that it represented the then still future Hurricane Katrina. 
(The name "Katrina" is simply a variant of "Kati" or "Kathy".)

Hurricane Katrian Bible Prophecy Code. Chariot wheels of Ezekiel.That code has its own story to tell and is too involved to discuss in detail. Essentially the Katrina/Kati code reads: 

"The Jabok (river) will be poured out (or made desolate) by means of (hurricane) Kati (Kathy)." 

What does it mean?

The Jabok river flows into the Jordan as a tributary from the east side and this is also where Jacob wrestled with the angel and then crossed over. The name of Jacob [or, "House of Jacob"] is found immediately above the eye of Katrina and the name Jacob, as it were, 'flows' into the main river of the bible code, (that is, the Jordan river.) 

(This occurs one other spot along the main river as well, except there we find the name Jesus instead, [or, "There is a fountain"]. Importantly, it is found again in correct juxtaposition to the name Jacob. [See the above right image.] That is, both flow out from the fountain/eye of the dark green wheels/hurricanes into the main river. Note that the Hebrew word for eye can also mean fountain

This is more than remarkable! It's awesome! 

It reminds us of the two places where the rock was struck by Moses and the waters poured out. (Jabok means "to pour out.") Also note the play on words in the code:

Moreover, the Jabok river is also a play on sounds for Jacob. (See Genesis 31-33.) The imagery is rich and deep and in turn adds meaning to the actual surface text of where the bible code is found, (Isa. 46:1-6). In the Isaiah passage where this bible code is found the house of Jacob is carried up by the Lord from his birth to his old age, and similarly in the picture bible code Jacob is lifted up on the Scales of Justice aside the Jordan river. (Jordan means, "river of judgment.")

Also notice the "cloud" overtop the upper balance handle in the image at right. It represents the storm-cloud of both Emily and Katrina. (See the Emily document for further explanation. The Emily cloud is forwarded 1290 + 1335 letters.) The cloud and the "Kati" circle and the numeric together prove that the two upper wheels are indeed there even though no circular code exists for them as there does for the lower two wheels. However, this is not to say that there is no code present for all four wheels when viewed as one unit!


What the four wheels together say:

The four wheels together do indeed create a different kind of code --- an amazing bible code! (See below right image.) 

The eye or center of each wheel lands upon the text of Isaiah 46:3-4, and this reveals to us the meaning of the four wheels! 

The center of the top two wheels land on the words "House" both times in the actual surface text that reads: "House of Jacob," and "house of Israel." Likewise, the eye or center of the lower two wheels both land on the words "I" where the actual text reads: "I made you," and "I will carry you [on my chariot]!" In the actual surface text, Isaiah is contrasting the Lord who carries Israel with the gods of Babylon who must themselves be carried in the carts of men! (Isa. 46:1, 7). Thus, the position of the eyes of the four hurricanes (or center of the wheels of God's fiery chariot) are in effect, in-code, saying: 

"O' house of Jacob! And O' house of Israel! I have made you and I will carry you (in my chariot over the river of Judgment)!" 


Wheels of Ezekiel's chariot bible code (Ezekiel 1-4).Thus the symbolic image is of Jesus' fiery chariot traveling firstly down the river then back up it again, but this second time with the redeemed of the Lord! The numeric bears out this interpretation since the wheel overtop the upper balance has the encoded date of the anniversary of when Jesus ascended up past the heavens in a cloud, and the lower one is dated 7 days later (75 letters) as Pentecost, the day when God baptized Israel with the Holy Spirit and fire rather than with the waters of the Jordan. Note how the river becomes a river of fire exactly at the middle! (The numeric is far more awesome than just that, but that's enough for now!)


Katrina = Kati?

I know that linking the names Kati to Katrina appears to be stretching it some what, but I can only say that the Lord has shown me that this is so by certain signs that I am not at this time at liberty to reveal. Also, as said, I noticed the 'Kati code' and discussed it with others an entire year before hurricane Katrina. Besides, both names are variants of each other anyway.

Kati (Katrina) means "pure one," and here we have a picture. We have a portrait of Jacob (another name of 'Israel') being borne up above the river of judgment at the Jabok/Jacob river in God's chariot ---the Lord Jesus Christ. It is there that he/she has their name changed to Israel/Katrina and is made pure in the life giving waters! Recall that the code was found to-the-day 1260 + 1335 years after Ezekiel likewise symbolically bore up the sins of Jacob (Israel) upon himself --- a type of Christ on the cross, (Ezek. 4).

However, negatively, on earth Katrina brought the very opposite to this world. She brought death in a waste of polluted waters --- the opposite of pure life-giving waters. "For unless you repent you shall all likewise perish," Jesus said.

This message of Jesus coming in (or as) a fiery flying chariot (symbolically speaking of course) also agrees with its companion picture bible code discovered just after Hurricane Jeannie of last year. In the below bible code Jesus is also 'flying' as symbolized in the roaring cherub picture code. (Interestingly, the chariot of God in Ezekiel's vision was drawn by four cherubs, one of which "had the face of a lion", [Ezek. 1:10].) As a matter of fact, both images contain cherubs; and both codes judge NASA and Lucifer, the fallen cherub. 


Lion of Judah in Jacob's bible prophecy.

Also click here for important update on the Hurricane Rita Bible Code:
 All eight names of the hurricanes (of the code) when put together proclaim an important prophecy!



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