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Here is a bible-code picture of a menorah shaped like a snake. Riddle: Who is this bible code about?

The Burning Menorah
(as found at the burning-bush passage)

(and The Blazing Mountain)

Mount Sinai and mount Zion.

Menorah at Mount
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Continued, Part 5



Reading in a circle around all 14 letters, counter clockwise, then clockwise (forming the cloud of smoke engulfing the mountain):


Explanation of picture:

Two pictures shown as is in overlap.The triangular image with yellow around it gives the rough image of the 'burning mountain' in relation to the location of the menorah picture. (Some of the letters on the right of the mount happen to be missing in this picture. We will show the full Hebrew at a later time.) The phrase, "the summit of Jesus" on both sides of the mountain forms the summit with perfect symmetry! (Plus much more.) (By the way, it was the symmetry of same or similar words throughout the bible codes that suggested to me early in my bible-code research that there must indeed be hidden pictures within the text. Note also the symmetry of the fire on the mountain with the fire of the menorah --- seven (x 2) letters intersecting seven letters forming a fiery 'T'-- cross being carried up the mountain! The bible explicitly says that the pattern for the menorah was shown him on top of this mountain, (Heb. 8:5). 

The base of the mount is 1200 letters wide; (10 x 120-letter skips. Compare with the "12,000 stadia" of "mount" Zion that was illumined by "the Lamb that was slain" (and "King") who is the "Alpha and Omega" and the "Lamp" of the city/mountain, with this mount being symbolic of His "bride," Revelation 19:16, 21:2,6,10,16,23. Though not shown here, the mountain can be doubled in size to form a square -- perfectly symmetrical, whose lower edge begins at the very first letter of Ex. 3:1, which begins a new chapter in God's redemptive story and is the last 40 years of Moses' 120-year life. (The ELS is at 120-letter skips). The text is read by reading around in five increasingly larger triangular circles tier by tier with the cloud read separately. (A total of 36 letters form the mountain summit with a combined total of 3600 letters skipped within the 5 triangles. 36 and 3600 is 6 and 60 squared respectively, etc.) 



"The Summit of Jesus"

(Cf., Ex. 3:1, "The mountain of God," which is the very verse that lies at the all-important intersecting middle-point of this bible code. This is where Moses received the burning bush revelation in response to the cry of Israelites in Egypt that "came up" into God's ears. See also Ex. 24:15-18. The code ("cloud") moves backward and forward from this middle verse a total 360 letters each way.)

The letters that form the cloud around the summit reads: (i.e., this time reading around the same 14 letters on the right that spelt, "I AM, Jesus, Jehovah, Jesus, Elijah, and He-will-be-joined.")

"They cried out for help in the direction of a (mountain) summit. 

"Let Him be changed into a man!"

---Look! Jesus, even the gift of God, will become a man!"


The mountain reads:Mount Sinai and mount Zion.


Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, (Hebrew, "The Aleph and the Tav").(The Hebrew equivalent of the letters "Alpha and Omega" stand at the very top of the summit, and from the bottom to the top of the mountain it reads: "The Lord is a Shepherd -- Alpha/Omega," cf., Rev. 7:17, 14:4, 21:4-6).

(UPDATE Nov. 7/11: Also see the remarkable formation of the letters "Alpha/Aleph and Omega/Tav" at right, noticed more than ten years later! Recall that the full length of the cross that the lamp bears reads: "A menorah/lamp with a guilt offering!" )


Where is it located? (See, Gal. 4:24-25) 

Where is the summit of Jesus, 

even the majestic summit of nobility?

And there comes to them from the mountain the gift of a man!

The lowly King is stirred, along with the summit of Jesus.

Alas! The summit of Jesus is clouding over!

"O My Father, I AM in the thick cloud!" (lit. "in it")

("He appointed His day of shame.")





The soon coming (overlapped) pictures---including the picture of Jesus with His hands pierced upon the horns/tips of the scroll on this mount further develop this image. We will detail this awesome scene later. "And they shall look upon Him whom they have pierced," (Zechariah 12:10).

The image on the right is upside down to the one on the left. The one on the right is from God's perspective. God is reading the scroll of the law against Him. Only after blood is sprinkled upon it can it be understood as the book (scroll) of life. Much can be said about the hands, for they are encoded with the words, "My nail" (or "the nails of Yeshua") for each hand, and it uses the Yod in the two Yeshua's. (Also, a Yod means a hand in Hebrew.) The top arm reads, "My blood", the other reads, "Similar to who?" so that together they read, "My blood is similar to whom?" (The rest of the code makes it clear that this is a reference to His humanity. This is supported by the bible code in several ways, each repeated like a mirror at both hands so as to certify the intended meaning. This is no small confirmation!) 

The head reads, "The whole burnt offering" and is centered perfectly between the two names of Yeshua. The circle within the head perhaps is the crown of thorns since the Lamp reads all about Yeshua as king. Amazingly, the cross is formed by the burning mountain as it crosses the burning Lamp. (See left image.) It appears that the image is intended to be perceived as moving up the mountain so that the head progressively passes over these flames of the lamp as He ascends. Menorah bible code prophecy about the bride of Christ. If so, as Yeshua moves up the mountain/flames the circles read (including the head): (Note: With a fourth circle before it, the above sentence begins by reading, "They will be desolated/horrified! Behold a Lamb..". Why add it? When the menorah is seen as the seven-branched menorah of the temple then there is no fourth circle, but if the menorah is expanded to become the nine branched menorah of Hanukah, then this fourth circle is logically added. Also, the central branch is in the midst of four circles, as explained in part 2. However, the {light green} circle in the middle of these four reads: "The path He will travel." This circle is located at the heart of the entire image and all the circles.) (The flames read, "A Lamb became a shepherd!")

moreover, the bible says that even the book of the covenant (of Moses) was sprinkled with blood!

Heb. 9:19-20 "For when Moses had given all the rules of the law to the people, he took the blood of goats and young oxen, with water and red wool and hyssop, and put it on the book itself and on all the people, Saying, This blood is the sign of the agreement which God has made with you."

Col. 2:14 "Having put an end to the handwriting of the law which was against us, taking it out of the way by nailing it to his cross."


Click here for "Part 6": Notes and Hebrew to the Menorah Code



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Menorah at Mount
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