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Here is a bible-code picture of a menorah shaped like a snake. Riddle: Who is this bible code about?

The Burning Menorah
(as found at the burning-bush passage)

Menorah at Mount
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Continued, Part 3


The rest of the picture of the menorah compliments the songs of Moses and the Lamb, and says:This picture bible code is that of the menorah twisting llike a snake into the silhouette of a Lamb carrying a cross: A powerfully symbolic picture. (The Hebrew is spelled out at the end of these documents.)


(Note: The first letter of each Hebrew word forms the acrostics for the base and also the flames.)

Going vertically through the main (middle) long branch of the menorah starting from the flame, reads: "He was put to shame! Behold the Lord! (Jah)." Backward, it reads: "She is the queen." 

The 7 flames reads (backward, then forward),

"Did the Lord awaken her?"

"Was He a Shepherd?"

(Acrostic) "Will He shine for joy?" 


With all 8 flames, it reads, "A Lamb will become a Shepherd!" 

(Acrostic: "A Moon."  Both acrostics together, therefore, should read: "Will He shine as the moon?" (Revelation 21-22).


The base of the menorah reads exactly the same as the flames; backward, then forward:

"Moses, who is for me?"

"What is His Name?" 

 (Acrostic) "And he circumcised so as to remove (it)"---"remove" appears to be a Hebrew play on words for Moses' name. 

The Hebrew word for the base of a menorah is the same word as for "thigh," which represented the location of the sexual organs. Thus, the acrostic that concerns Moses and circumcision is appropriately located at the base [thigh] of the menorah, whereas the acrostic about the awakening of the bride of the Lamb that causes Him to shine for joy, is located among the flames of the menorah (in parallel to the base). The base, therefore, symbolizes the death of Christ, and the flames, His resurrection.


Menorah with fire: The cross (Bible Code)The long part of the cross reads: "A menorah with fire!" Or, plus the next letter too, "A menorah with a guilt offering." (Recall that the picture is that of a Lamb in the form of an accursed snake bearing a burning cross.) Backwards, it reads: "An  oracle: "A dazzling light is slumbering," (cf., Job 37:21). Or, "An oracle about when he caused them to rejoice."

The cross-beam reads, "The branch," (This same Hebrew word is used for 'A branch of the menorah' in the Hebrew bible, but here it also signifies the cross (beam) of Christ. In the opposite direction, the branch (crossbeam) reads, "Was He without guilt?") By overlapping the menorah and the cross together, the symbol of the menorah-tree as the cross of Christ is heightened. The symbol sees the guiltless Lamb---the light of the world---hanging on the tree of the menorah---extinguished by sinful men for a time---but ignited again by the Kings love for His bride and her love for him, (i.e., death and resurrection). (Read Revelation 21 and 22).

Around the four corners of the cross, it reads in a circle both ways this riddle: (Longer cross): "What comes out from them?" (Answer: 'Death') 

(Shorter cross): "Out from the Lamb comes what?" (Answer: 'Blood and water,' Zechariah 13:1, John 19:34.) 

Inner circle around where the crossbeams intersect read: "A song will radiate forth!" (Same word used for Moses' face that shone when he came down the mountain. Here it refers to the resurrection of Christ; He is the very song of the bride, and of creation. Also, recall earlier words of the song of the Lamb.) 

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Mount Sinai and mount Zion.

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Menorah at Mount
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