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Here is a bible-code picture of a menorah shaped like a snake. Riddle: Who is this bible code about?

The Burning Menorah
(as found at the burning-bush passage)

Menorah at Mount
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Continued, Part 6


Notes and Hebrew to the Menorah Code



(The numbers below refer to ELS skips.)

With just the 7 flames,  it reads: 

"Did the Lord awaken her?"

"Was He a Shepard?"

(Acrostic) "Will He shine for joy?" 

(Middle letter is shared, as with text at menorah's base.)

This agrees with the theme of the song, "For whom is He a King?"

The 8  flames at top: (There seems to be a special 8th flame.)

"A Lamb became a Shepherd!"


Bottom base of Menorah =  –1 unto +1 together as one code:

In reply to Moses’ reluctance to follow orders comes this statement encoded: (Lamed is center and used but once, producing a mirror of 7 letters to the center.)

"Moses, who is for me?"

" What is His Name?" 

(Acrostic) "But he circumcised (it) so as to remove (it)"  

(Middle letter is shared, as with text at menorah's 7 flames.)



Middle vertical branch with flame:

"He was put to shame; "Behold (it is) the Lord! (Jah)."

"She is the queen;" opposite to above


Middle vertical branch without flame:

"Behold the Lord, the King!" 


The two halves of the menorah-code, therefore, are 360 + 360 letters long, just as the Jesus--Jesus bible code above it. (See upper left corner of menorah.) 

(Acrostic: "To be." It is the root word for 'I AM,' i.e., the name of the Lord given at the burning bush: See the "I AM" of the Jesus--Jesus bible code at upper far-left corner of menorah.)

See menorah to right: The middle letter is overlapped, just as the Jesus-Jesus bible code is; (see in upper-left corner). Only the direction is different. This serves to bind the two picture bible codes together. 

Note that this overlapped letter 'he' , also marks the very center of the menorah. Orthodox Jews do not write the name of the Lord in full, but instead simply put this letter there out of reverence for the Name,



Along the length of the cross:

"A menorah with fire!"

"A menorah with a guilt offering,"
(the above, plus one more letter):



Along the crossbeam of the cross:

"The branch," (same word used for the branch of a Menorah):


This word can also mean, "The Creator."




Menorah at Mount
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