What is the difference between Horoscopes and Numerology
to the Bible Codes and Bible Numbers?


Also discusses Yasser Arafat
 and the Acrostic Bible Code

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(Also see 2012 & "True and False Prophecy")


Ten Pages
Page one: Are horoscopes bible codes?
Page two: Why are bible codes so complex and in riddles?
Page three: What about "The DaVinci Code." 
Page four: What good are the bible codes?
Page five: The Sign of Arafat, the Bull
Page six: Timing of Arafat's death
Page seven: M.a.n. and Arafat's burial
Page eight: God desires all to be saved
Page nine: Importance of the acrostic
Page ten: How to be saved from wrath
See Jacob's Acrostic Prophecy



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What the Codes will accomplish for the good of man?


Satan always loses in the end, and so, for a time, God's true sign will be rejected as evil by the masses because of the devils tricks, but in the end they will serve the purpose God sent them, which are to be among the many signs on that great day of God Almighty when "they will look upon Him whom they have pierced" (Zechariah), and "my God will come", and destroy His enemies "by the brightness of His coming."

At that time the eyes of Israel will be opened and will see that what all the prophets spoke of concerning the sufferings of Messiah and the glories that would follow---and that the billions of collective rabbinic-man hours which they have spent looking for bible codes over the centuries, yet did not see Yeshua---Suddenly the veil is torn! Suddenly the veil will drop off from their eyes and they will know from both the surface text and sub-text (both of which they study) that Jesus (Yeshua) is He! It is He! 

They will mourn when they see that every jot and tittle speaks about Him! They will marvel at how they could be so blind. They will know that the blindness was terrible judgment sent by God because of their willful rebellion. They will mourn bitterly, (as Jacob's acrostic also says). 

Then Yeshua will come! 

He will put His foot upon the mount of Olives. The mount will spit. (As says the prophets.) His repentant people will go into the mountain valley while their enemies are annihilated. 
Then they will come up, a resurrected people, and so will all the dead. For as they turn to Him and come up from the earth (literally speaking), then God will bring up all those that sleep in Him. "For if the casting away of them means the enriching of the Gentiles, what will the receiving of them be but life from the dead?" (Romans.)

And thus, the hope of Israel is bound up with the hope of mankind, for when they arise from their spiritual death then that will signal the end of the age and the resurrection of the physical dead. 

There will be a number of Jews marked ahead of the time by the Lord---the 144,000. These will experience their own mini-crisis and revelation of Messiah and turning to Him. They will prepare the way for the bulk of their brethren to follow, who, 3.5 years later will in mass have their eyes opened as well. 

The picture bible codes and acrostics, etc., will be an important sign to them. It will be one of many signs to them, but an important one since they have searched for bible codes a 1000 years diligently without real success. It is their language. It is their methodology (hermeneutic). And it is their sign. We lowly Gentiles are blessed ahead of them with it so as to provoke them to jealousy. But it is their sign and the glory points to Him who is their Glory, Yeshua the Messiah.

To continue: The Sign of Arafat, the Bull


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